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In the meantime enjoy talks below from Vevolution Festival 2016 and our Vevolution Topics 2017 series which included Food Innovation, Health & Wellbeing; Activism & Campaigning and Ethical Fashion

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Talks To Create A Better World

What Does Ethical Fashion Look Like? 
Vevolution Topics Ethical Fashion Highlights

Laura Stageman: Votch 
Talk: Vegan Leather The Future Of Fashion

Gabi Gershuny: Crawl Arts
Talk: Educating The Next Generation Of Designers

Lucas Windhager: Alive Boutique 
Talk: How To Build An Ethical Fashion Business  

Vevolution Topics: Activism and Campaigning Highlight Video 

Ali Tabrizi: Seaspiracy 
Talk: The Peril Facing Our Oceans

Jay Brave  
Performance: Vegan Shut Up

Immy Lucas: Sustainably Vegan
Talk: Zero Waste Living

Jimmy Pierson: ProVeg UK 
Talk: Creating A United Vegan Movement

Francesca Page: Environmental Artist  
Talk: Activism Through Art

Vevolution Topics: Health & Wellbeing Highlight Video

Chase Armitage: Professional Parkour 
Talk: Student Of Movement

Felix Price: Urban Avatars 
Talk: The Power Of Spirituality

Rebecca Walker: Bexfast 
Talk: Self Love & Vegan Parenting 

Adam Stansbury: Plant Powered PT 
Talk: From Meat To Plants 

Vevolution Topics: Vegan Food Innovation Highlight Video

Jonathan Petrides: allplants
Talk: Creating Big Plant-Based Food Flavour 

Ian Theasby & Henry David Firth: BOSH! 
Talk: BOSH! Reveal The Secrets Of How To Get A Million Likes On Facebook 

Sarah Bentley: Made In Hackney 
Talk: How Do You Get People Eating Plant-Based Food?

Vegan Food Innovation Panel
Hosted by Meriel Armitage (Club Mexicana) with Sarah Bentley; Jonathan Petrides; Ian Theasby & Henry Firth

Vevolution Festival 2016 Highlight Video

Christopher-Sebastian McJetters: Writer & Activist  
Talk: Exploring Connections Between Black Liberation & Animal Liberation

Klaus Mitchell: Plant Based News
Talk: Media Vs Veganism 

Tamsin Omond: Activist & Writer
Talk: Love & Compassion Is The Answer 

Mike & Phil: One Planet Pizza
Talk: 30 Years Vegan Entrepreneurial Journey

Natalie Cargill: Sentience Politics
Talk: Being An Effective Vegan Altruist 

Claira Hermet: Journalist & YouTuber 
Talk: Love, Peace & Veganism 

Martin Menehan: Vegan Geezer 
Talk: Veganism Is The Leading Edge (Spoken Word)

Juliet Gellatley: Viva! 
Talk: We Are Heading For A Future Without Antibiotics

Miles Kasiri: Healthy Crazy Cool
Talk: Working As A Vegan Nutritional Therapist In A Non Vegan World