We jam packed the day with inspiring talks, panel discussions and workshops from the brightest vegan thinkers and innovators.


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Henry David Firth & Ian Theasby
Founders of BOSH!

The Power Of Free
How a give-first mindset can help you build stronger relationships, even more customers and create the change you want to see in the world.

Lucy & Tiffany Watson

In Conversation With The Watsons
Live Q&A with Lucy and Tiffany Watson hosted by Venetia Falconer

John Lewis
Bad Ass Vegan

Vegans Aren't Filling The Hospitals
John "Bad Ass Vegan" Lewis discussed his take on the vegan movement and why people should incorporate a plant based lifestyle for themselves and for the planet.

David + Steve Flynn
The Happy Pear

Health, Happiness & How To Build A Business Out Of Your Passion
Possibly the world's happiest twins David and Stephen Flynn (The Happy Pear) shared their health and happiness secrets and help you discover how to build a business out of your passion. 

Sarah-Jane Crawford
Presenter and Founder of Viappi

From KFC To Veganuary: The Most Unlikely Vegan
There was a time DJ and TV presenter Sarah Jane wore mink coats and enjoyed nothing more than a bucket of KFC. In this talk Sarah Jane shared her story and tell the world about Viappi her new vegan food finder app.

Derek Sarno
Wicked Healthy & Tesco

Clarifying Your Purpose
From setting up award-winning restaurants and catering for the stars to becoming co-founder of Wicked Healthy and Tesco’s Chef - Director of Plant Based Innovation, Derek talked about discovering his life’s purpose, and his transformation through compassion, from lobster fisherman to Tibetan monastery to plant pusher.

Meriel Armitage
Founder of Club Mexicana

Equality In Veganism: Is This The End?
As veganism moves into the mainstream, how do we protect it from the patriachal systems that benefit the privileged? And can we instead influence the mainstream to create a more equal and diverse future?

Tobias Leenaert
The Vegan Strategist

How To Create A Vegan World
Tobias talks about four key ingredients for a vegan world. They are qualities or attitudes that the vegan movement can use more of: open-mindedness, to be able to consider different tactics and strategies and think out of the box. Empathy, to be able to get through to people more easily. Rationality, in order to avoid “vegalomania” and purism. And positivity, to keep on keeping on.


Sarah Bentley
Founder of Made In Hackney

From Chicken Shop To Chickpeas: How To Get A Community To Embrace Vegan Food
Sarah Bentley, founder of vegan community cookery school Made In Hackney, talked about how the award winning small charity has been successful in getting disparate groups such as toddlers, pensioners, recovering addicts (including chicken shop addicts), low income families - and even Public Health Hackney - to come together and embrace vegan food. 

Hilary Jones
Ethical Director at LUSH 

Can Companies Ever Play A Genuine Role In Improving The World?
 Hilary was a full time animal rights and environmental activist who ended up being part of a multi-national company.  Having spent her life distrusting and challenging companies, she’s had to switch to finding ways to use corporate power for good. 

JP and Alex Petrides
Co-Founder of allplants

Inspiring The Next Billion Plant-Powered People
This year, weeks after launching their food delivery service, allplants, brothers JP + Alex raised the biggest investment round for a vegan start-up in Europe. Today, they revealed their plans for the future, and how we will inspire the next billion plant-powered people.

Heather Mills
Founder of V-Bites

Overcoming Adversity To Feed The World An Environmentally Friendly Plant Based Food
In August 1993 Heather was involved in a road accident with a police motorcycle, suffering the loss of her left leg below the knee amongst many other injuries. In order to save her leg from infection Heather had to go on a plant based diet. Because of this heather created the now plant based multi-award winning ethical Vegan food company, VBites.

Isabelle von Kohler
Princess Of The Unicorns

The Magic Behind My Body And Mind
Izzi shared her personal journey about how after 13 years she woke up and took charge of her life to create a fitter and healthier version of herself. 

Joel Bravette
Social Entrepreneur

Tell My Man SHUT UP!
Jay Brave shared some comedic material gleaned from his first year and half of being vegan. The audience experienced music, spoken word and comedy, as he brought his kaleidoscope of vegan energy to proceedings!

Damien Clarkson
Co-Founder of Vevolution

Giving Plant-Based Culture A Home
One year on from co-founding Vevolution. Damien outlined our plans for the future and in a Vevolution exclusive revealed an exciting new project designed to accelerate the creation of plant-based culture. 

Grace Regan
Founder of SpiceBox

From Silicon Valley to Street Food
3 years ago, SpiceBox founder, Grace Regan, was tipped as a young tech entrepreneur to watch. But then she went vegan. Grace shared her highs and lows of starting a vegan food business & shared tips on how to succeed in the ever crowded London street food scene.

Loui Blake

Creating A Vegan World Through Business
Loui Blake led a talk on the role of business to create a vegan world. He discussed entrepreneurship, leveraging large companies in order to accelerate the movement and actions we can all take on a daily basis.

Laura Way
Founder Of Votch  

Running A Vegan Business: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Laura Way, founder of Votch, the UK’s first vegan watch brand talked about the highs and lows of running a vegan business and how to make your business dreams become a reality.


Toni Shephard
Executive Director of Animal Equality

Hidden No More: Using Virtual Reality To Open Up Farms And Slaughterhouses
Toni's talk outlined how Animal Equality are using their virtual reality experience, iAnimal, to take people inside intensive farms and slaughterhouses. She shared the filming techniques they use to maximise the immersive nature of this medium and enable people to feel as though they ARE an animal trapped inside these terrifying places, and the impact their films are having around the world.   

Rosie Wardle
Jeremy Coller Foundation

The Power Of Investors To Drive A Plant-Based Future
The talk will outlined the efforts of the FAIRR initiative, a global coalition backed by $4trillion of investment assets, to highlight the financial risks linked to animal agriculture and to engage with global food companies to shift to plant-based proteins. The talk also explored the food technology revolution spearheaded by companies such as Memphis Meats and Impossible Foods, which has a real potential to end animal agriculture in our lifetime.


Ⓥ Panels Ⓥ


In Conversation
This informal conversation saw John Lewis sit down with special guests Torre Washington and Dominick Thompson. There were lots of great stories and fitness secrets from these inspiring vegan athletes.  

Torre Washington

Dominick Thompson
Crazies and Weirdos

John Lewis
Bad Ass Vegan


Environment Panel

Let’s Talk About The ‘Cow In The Room’    
Animal agriculture is one of the leading drivers of climate change, yet policy makers continue to ignore the ‘cow in the room’. This means vegan environmental activism is needed now more than ever as we approach the point when catastrophic climate change is unavoidable. Our expert panel included:

 Emma Kemp
 ‎Project coordinator at 10:10

Zephie Begolo - Chair
Head of Campaigns at ProVeg UK


Fitness Panel

Powered By Plants    
We all know we can be fit and healthy on a vegan diet, but what exactly should we be eating? How should we be training? Our panel of plant-based athletes answered these questions and many more relating to vegan fitness. Our expert panel included:

Chase Armitage
Athlete and Actor

Isabelle von Kohler
Princess Of The Unicorns

Adam Stansbury
The Plant Powered PT

Maria Chiorando - Chair
Head of Written Content at Plant Based News


Parenting Panel

Raising The Next Generation    
From pregnancy to breastfeeding to weaning to handling the medical profession to challenges at school, this panel shared tips and advice on a range of topics from a panel of parents with first-hand experience of raising the next generation of vegans and activists. Our expert panel included:

Deepa Devlukia

Laura Pierson
Vegan Mama 

Shashi Ioannides
Co-Founder of Living Naturally 

Sarah Bentley - Chair
Founder of Made In Hackney


Food Panel

Food As Activism    
One of the most effective ways to encourage people to try a plant-based diet is to let them experience just how delicious it can be. With fresh insights and anecdotes from our panel of chefs and industry experts, this panel discussed how best to tempt and entice with food that tastes incredible. Our expert panel included:

 Day Radley
Vegan Chef Day

Henry David Firth & Ian Theasby
Founders of BOSH!

Grace Regan
Founder of SpiceBox

Maria Chiorando - Chair
Head of Written Content at Plant Based News


Activism Panel

Effective Activism For A Vegan Future    
This panel explored how to maximise impact as a vegan activist. By sharing their thoughts and experience on topics from effective communication to strategic campaigning, our panel helped to show how to become a more powerful advocate for animals. Our expert panel included:

Tobias Leenaert
The Vegan Strategist

Matthew Glover
Co-Founder of Veganuary

Vicky Bond
Managing Director of The Humane League UK

Jimmy Pierson - Chair
UK Director at ProVeg International

Ⓥ Workshops Ⓥ


Pitch + Plant
Vevolution and BRAN Investments partnered to bring Pitch + Plant to Vevolution Festival. Budding plant-based entrepreneurs pitched to a panel of judges for a chance to win £1,500 plus mentorship from BRAN Investments. With the runner-up receiving a £500 prize. Out of 30 applications 6 startups were selected to pitch to the investors at the festival.

Faces of Veganism With Bright Zine
Bright Zine created a large-scale collaborative piece called 'Faces of Veganism' where they took attendees photo with a Polaroid Zero camera.

The Activist Within Us All With London Vegan Actions
The founders of London Vegan Actions and The Earthlings Experience led an open discussion and workshop on all the creative ways in which we can be active, helping to share new ways to be active and inspire each other on the way. Participants created their own special on-the-go activist packs.

Fermentation Workshop With Made In Hackney:
Our favourite local community food kitchen Made In Hackney hosted a Fermentation workshop. The process of fermenting foods is as old as humanity. Fermenting preserves food and makes it more digestible and nutritious. Valued for its complex tastes, fermented foods are a powerful aid to digestion and a protection against disease.

Using Social Media To Be A Positive Advocate For Veganism
This workshop explored how to use social media and build a YouTube channel effectively to communicate the vegan message and to be a positive advocate for veganism.

Ocean Artivism With Francesca A. Page
The eco artist Francesca Page created an hour-long workshop full of ocean information, inspiration and hands-on drawing activities! She collaborated with marine biologists, shark conservationists, underwater photographer and founder of Sharks 4 Kids, Jillian Morris who talked about shark biology and facts about the species.

Entrepreneurial Clinic Sessions
Vegan entrepreneurs with backgrounds in business, food and fashion sat down with budding entrepeneurs one on one in these business clinic sessions. Entrepreneurial Clinic Session hosts were: 
Derek Sarno (Wicked Healthy & Tesco), Vanessa Miquilena (Vida Bakery), Loui Blake (Tribe Creative Agency), Laura Stageman, (Votch), Ashish Goyal (BRAN Investments), Grace Regan (SpiceBox) & Adam Reeve (‎Seedrs).


Vevolution Stage
Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel
Damien hosted the main stage and Judy ran around ensuring everything ran smoothly.

ProVeg Stage
Jimmy Pierson
Jimmy hosted the ProVeg stage bringing his insight and wit to the proceedings. 

Vevolution Stage
Venetia Falconer
Venetia is a presenter from London. You may have seen her on the TV with 4Music, or online with Tastemade.

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We were delighted to be supported by these fantastic organisations who we believe are making the world a better place:

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