Episode 78: Shaping A Planet For Future Generations

In this panel, a group of eco-conscious women discuss the benefits of low impact living, and the changes we need to overcome to ensure a safe planet for future generations.

Episode 77: How Environmental Consciousness Can Be One Of The Biggest Forces For Transformative Feminist Change

In this talk, Swatee explores how females are more negatively impacted by climate change than males.

Episode 76: Building Confidence And Self Love

In this talk, Jess Greenash discusses body positivity, body honesty, and inspires self-love and confidence.

Episode 75: Transforming Periods For All Women

In this talk, the founder of WUKA wear explores periods and shares how she went about transforming the experience of periods for women around the world.

Episode 74: Meet The Sustainable Women Entrepreneurs Changing The World

During this episode, the panelists share their secrets of how they built the sustainable businesses of their dreams.

Episode 73: Exploring A Cruelty-Free Fashion + Beauty Future

Panelists from all areas of the fashion + beauty worlds come together to discuss ethical and sustainable materials, changes in cultural practices, and how we can reshape one of the planets most destructive industries.

Episode 72: In-Conversation with Zanna Van Dijk

During this in-conversation, Zanna van Dijk talks to Venetia Falconer about her surgery recovery, veganism, as well as her overall approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Episode 71: Creating A Food Waste Revolution

In this talk, Jenny Costa explores her journey of developing her award-winning sustainable food business - Rubies In The Rubble.

Episode 70: In-Conversation With Danyl Goodall at Vevolution x Vegan Nights

During this in-conversation, the Vevolution founders and Danyl, explore his journey, motivations and his app VSOCIETY. 

Episode 69: In-Conversation With BOSH at Vevolution x Vegan Nights

During this in-conversation, BOSH tell the Vevolution founders how they built their plant-based food empire, and also explored what the future holds for them and the vegan movement.

Episode 68: In-Conversation With Serena Lee at Vevolution x Vegan Nights

During this in-conversation, Serena Lee tells Vevolution founders, Damien and Judy, about her journey as a wellness expert, mother + founder of Vegans of LDN.