We Help You Make Things That Matter

Vevolution Consultancy is an ethical creative studio helping you to tell the world about the ideas and products that matter.

We support businesses wanting to reach people in the growing ethical and/or plant-based sector. 

Working with us will give you the opportunity to connect with members of our thriving Vevolution community.

We craft innovative and unique experiences both online with our digital strategy and offline with our events. 

We are here to be with you every step of the way, we believe in creating something in unison with you not separately. Our ethos is to listen and adapt to create something powerful together - we really mean that.  

We are able to support businesses with but not limited to:

We want people to be excited about the content you create. Our ethos is to push you to do something that hasn't been done before. We believe fortune favours the creators who dare to be different. In the past we have helped some of the UK's most successful organisations stand out from the crowd.

We have fantastic connections with key media especially in the plant-based and ethical business space. We are able to work with you to craft stories that will appeal to journalists. Vevolution has been featured in TimeOut, Vegan Life Magazine, Plant Based News, Barefoot Vegan Magazine & The Huffington Post. 

Our team have expert knowledge of producing, organising & delivering events of various scales. Our co-founder Judy Nadel has had seven years experience producing & organising music, tech, dating, sensory arts & vegan events. We are here to create a unique experience that brings your ideas and products to life! 

Film has the ability to change the world- as we move away from traditional media consumption film has become increasingly important in making your ideas capture peoples imagination. Our creative team comprises of writers, directors and editors able to deliver something special. 

We have worked on some of the UK’s biggest commercial and social good campaigns. We can help you craft your campaign messaging, recruit allies and gain the attention of the public, media and politicians. Our experience in this field means we have great relationships with influencers across multiple sectors who are ready to make your campaigns fly. 

We have insider knowledge of the plant-based and ethical business space. This means we are able to offer first-class advice for businesses wanting to make an impact within these markets.

Why Work With Us?

We are uniquely placed to help businesses wishing to reach a plant-based audience. We offer expert insight into the plant-based sector and have outstanding connections with key people of influence.

Previously our Founders, Damien and Judy have had successful careers in communications and the arts. 

Our client portfolio includes organisations like Wicked Healthy + Tesco's collaboration Wicked Kitchen, Green Party, Plant Curious + allplants. 



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