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We're an organisation dedicated to spreading free educational content. We want people from around the world to hear and learn from what is discussed at our events, that’s why we invest in filming all the talks so the inspiring stories aren’t just confined to the walls of the venue.

The below talks are from Vevolution Festival 2016 and our Vevolution Topics series which included Food Innovation, Health & Wellbeing; Activism & Campaigning and Ethical Fashion

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Talks To Create A Better World

What Does Ethical Fashion Look Like? 
Vevolution Topics Ethical Fashion Highlights

Laura Stageman: Votch 
Talk: Vegan Leather The Future Of Fashion

Gabi Gershuny: Crawl Arts
Talk: Educating The Next Generation Of Designers

Lucas Windhager: Alive Boutique 
Talk: How To Build An Ethical Fashion Business  

Vevolution Topics: Activism and Campaigning Highlight Video 

Ali Tabrizi: Seaspiracy 
Talk: The Peril Facing Our Oceans

Jay Brave  
Performance: Vegan Shut Up

Immy Lucas: Sustainably Vegan
Talk: Zero Waste Living

Jimmy Pierson: ProVeg UK 
Talk: Creating A United Vegan Movement

Francesca Page: Environmental Artist  
Talk: Activism Through Art

Vevolution Topics: Health & Wellbeing Highlight Video

Chase Armitage: Professional Parkour 
Talk: Student Of Movement

Felix Price: Urban Avatars 
Talk: The Power Of Spirituality

Rebecca Walker: Bexfast 
Talk: Self Love & Vegan Parenting 

Adam Stansbury: Plant Powered PT 
Talk: From Meat To Plants 

Vevolution Topics: Vegan Food Innovation Highlight Video

Jonathan Petrides: allplants
Talk: Creating Big Plant-Based Food Flavour 

Ian Theasby & Henry David Firth: BOSH! 
Talk: BOSH! Reveal The Secrets Of How To Get A Million Likes On Facebook 

Sarah Bentley: Made In Hackney 
Talk: How Do You Get People Eating Plant-Based Food?

Vegan Food Innovation Panel
Hosted by Meriel Armitage (Club Mexicana) with Sarah Bentley; Jonathan Petrides; Ian Theasby & Henry Firth

Vevolution Festival 2016 Highlight Video

Christopher-Sebastian McJetters: Writer & Activist  
Talk: Exploring Connections Between Black Liberation & Animal Liberation

Klaus Mitchell: Plant Based News
Talk: Media Vs Veganism 

Tamsin Omond: Activist & Writer
Talk: Love & Compassion Is The Answer 

Mike & Phil: One Planet Pizza
Talk: 30 Years Vegan Entrepreneurial Journey

Natalie Cargill: Sentience Politics
Talk: Being An Effective Vegan Altruist 

Claira Hermet: Journalist & YouTuber 
Talk: Love, Peace & Veganism 

Martin Menehan: Vegan Geezer 
Talk: Veganism Is The Leading Edge (Spoken Word)

Juliet Gellatley: Viva! 
Talk: We Are Heading For A Future Without Antibiotics

Miles Kasiri: Healthy Crazy Cool
Talk: Working As A Vegan Nutritional Therapist In A Non Vegan World