Vevolution Topics 2018

Vevolution Topics are a series of educational events showcasing the leading lights in the vegan and conscious living movement that happened at The Trampery in Old Street.

These events are an intimate experience with opportunities to connect with like-minded people and learn about important issues. We held 6 events from February-July with each event focusing on a different area of the vegan movement.



- Ethical Fashion & Beauty -

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Ethical is the new black. Fashion is one of the ultimate expressions of personality but historically the fashion industry has taken a heavy toll on the earth. At this event we heard from people challenging this industry to be better for animals and the environment. 

Speakers Included

Ella Grace Denton + Jemma Finch
Founders of Stories Behind Things

Anna & William Brightman
Founders of Optiat

Emily-Jane Williams
Founder of Em-J Makeup

Natalie Dean
Founder of Beyond Skin

- Food Innovation -


The plant-based food revolution has arrived! With the general public and mainstream businesses hungry for information about radical transformation of our food system. This event brought together food innovators to share their stories and insights about the future of food in 2018.

Speakers Included

Derek Sarno
Co-Founder of Wicked Healthy & Director of Plant Based Food Innovation at Tesco

Ellie Brown 
Founder of vegan cheese company Kinda Co. 

Roxy Pope & Ben Pook 
Founders of online recipe platform So Vegan

Global Vegan Chef & Consultant, Proof’s Place

- Entrepreneurs -


What does it take to create a profitable business that treats animals and people with kindness? If you are interested in creating in creating a profitable business with purpose this was the event to attend to learn from leading plant-powered entrepreneurs. 

Speakers IncludeD

Scott McCulloch
Co-Founder of the UK's most popular vegan subscription box The Vegan Kind

Grace Regan
Founder of plant-powered Indian street food SpiceBox

Loui Blake
Founder of boutique social media agency Tribe Creative Agency 

Amber Fraser and Seb Sokol
Founders of delicious roasted pea snack BRAVE

- Environment -


How do we tread lightly on the earth? How does efforts to create a plant-based world intersect with environmental initiatives and the global push to slow down man-made climate change. 

Speakers Included

Dr Lucy Gilliam
Co-Founder of eXXpedition

Sophia Lysaczenko
Outreach team at Greenpeace

Laura Boyes
Founder of Hetu

Paul Brown
Founder of BOL

- Health + Wellbeing -


What does it take to maintain a fit body and mind? This event brought together leading plant-powered fitness and health experts to share their inspiring stories and practical tips on how to build a strong body and mind.

Speakers IncludeD

Tim Shieff
Founder of ETHCS + Mindful Warrior

Adrienne Herbert
ADRIENNE LDN + Co-Founder of Get To Know

Bettina Campolucci Bordi
Bettina's Kitchen

Stephen Coote
Founder of

- Effective Advocacy -

How do we challenge people and institutions to change a lifetime habits. At this event we learnt from some of the leading people working in interesting and creative ways to convince institutions and people to move away from the use of animal based products.

Speakers included

Matthew Glover
Co-Founder of Veganuary

Laura Callan
Founder + Editor of Bright Zine

Gavin Fernback
Founder of The Fields Beneath

Robbie Lockie
Co-Founder of Plant Based News

Ⓥ Venue Information Ⓥ

Vevolution Topics is happening at The Trampery in Old Street

239 Old St, London EC1V 9EY


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We were delighted to be supported by these fantastic organisations who we believe are making the world a better place:

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