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We were excited to be joined by the below entrepreneurs, business owners + innovators. We carefully curated + hand selected inspiring business leaders in the UK to share their insight + experience.

- Business Speakers -



Renée Elliott
Founder of Planet Organic
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Renée Elliott is an organic pioneer and passionate entrepreneur. In 1995, she founded Planet Organic, the UK’s first organic supermarket and has recently launched a new initiative for women, Beluga Bean.

Talk Title: On Another Planet
Talk Topic: Entrepreneurial Journey

Paul Brown
Founder of BOL
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Paul spent 14 years at Innocent where he headed up the ‘Veg Pot’ concept that changed the ready meal category in the UK. When Coca-Cola bought Innocent he had their blessing to start BOL. This July BOL are boldly stepping into being fully plant-based. 

Talk Title: The BOL Journey So Far: Failing Fast, Pivotal Planning + Enjoying The Ride
Talk Topic: Failure + Pivoting

Kerstin Robinson
Co-Founder of NIX&KIX
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Kerstin who worked in the finance sector at HSBC met her NIX&KIX Co-Founder Julia on a plane. They discovered they wanted to use their passion and drive to create something different. Launching their current range last year they are set to double the turnover to £1 million and have deals to supply Tesco and Wagamama.

Talk Title: How Not To Run A Successful Business
Talk Topic: Finance + Investment


Adam Biddle
CEO & Co-Founder of GH05T
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Adam Biddle is an entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of media since 2009, launching the first-ever social agency for celebrities. Over the past 9 years Adam has worked with over 500 Brands and was the Managing Director of Vice Media Groups. He is now the CEO and Co-Founder of GH05T, a content production agency. With no online presence they literally are the ghosts of the internet!

Talk Title: Building A Brand On Social Media + A Guide To The Art Of Social Media Communication. 
Talk Topic: Communications

Chloe Brotheridge
Hypnotherapist + Anxiety Expert
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Chloe Brotheridge is hypnotherapist, anxiety expert and author of The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, a Calmer You. Chloe helps people understand why they are anxious and equips them with techniques to help manage the symptoms and start living a happier, more confident life. Whether it is social media pressure, perfectionism or fear of failure, she helps to show how people can regain control of their life.

Talk Title: Self Care for Stressed Entrepreneurs
Talk Topic: Entrepreneurial Self-Care + Avoiding Burn-Out

Emma Sinclair MBE
Co-Founder of EnterpriseAlumni
LinkedIn Profile

Emma Sinclair is a serial entrepreneur and the youngest person to float a company on the London Stock Exchange, having done so at 29. Recently described as a tech head who will “be running the universe one day”. She is currently the co-founder of EnterpriseAlumni. She is also a journalist and launched The Wonder Woman column in 2012 for the Daily Telegraph. Emma was awarded an MBE for Entrepreneurship by the Queen.

Talk Title: Building Tribes
Talk Topic: Success 

- Business Panels -


Ethics + Business: The Truth About Creating Ethical Businesses

Generation Z and the millennial generations want to support businesses that care about the world around them. The question is how do we build a business that scales whilst giving back and staying true to their ethics? This panel is about building great businesses the right way.

Damien Clarkson
Co-Founder of Vevolution

Amber Fraser + Seb Sokol
Founders of BRAVE

Mike Hill
Founder of One Planet Pizza

    Jenny Carlyle
Strategic HR Officer at Suma



Finance and investment: Successfully Funding Your Business:

Most businesses fail because they simply run out of cash. How do you ensure your business has robust cashflow and access to finance and investors who understand your business?

This panel will explore the rapidly moving investment landscape for small businesses and give you the knowledge needed to successfully fund your business.

Andrea Reynolds
CEO of Bizfly

Tristan Thomas
Head of Marketing + Community at Monzo

Kerstin Robinson
Co-Founder of NIX&KIX

Ashish Goyal
Director of BRAN Investments



Communications: Creating Brands People Actually Care About

Content is king! We all know this but in a cluttered media landscape how do we set about creating remarkable content and brands that people actually care about?

In this discussion some of UK's top content creation and marketing experts will share their personal insights to help you build meaningful content.

Robbie Lockie
Co-Founder of Plant Based News

Henry David Firth + Ian Theasby
Founders of BOSH!

Sarah Akwisombe

Loui Blake
Founder of Tribe Creative Agency

- Business Workshops -


An Introduction to COR Collective’s Public Speaking Survival Guide
Facilitated By: COR Collective

Sweaty palms, shaky voice, mind blanks. Do nerves get the better of you when you are trying to communicate your big idea? COR Collective have put together our Public Speaking Survival Guide to help you deal with your anxieties, to speak confidently and communicate effectively. Join us for an introduction to some of our practical top tips.

How To Build A 360˚ 
Killer Brand


In 2018 having a killer brand goes beyond your product. It's your instagram profile, the way you dress, how you package your product, your niche, your customer service and so much more. In this session Sarah Akwisombe of No Bull Business School shares how to build a ballsy, stand-out brand that will grab the attention of your potential customers. You will learn how to build an authentic, engaged following and understand the simple steps to create content online that helps to tell your brand story. 

Get Investor Ready
Facilitated By: Bizfly 

A one hour workshop on how to create a winning investor deck, how to access investors and what you need to have ready for due diligence when an investor shows interest. You will take away an investor deck template guide, a financial model template and a checklist of key terminology that investors will expect you to know.


Podcasting: The New Marketing Gold-Rush
Facilitated By: IngraMedia

In this workshop, Wayne Ingram; co-host of the Powerful Nonsense podcast and founder of Ingramedia will discuss the changes in the podcasting landscape, why podcasts are about to enter a new golden era, as well as why and how you can use podcasts to boost your business and position yourself as a key person of influence within your niche.

Easy Ways To Make Your Brand Famous
Facilitated By: Smoothie PR

This fun and interactive session will teach you quick and simple ways to plan, find and grab yourself lots of free PR opportunities. Founder Charlotte Moore is on a mission to provide affordable PR services for start-ups everywhere and shares all the tricks you need to know to get your brand out there.



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