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- Talks -


Jack Harries
Filmmaker + Environmentalist

On the Front Line - Climate Change
In this short talk Jack Harries shared his experiences of travelling to some of the most remote parts of the world to document the effects of our rapidly changing environment. Jack poses the question, how can we be better environmentalists?

Stefanie Moir
Naturally Stefanie

In Conversation With Stefanie Moir hosted by Venetia Falconer
How do we create a fit body and mind? Presenter Venetia Falconer interviewed Naturally Stefanie about her inspiring health and wellbeing journey and community.

Henry David Firth + Ian Theasby
Founders of BOSH!

BOSH’S Top 10 Hacks to Build Your Business, Blog or Bestseller
3 Years after launching BOSH!, Henry and Ian have built the world’s largest plant-based video channel, racked up nearly a billion views of their vegan recipes and written a Sunday Times no.1 Bestseller (and the UK's biggest vegan cookbook of all time). In this never-seen-before talk Henry and Ian stepped out of the kitchen to share their top 10 practical and immediately actionable tips to apply to your business.

David + Steve Flynn
The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear's Top Tips For Health And Happiness
Dave and Steve (The Happy Pear) live life to the fullest - rising at 5am for morning dips in the Irish sea - in this their second appearance at Vevolution Festival they shared some of their top tips for health and happiness. 

Meg + Komie Vora
Founders of Delikate Rayne

Embracing Your Uniqueness To Finding Your Purpose
How Meg + Komie discovered the safe path isn't always the right path.

Founder of CookDaily

In Conversation With King hosted by Claira Hermet
King's CookDaily restaurant has been instrumental in helping to change peoples perceptions of vegan food. In this special on stage interview presenter Claira Hermet talked to King about his extraordinary career, what inspired to transform the face of vegan food and what is next for this #cookdailyculture food revolution.

Samantha Moyo
Founder of Tamuka + Morning Gloryville

Community Building For Conscious Brands
This talk explores radical + authentic marketing - one that amplifies conscious brands, social movements and creatives by putting community at the heart. Sam believes in brands that GIVES A F*CK about people and planet, that build SOULFUL COMMUNITIES, that are AWAKENING and that put Intimacy and truth at the centre of working relationships. Musings, meditation and music encapsulate Sam.

Kenny Anderson
Pro Skater

In Conversation With Kenny hosted by Janette Fernandez
Kenny is one of the pioneers of pro skateboarding - for over 2 decades Kenny has toured the world and has had sponsorship deals with companies such as Converse, Indy, Chocolate and Back Forty. He has been featured in a number of skate videos including the 411VM. Kenny talked about his extraordinary career & how veganism has helped him continue to skate into his forties. 

Kristen Leo
Ethical Lifestyle YouTuber

I Am What I Wear
Exploring in depth how animals are affected and exploited by the garment industry, what fast fashion is, what is it's impact on the environment and workers and offering solutions on how to effectively change our shopping habits, become conscious, sustainable and ethical consumers on any budget and reshape the face of the fashion industry.

Max La Manna
Eating With Max

Planet or Plastic: Why We Must Reduce, Reuse and Refuse
The facts are clear. The pressure on Earth in the coming days is undoubtedly going to increase critically. Every minute, every single day, a truckload of plastic enters our oceans. The future depends on your action - the time to change is now.

Amy Odene
Campaign Manager at ProVeg

Improving Children’s Health, One Million Meals At A Time
Imagine if schools across the UK could improve the health of their pupils, save the planet and save money – all at the same time. School Plates aims to do just that. Schools play an integral role in encouraging their pupils to establish healthy eating habits from early on. Working with schools, local councils and catering companies, ProVeg UK are addressing some of our most urgent issues; childhood health, obesity, climate change and budget constraints on local authorities. With a current running total of 3.1 million meals projected to change since June, ProVeg is taking the baton of improving school meals and running with it.

Brett Cobley

The Boundaries Of Veganism
Brett discussed how veganism is often a precursor to a radical change within an individual and often leads to greater awareness towards the environment and health. Then how we must use empathy and remember how we were before making those changes in order to increase our chances of encouraging others to become vegan too.

Paul Brown (BOL) + Richard Reed (JamJar Investments)

Our Experience Starting & Scaling Purpose Lead Brands
How do you make your big business idea a reality? Founders of innocent Drinks, BOL and JamJar Investments shared top tips for starting and scaling a business. The world is changing and so is business hear these startup pioneers share stories from their ever evolving journeys.

Immy Lucas
Sustainably Vegan

Fighting the Waste Pandemic through Education and Intentional Living
There is so much overwhelming information out there now about climate change, the waste pandemic and what human consumption is doing to the planet. In this talk Immy explored the ideas behind the Low Impact Movement and its purpose, what the waste pandemic is, reducing personal waste and how to extend our reach to hold the big contributors accountable.

Rich Hardy
Head of Campaigns at Veganuary

Veganuary + The Veganuary Effect
A quarter of a million people have taken part in Veganuary, and by the end of January 2019, that may well have doubled again. And that’s just what Veganuary think. If you take into account the ‘Veganuary effect,’ the number of people taking part in our campaign could be ten times our figures according to leading market researchers, Ipsos Mori. And it’s not just market researchers telling us that, it’s the corporates too. Rich explored how a small charity, like Veganuary keeps pace with the Veganuary effect.


Emma Ross

How To Parent Plastic Free
Emma shared tips and tricks around low waste, plastic free parenting on everything from the best cloth nappies and wipes to why second hand shopping is a must for all your kids' essentials. Emma discussed sustainable parenting and how becoming a parent can be a liberating, waste free and wonderful experience.

Loui Blake

Business In The Social Era
Lessons from opening the UK’s largest vegan restaurant and how to build community around a shared goal.


Jamie Combs
Co-Founder of Natural Balance Foods

In Conversation With Jamie hosted by Janette Fernandez
Jamie is the co-founder of Natural Balance Foods who create Nak'd and Trek bars. In this special in-conversation interview with Janette Fernandez from Eat Drink Vegan discovered how Jamie and his brother grew of the UK's most iconic whole-foods businesses.

Taryn Rasgon

In Conversation With Taryn hosted by Janette Fernandez
Taryn is the co-founder of Biz Babez and produces her iconic Vegetaryn vegan tee shirts. She discussed her career, the rise of the LA vegan scene with Janette Fernandez of Eat Drink Vegan.


- Panels -


Environment Panel

Low Impact Living For Future Generations
What does it mean to live a low-impact lifestyle? How do we go adopting sustainable personal lifestyle habits & look to what a future free from fossil fuels could look like and how we might get there. Our expert panel included:

Immy Lucas (Host)
Sustainably Vegan

Paolo Bagarone
Plastic Free Monkey

Pawan Saunya
Zero Waste Club

Ian Solomon-Kawall
May Project Gardens



Mastering The Wellness Mindset
Maintaining a fit body and mind requires commitment and discipline. This panel will explore how we cultivate training, diet and mindfulness habits that enable us to consistently be the best version of ourselves. Our expert panel included:

Adam Stansbury (Host)
The Plant Powered PT

Christina Daly

Sophia Ellis
Athlete + Blogger

William Brown
Active Vegans

Patricia Bloj
Metanoia Wellness



360 Sustainability In Fashion + Beauty    
How do we transform one of the world’s biggest and most destructive industries. In this panel we talk about the true cost of the fashion and beauty industry and explore how pioneers in cruelty free fashion & beauty are setting about transforming the industry. Our expert panel included:

Marta Canga (Host)
Lifestyle Blogger

Alex Nicolaou
NINI Organics

Laura Way

Charlotte Morris
Skin Ninja

Lara Balsam
 My Fair Ladle



How Do We Make Plant-Based Eating The Global Diet Of Choice?
2018 has seen plant-based food dominate the headlines as chefs create best selling books and mainstream restaurant and supermarket chains scramble to create vegan options. This panel will explore emerging plant-based food trends and tactics for making plant-based eating the global diet of choice. Our expert panel included:

Janette Fernandez
Eat Drink Vegan

Roxy + Ben

Jamie Chapman


Business Panel

How Plant-Powered Business Can Transform Society
There has never been a better time in history to run a plant-based business. This panel will explore emerging opportunities for plant-based businesses and explore what it takes to create a plant-based business that stands out from the crowd. Our expert panel included:

Emma Sinclair MBE

Heather Mills
VBites + Athlete

Jonathan Petrides

Anna Brightman

Scott + Karris McCulloch

Ⓥ Workshops Ⓥ


Embroidery Loving Workshop
Facilitated By: Stories Behind Things

Jemma & Ella held an embroidery drop in workshop for all levels of experience. Customise, Self-expression and creativity promised.

Fermentalism: Kombucha brewing 101
Facilitated By: Fix8

Freya, founder of Fix8 taught attendees how to make your own kombucha.

Learn About How Rubies in the Rubble Fight Food Waste!
Facilitated By: Rubies In The Rubble

The London based start-up partners with farms to turn surplus fruits & vegetables in delicious condiments. Rubies discussed the current food waste issues in the UK.

Power, Privilege and Being Vegan
Facilitated By: May Project Gardens

Power, Privilege + Being Vegan drew upon the work of May Project Gardens, an award winning community project, specialising in connecting people to nature and plant based food for personal, social and economic transformation.

Optimise Your Brain To Build Energy And Fight Stress
Facilitated By: Metanoia Wellness

This workshop will gave some practical tools that attendees can implement in their daily life to help them optimise their brain to build the energy they need to do the things they need but also help you navigate the daily stresses of life.

How Social Media Actually Works
Facilitated By: GHO5T

This workshop was aimed for influencers, businesses or people who want to know more about social media.


Vevolution Stage
Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel
Damien hosted the main stage and Judy ran around ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Eat Drink Vegan Stage
Janette Fernandez
Janette hosted the Eat Drink Vegan stage bringing her insight and sass to the proceedings. 

Vevolution Stage
Venetia Falconer
Venetia is a presenter from London. You may have seen her on the TV with 4Music, or online with Tastemade.

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