Review of Vevolution Festival 2016

About a year ago Judy and I decided we wanted to create a vegan festival centred around educating and inspiring people. Having already put on a smaller vegan festival we had an idea of what we wanted to create.

Since our last festival the vegan movement has grown up so rapidly and today it is a vibrant hotbed of people with strong ideas of how to shape the world they want to live in.

We think this year's Vevolution was a perfect celebration of artists, activists, athletes, entrepreneurs, chefs and philosophers and film-makers who are helping to create a vegan world.  And each year will are aiming to make our events increasingly relevant and memorable.

An important part of what we do is recording talks at the festival and over the coming weeks we will be releasing talks from the main-stage on our YouTube channel. Please hop over there and subscribe to relive what went down on the day.

And today it give us great delight to release the Vevoution highlight video filmed by the crew at Entirety Labs. It brings us so much joy to watch this video and see all the people having a wonderful time.

We couldn't have done it with out you all, please watch and share with others. 

Damien and Judy xxx

New Film VEGAN 2016 Released by Plant-Based News

VEGAN 2016- The Film: A Movement Under Attack

2016 saw veganism continue to rise in public consciousness. We had tonnes of new vegan products launching, huge animal rights marches and a huge wave of cultural influencers choosing to live a vegan life.

Festivals and conferences like ours saw record attendances. Put simply there has never been easier time to be vegan.

This week our friend the film-maker and journalist Klaus Mitchell of Plant-Based News has just released his new film VEGAN 2016. The film takes a close look at the big vegan events of 2016 and examines the role the media play in shaping peoples perceptions of the vegan movement.

Klaus Mitchell of Plant-Based News speaking at Vevolution 2016

Klaus Mitchell of Plant-Based News speaking at Vevolution 2016

This film is a must watch! It reveals the exciting times ahead for veganism as a social change movement. Whilst making it clear their are significant challenges to overcome if we are going to make veganism the world diet of choice.

2017 is going to be incredibly exciting for anyone interested in veganism. Watch this film and follow Plant-Based News in 2017 as they continue to disrupt the conventional narrative. 


Interview With The Vegan Change Maker Robbie Lockie

A few weeks ago Maria Chiorando sat down with Film-Maker, Activist and Campaigner Robbie Lockie to talk about his passions and achievements in 2016.

What inspired your vegan journey? How long have you been living this lifestyle?

Robbie Lockie at Vevolution

Robbie Lockie at Vevolution

I grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe and always had a close bond with animals, I had a cat and a rat as a pet for many years (yes both... ha ha). 

It always felt strange to me that we ate animals. From an early age most people eat meat without question, mostly I guess because it tastes good and we are taught it is the healthy thing to do. It is emphasised that we should not question it, or we may get sick or even worse, die. 

I was inspired to go vegan in 2012, after I watched several films and documentaries about how food is produced. It became very obvious to me that the entire food system was a corrupt and insidious moneymaking monster, helping people become ill, and exploiting billions of animals.

How do you define what you do – campaigner/filmmaker/influencer/all of these things?

I have been a digital creative for 17 years, but today I would say I define myself as a campaigner, with aspirations of being a filmmaker. SWINE (see below) was my first film so I guess I am technically a filmmaker, but I am still trying to work out where I fit in within that discipline, as there are so many roles to choose from. 

I would ultimately like to be a director, my skills span 17 years of things from SEO Optimiser, Graphic designer and more recently a user experience specialist, where I designed platforms online for companies including BMW, BLOOMBERG and Jamie Oliver.

I trained as campaigner in 2014 where I acquired the skills you need to campaign effectively.

Swine Premiere 2016: Pictured: Timothy Shieff, Gregg Lowe, Juliet Gellatley, Damien Clarkson, Robbie Lockie

Swine Premiere 2016: Pictured: Timothy Shieff, Gregg Lowe, Juliet Gellatley, Damien Clarkson, Robbie Lockie

You’ve built up a really impressive body of work in the last year alone, with successful campaigns, and your short film SWINE. What would you say your ambition is?

This year has been quite a whirlwind: I have really immersed myself in the vegan world in London, aiming to connect with as many amazing people as possible. In January I got stuck in with an online campaign targeting Gourmet Burger Kitchen [after the company used posters mocking people who don’t eat meat]. I created the hashtag #gourmetmurderkitchen, this went viral and was trending worldwide on all platforms for almost 24 hours. The campaign resulted in the company removing the offending posters. It felt amazing to have been a part of something that saw so many people focus their rage, and bring a company to book, over something that to them seemed like innocent fun. 

Later in 2016 Vevolution co-founder Damien Clarkson and I wrote, produced and delivered a short film SWINE for Viva! a UK animal rights charity. The 16 minute film is one part fiction, one part reality. It opens with a character Jack Tomlins (Timothy Shieff) going undercover on a factory pig farm to expose the illegal use of antibiotics. He encounters something terrifying.

I recently designed and published a vegan cookbook with Millee Johnson from Ethics and Antics, which was great fun. It is always so rewarding to produce something physical that you can touch and feel, if you want a copy you can visit the Ethics & Antics website.

My ambition is to hack the system, to learn how social media works, to understand the algorithms, build a huge audience and teach people about how it’s possible to live a compassionate life without too much disruption to your ‘normal’ life. I have relaunched my Youtube Channel which will focus on Buddhism, Action for Happiness & Veganism.

What kind of projects can we expect to see from you in the future?

You will see more films from me, Damien and I are in talks with Viva! about producing something new soon. So keep your eyes out for that. I am very opinionated about veganism and the future of humanity so expect more of that on my YouTube channel. 

Why did you get involved in Vevolution?

I wanted to get involved because Damien and Judy are very good friends of mine. They got me involved in Vegan Futures last year, pre-Vevolution. This is where I realised just how important the vegan movement is and how much I want to be at the forefront of pushing it forward, planting the seeds of change now, so that humanity has a chance of real change.

Vevolution was the biggest vegan conference in Europe

Klaus Mitchell from Plant Based News

Klaus Mitchell from Plant Based News

On Saturday 5th November, 500 people gathered in London for Vevolution in Hackney, London for what is thought to be the biggest ever vegan conference in Europe.

Both of us are overwhelmed by the fantastic support we have received in creating this festival. Your belief in us has been truly humbling and we are so grateful.

Vevolution Founders, Judy Nadel and Damien Clarkson

Vevolution Founders, Judy Nadel and Damien Clarkson

We were lucky to have had a fantastic headline sponsor in Tideford Organics and we also received great support from Oatly, One Planet Pizza, Bute Island Foods, Planet-Kind, Sgaia, Viva! and Animal Aid and Buhler and Co.

Vevolution's Headline sponsor Tideford Organics serving another soup for attendees

Vevolution's Headline sponsor Tideford Organics serving another soup for attendees

The day consisted of multiple talks, panels and workshops across 3 spaces and they tackled a diverse range of topics including food, activism, mental health, fitness and making veganism more inclusive.

We also had a display of amazing artwork from a wide range of talented vegan artists. }

The goodie bags were packed with delicious vegan treats from our partners and sponsors. We have received amazing feedback from attendees about all the products.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and partners for their donations to the goodie bags

Thanks to all of our sponsors and partners for their donations to the goodie bags

All the main talks on the Oval Space stage were professionally recorded and will be made available for free in the coming weeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you see these talks as they are released.

The official Vevolution 2016 photo album is now available on Facebook. We had wonderful photos taken at the event by Sarah Koury from Entirety LabsSimon Way Photography and Maria de la Iglesia.

View the festival photos

Raising money for Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary

At the festival we held a raffle raising money for Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary. We received great support from the audience who came away with a variety of great prizes donated by LYI LYO, Votch, AnticarnistLiving Naturally Soapnuts, Ethics and Antics, KASIA ethical ware, Vintage Fever and Tally Walker Warne.

Artwork from a variety of vegan artists was displayed at Vevolution

Artwork from a variety of vegan artists was displayed at Vevolution

Jez Kaur (Hipster Veggie) in full flow during the inclusivity panel discussion at Vevolution

Jez Kaur (Hipster Veggie) in full flow during the inclusivity panel discussion at Vevolution

We’re already having exciting meetings about Vevolution in 2017 and we have already had talks about bringing a version of the festival to different parts of the UK and Europe as well.

If you are interested in getting involved in future Vevolution festivals please email us and

And make sure you are signed up to our newsletter. This is the best place to find out about our new exciting announcements and the release of new talks online.

Speak soon,

Damien and Judy xx

Tamsin Omond, spreading empathy from the Vevolution stage

Tamsin Omond, spreading empathy from the Vevolution stage

30 years of vegan innovation: An Interview With Mike Hill of One Planet Pizza

Mike Hill, One Planet Pizza

Mike Hill, One Planet Pizza

One Planet Pizza, are a new vegan pizza company owned by the community it has been created to serve. Their founder Mike Hill will be talking at Vevolution and their vegan pizzas will be available as one of our lunch options. 

Mike sat down with Maria Chiorando Editor of Vegan Life Magazine ahead of the festival to talk about his vegan journey to-date.

What inspired your vegan journey? How long have you been living this lifestyle?

I turned vegetarian when I was 17 after some bad experiences doing dissection as part of my A-level Zoology degree. We started with locusts, and when we got to rabbits I decided I had had enough. I just couldn’t eat my mother’s ham sandwiches any more so asked her to do cheese from then on.

I was already interested in Buddhism as well, so some of my early influences were books on Buddha, and the idea of ‘least harm. ’ As soon as I started reading about how to be healthy on a veggie diet, and the environmental benefits of not eating meat, I realised that the veggie option was just not logical and that all of the disadvantages of a meat eating diet applied to a vegetarian one. Before I knew it I was vegan within a year. For me I absolutely believe in the ethical reasons for being vegan, and the environmental arguments as well, but it’s really important that I feel it is the most natural and healthy diet for me as well, which I do!

How has your lifestyle inspired some of your entrepreneurial choices?

I set up my first veggie restaurant when I was 21, it was a non-smoking, jazz-playing place called the Cotton Club, and it lasted six months. I think the phrase ‘before its time’ comes to mind. Bear in mind this was 1989 in the rural backwaters of Norwich. I then took a 20 year break from the food business, and ran several other types of businesses instead, mainly in the health and fitness sector. In 2010, the opportunity came up again to open up a veggie/vegan restaurant in Norwich with an experienced veggie restauranteur I had met called Jan. So River Green Café was born. It is now firmly established as a leading restaurant in East Anglia and attracts over 30,000 diners each year.

But whilst River Green is now over 70 per cent vegan I really wanted to do a business that was not only 100 per cent vegan, but was also owned by the community it seeks to serve. Hence the idea for One Planet Pizza, I knew the vegan food market was missing a really good range of frozen pizzas. Burgers, sausages, and even pies are well provided for, but where are the pizzas?

I was also fascinated about crowdfunding a percentage of the money that I needed to get the business up and running. The idea of getting several hundred like-minded people involved was exciting and something that just hasn’t been done before. So we are now half way through our campaign and are over 50 per cent of the way to our target. I hope the exposure we will get at Vevolution will help get us over the line. 

What will you be speaking about at Vevolution?

I’m going to be talking about a few things - first of all, some of my experiences of setting up veggie/vegan businesses and reflecting on the changes I have seen over the last 30 years in terms of society’s perception of veganism. We are doing some research with Vevolution delegates about their reasons for turning vegan, staying vegan, and what they see as the key challenges to their chosen lifestyle. I have seen some of the initial findings and it is really interesting.

Why did you want to get involved with Vevolution?

Two reasons really. I think there is so much happening in the vegan world these days that’s important that we get ‘organised’, and start sharing experiences and expertise. This event seems an ideal way of doing this, and I love the fact that it’s so educational and networking-focused. Secondly, it was a perfect fit for One Planet Pizza to be one of the main sponsors, this sort of event and the people that attend it are exactly the same sort of people that I hope will support and get involved in the development of the company over the next few years, influencing and helping us to shape a new type of vegan business.

The Tide Has Turned

Lynette Sinclair, Founder of Tideford Organics

Lynette Sinclair, Founder of Tideford Organics

Vevolution is a festival dedicated to helping people discover new ideas and be inspired in their pursuit of practice of vegan living.

Recently we were able to bring Tideford Organics on board as headline sponsors of this year's festival. 

Tideford Organics are a company with a long history in the organic food movement who recently made the shift to become a completely vegan company.

Damien sat down Tideford Organics founder Lynette Sinclair to discuss the future of food and veganism.

Hi Lynette,

Let's start at the beginning. What inspired you to set up Tideford Organics as a vegan company?

I watched Cowspiracy and until then had not realised the magnitude of the impact of large scale meat and dairy production on our environment.

You're based in Totnes, noted for being a bit of a hub of alternative thinking around the way we can live on this planet. How much did being a company based in Totnes shape Tideford in the early years?

Totnes is one of the first Transition towns in the UK and has at its roots all that is healthy and organic, with companies such as Riverford leading the way.  Tideford definitely grew out of this environment and has championed healthy, environmentally conscious food, from its beginning.

Moving on to veganism. What inspired you to turn Tideford Organics an already successful company into a fully vegan business?

We realised that as a small fast growing company with a very loyal customer base we could actually make a difference.  It only takes a small regular change in your eating habits to make a significant difference to our environment and we felt that if we could help our customers on the journey to being Vegan by making delicious organic products that were also vegan, it would be something that we could all be proud of.

What has the reaction been like from existing customers to your new range of all vegan products? 

Really positive, it was quite a scary move as some of our best sellers used to have meat and dairy in them, but we have had nothing but good feedback and we are also attracting a whole new customer base who have been looking for the type of product we are now producing.

What has been most exciting about turning the company into a fully vegan business? 

Building a brand which genuinely now ticks all the free from boxes, including gluten free and feeling that we are genuinely  now helping to make a difference to our environment, whilst providing a healthy nutritious option for all our customers.

On a personal level which talk are you most excited about seeing at Vevolution? 

They all sound amazing, I think to be in an environment where all the speakers are championing such a great cause will be very exciting.

Bright Zine x Vevolution Workshop

We are very excited to be part of Vevolution, and will be bringing our own creative way to express how we feel about veganism and conscious living.

Bright Zine was formed in 2016 in London, to celebrate the growing vegan community, to support it and promote growth and diversity within it. Issue One was released in September 2016, featuring and encouraging discussions on equality, intersectionality and activism, as well speaking with big players in the vegan food and business industries in London. 

We have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had since launching less than two months ago, and are very excited to be putting together Issue Two. Which brings us to Vevolution.

To celebrate the UK vegan community even more, we are opening up a workshop to bring together like-minded individuals in an open discussion and creative session around the question, “What does veganism and conscious living mean to you?”

This is a free creative arts session, where you can create your own response to this question using a range of art materials provided. 

We will be featuring many of these creations in a Vevolution special in Issue Two.

You don’t need to be an artist, designer, illustrator or poet to take part. This is a DIY, hands-on workshop for everyone, with materials to help you express what veganism and conscious living means to you.

Come down and get creative, and your work could be printed in our next issue! 

The workshop runs from 11am-1pm and is a drop in, so you can come along at any time between seeing some of the amazing speakers, and create a piece that reflects you. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Laura Callan

Bright Zine

Social Pressure 'Hardest Part' Of Veganism

Happy World Vegan Day!

To mark the occasion we have have research result from the survey of Vevolution delegates, outlining peoples motivations for being vegan and the challenges they face.

The report, carried out by us in partnership with our sponsor One Planet Pizza, discovered almost one third of vegans surveyed identify pressure as the biggest challenge to being vegan in everyday life.  One respondent said: “People don’t want to hear the truth. When people know the truth and don’t change it can be very depressing. Especially family.”

A massive 39 per cent said a lack of like-minded friends, partners, family, and potential partners is the biggest social challenge to being vegan. One third felt their friends and family feel threatened by them choosing to live a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Despite the social pressure, many people are finding it easier to find vegan-friendly food and products – with 53 per cent of respondents doing over 75 per cent of their shopping in mainstream supermarkets.
Somewhat unsurprisingly, almost three quarters (74 per cent) of the vegans quizzed, chose their lifestyle because of concerns for animal rights and welfare, with 44 per cent of respondents citing environmental factors as their secondary motivation for being vegan. 

Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey. Winners of the prize draw for people who took part in the survey will be announced soon. 

A chat with Klaus from Plant-Based news outside of the greenhouse

When I first met Klaus about 3 years ago, he was quite shy but instantly I knew he was someone I wanted to be friends with. Since then Klaus has pursued online vegan activism with vigour. His background as a scientist underpins his thorough research of topics that have helped make his Plant Based News a huge success. 

Klaus has also released several short films including the hugely successful Vegan 2015 and the first half of his 2016 report

Klaus will be speaking on the main-stage at Vevolution, I sat down with him before to talk about his vegan journey so far and plans for Plant Based News in 2017.

What initially attracted you to veganism?

I was originally attracted to the vegan lifestyle through wanting to feel healthier. I read the China Study and then after months of slowly taking animal products out of my diet, I was eventually eating a vegan diet by 2013, although can't remember the exact date. This had a slow, but profound effect on my consciousness and I began to understand the ethical issues much better. By late 2013, I had watched Earthlings and this was the tipping point; no longer did I want to be part of the injustice. 

I know when going vegan one of the biggest struggle for you was overcoming social pressure from friends. What tips do you have for other people facing similar pressures?

Confidence is the key. I used to be shy about my vegan lifestyle, but that made me look awkward. Whereas, now I'm more confident with it - and even though people might think I'm strange for not eating or wearing animal products, it doesn't seem as off putting as before, when I was really shy and not clear at communicating with people why I was doing it. Stamp your individuality on the situation and don't care what people will think would be my advice. 

So not many people know this about you but you're a scientist and really into your research. What big trends are you seeing coming from the medical community in relation to veganism that look set to break into mainstream conscience in 2017?

Dr Esselstyn recently said 'medicine is on the absolute cusp of a seismic revolution in health'. I feel this plant-based doctor's predictions are perhaps slightly too optimistic, but I think there is some truth in what he says. The main barrier, however, is money. If healthcare providers can encourage doctors to recommend plant based diets by financial reward, however, there is hope. 

You have done some crazy endurance challenges in the past. Do you have ambitions to more in the future?

In 2010 I went bike touring for 5 months in South America, and in 2014 I did a solo hike across Malaysia for charity, so I've done more than a little cycling an hiking. The next challenge will be on water. I currently live on a boat, but want to do a kayaking trip along a wilderness river in Canada at some point in the future. 

I feel like we have grown up in the vegan movement together. How do you feel things have changed in the past few years?

Honestly, I look back at my friendship with you (Damien), and I get a really nostalgic feeling because, although we have only known each other 3 or so years, the community has changed massively. We've had some great times together and seen a lot of people come and go. Back when we first met, the London vegan scene was fragmented, and was characterised by two separate groups: the animal liberation activists, and the raw food community. Now, it has met somewhere in the middle, where I feel the community has come together a bit more and has a balance of people that are environmentally, ethically and health minded. 

Plant-Based News has been a huge success. You have teamed up with our friend and my collaborator on Swine Robbie Lockie. Tell me what you are plans for the new are for 2017?

I'm very grateful for the collaboration I have forged with Robbie Lockie. He has built the website, and it has been amazing working with him. We are actually launching the website the day after Vevolution!

What are you most excited for at Vevolution?

I'm excited for Vevolution because there is literally no event like it. It won't be as corporate and as hectic as vegfest, and I am looking forward to meeting everyone there, after my talk in the morning!!


Remaining tickets for Vevolution are selling fast get yours here!

17 years vegan and still pushing boundaries. An interview Maryn Knevitt of Planet Kind

Planet Kind co-founder Maryn Knevitt, is a qualified personal trainer and one of the most knowledgable people we know when it comes to nutrition and diet. 

I (Damien) met Maryn 3 years ago at a vegan meetup and we even lived together for 6 months. He has been vegan for 17 years and he is definitely one of the biggest influences on my vegan journey.

Firstly, let's start with you. What inspired you to go vegan?

I had become increasingly conscious as a teenager of my personal impact on other humans and the planet, especially animals and how they are treated.  I love animals and could no longer justify eating them to survive.  Plus, I discovered that my idol Thom Yorke from Radiohead was vegan and that inspired me to follow in his footsteps and embrace creativity rather than destruction in my lifestyle.

You are one of the fittest people we know and you have experimented with most variations of a vegan diet. What is your current thinking of how to achieve optimum health through nutrition? High carb, ratios % etc?

Hemp Seeds!  Ha ha! Over the years I have, through instinct and preference, mainly eaten a high nutrient and high carbohydrate diet.  I was even fruitarian/raw vegan (Fruits, nuts, seeds, greens) for 3 years which gave me amazing health and clarity of mind.  Some high carb vegan diets provide amazing energy and satisfaction but lack micronutrients due to a lack of variety of foods being consumed. Fruit is an amazing source of food because it is simple carbohydrate and high in micronutrients like vitamins. minerals and enzymes.  My current thinking for optimum health is to ensure that first the micronutrient needs are met on a daily basis, and not to worry too much about macronutrient ratios.  This means eating raw high nutrient foods (mainly fruit, vegetables, greens) during the day and then partying at night by eating whatever you fancy, while still keeping it fairly healthy (Low salt/low fat).  It also increases variety by eating this way and is reduces restrictions.  I'm currently fasting intermittently, eating all my food within a 6 to 8 hour window each day and seeing amazing results.  Lots of energy, better sleep, clear thinking and increase in strength and focus when training.

So tell me what is Planet Kind all about?

Planet Kind is a company that we have set up to provide people choosing to live a vegan lifestyle with an option to buy products from a vegan company.  We are an ethical company.  We believe that the way we consume does not need to have such a large impact on animals and our earth, and each other!  We offer a range of vegan products such as food (including pet food and baby food), cosmetics, clothing and accessories.  We believe we can live harmoniously on this planet, and we are trying to provide an option to promote a vegan lifestyle in the mainstream market. We have plans to open a physical supermarket in London early next year and also a healthy vegan restaurant in the summer of 2017, and then continue to expand into the mainstream to provide vegans and non-vegans alike the opportunity to embrace and enjoy such a beautiful lifestyle.

What makes Planet-Kind different to other online retailers?

When you shop with us, you are buying from a vegan company that supports this lifestyle.  Many other large online retailers offer the same products as us, but their focus is purely on health or beauty and they do (ironically in our opinion) offer non-vegan food and fashion items.  Our ethos is one of compassion and kindness, and leads to happiness and health.

We're really excited to have Planet-Kind as a Vevolution sponsor. What will you guys be offering attendees on the day?

Thank you! We are excited about being involved in such an awesome festival with amazing people like yourselves.  We will offer attendees the opportunity to speak to us, the founders, about our company and journey, view and sign up to our website and in doing so receive a free snack or chocolate that would be available on the website too.  

Lastly Planet-Kind is a business run by mother and son, how have you found it working together?

To be honest, it's great!  We know each other so well so any issues are dealt with easily because we are family.  I love my mom and her support over the years for my lifestyle and quirkiness has always been amazing. 

The need for speed: interview with Jessica Hayes

We sat down with the whirlwind that is Miss Jessica Hayes to discuss her passion for cycling and her upcoming talk at Vevolution focusing on mental health.

Tell us a little about you and what you're passionate about?

I'm a 26 year old lady from Australia, and I moved here about 3 years ago. Since moving here my love of cycling has grown to be one of my passions! That said, when you move internationally you learn so much about yourself and you change so much. I've been a vegan for years and years, and I've always been interested in spreading the vegan message, but that's become more important to me over the past few years.

You set up the UK's first female fixed gear cycling team Velociposse. What do fixed gear cycle teams get up to?

Well, they can do all sorts of things, Velociposse is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment while I am super busy working on myself and my job! That said, there are heaps of types, social, racing, support, just general fun!

How easy is it to get started with fixed gear cycling?

It's SUPER easy, I think. I took the plunge pretty quickly and with a lot of support. Check out East London Fixed Ride Community on Facebook, or LFGSS Forums!

Your talk at Vevolution focuses on mental health and veganism, what inspired you to talk about this subject?

I've been working through a pretty dark couple of months where I've been super anxious, stressed, and not feeling so great. I've had a lot of friends go through the same thing, and my job (Head of HR) is very focussed on improving and considering Mental Health. I know the vegan community care so much about health, happiness, and not harming anything, so I thought it was poignant to talk about taking care of your, and other's, hearts and minds!

We think of you as one of the most stylish people we know? How do you manage to blend fashion with functionality?

HA wow I am so flattered!! To be honest I just wear mostly black and sulk until Summer rolls around again. I love riding my bike so I spend a lot of time in shorts, and functional clothing, but I also have a lot of tattoos so try to balance the "crazy biker punk girl" factor out by dressing well (and professionally, for my job!)

Do you have any personal mottos you like to live by?

Be kind, be honest, be thoughtful.

Oh, and, "The breaking of a wave does not explain the whole sea"

New Speakers & Guests Added To The Stellar Vevolution Line-Up

We are super excited to announce the second wave of new speakers and panel guests for our vegan and conscious living festival Vevolution. 

The new speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, one thing they all have in common is that they have great ideas and experiences to share about how to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

There is a strong entrepreneurial flavour to our latest list of speakers. We will be joined by tech entrepreneurs Johnathan Petrides and Mike Hill, who are helping lead a vegan food revolution with AllPlants and One Planet Pizza. We will hear from Laura from Votch who are revolutionising the fashion industry with thier new range of vegan watches. 

We will also be joined by YouTube stars including Emy from the channel Anastesia and the inspiring Jez Kaur (Hipster Veggie), Judy Tett (Plant-Based Judy) and Esme Carr (London Afro Vegan) will be helping you get culinary inspired on our food panel.

We also will be joined by people with great athletic perigee including former professional tennis player Miles Kasiri who now helps people find health and happiness through nutrition. And we're joined by vegan endurance cyclist Laura Scott who will be sharing her experiences of taking part in the Trans Am cycle across America.

New Speakers & Guests Include: 

With just over 4 weeks to go tickets are selling fast. Don't be one of the people to miss out. Our previous festival Vegan Futures sold out two weeks in advance. 


Remember in addition to the amazing talks and workshops. All attendees will receive a free goodie bag packed full of products from our amazing sponsors and partners. Also on, arrival we will provide you with a free breakfast and coffee.

We can't wait to see you all in November.

Damien and Judy xxx

What is inside the Vevolution goodie bags? 6 weeks to go until the festival!

Over here at Vevolution HQ we have been working hard to make sure the festival nourishes not only your mind but also your body. And today we’re excited to announce a whole host of new festival sponsors and partners. 

What this means for you is that at the festival you will receive a FREE goodie bag packed to the brim with products kindly donated by our sponsors and partners. 

The festival we previously organised Vegan Futures sold out 2 weeks in advance. With just 6 weeks to go book now to make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s festival.

ⓥ Oatly sponsor Vevolution! 

We are delighted to announce Oatly as a gold sponsor of the festival. Personally we love their products which are kinder to our bodies and planet and fit brilliant with the Vevolution ethos.

At the festival Oalty will be donating some amazing new products to help upgrade your mealtimes. And offering free coffee from their cart serving foamy cappuccinos and oat lattes.

ⓥ Viva join the Vevolution! 

We’re delighted that Viva! have joined the list of Vevolution sponsors. 2016 has seen Viva! continue their groundbreaking undercover investigations and lead the way in vegan education. Viva! Director and Founder Juliet Gellatley will be giving a talk on antibiotic resistance expanding on issues tackled in SWINE the short documentary released by Viva! and Vevolution Founder Damien Clarkson and festival speaker Robbie Lockie. 

ⓥ MHEAT: Not Fake, Simply Vegan

We’re delighted to announce the support of SGAIA food the UK’s first authentic travelling vegan butcher shop. We are delighted to have the support of such an innovative company at the forefront re-shaping people's perception of vegan food.

These sponsors will be joining our existing sponsors One Planet Pizza and Animal Aid

That is not all…

You will be receiving goodies from our other festival partners including:OmbarKarma ColaNuvaScheckter’s Organic EnergyWill’s London and Equinox Kombucha.

Remember you will receive all of these goodies with your Vevolution ticket. We are proud that our festival combines inspiring educational talks and great vegan brands.

Below is the beautiful goodie bag at the festival we put together last year. This year's goodie bags will be full of all the amazing treats listed above plus more!

Bite Size Vegan

We were proud to host Emily Moran Barwick from Bite Size Vegan's first ever London talk last week at Hackney Picturehouse.

Emily's insightful talk about the power of activism will be available on her YouTube channel soon but you can view our photo album here! Be sure to tag yourself if you came along. 

Thanks for your continued support both of us are so grateful to all of you that have signed up to support us on this journey to share inspiration and education.

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Damien and Judy xx

It's nearly Bite Size Vegan time

Time flies in the world of vegan activism and festival organising. In one weeks time (14th September) we will be hosting a talk at the Hackney Picturehouse for Emily from the YouTube channel Bite Size Vegan. 

Emily is currently busy preparing for her tour of the UK (see the video above). At Vevolution we find her to be a source on inspiration in spreading vegan education and we can't wait to hear her talk.

On the night we will also be taking donations for the Official Animal Rights March happening in London on the 29th October. We're co-founders of Surge the group organising this march, we have high hopes that it will be the biggest animal rights march the UK has seen in many a year. 

Sadly tickets for the London talk sold out in less than 24 hours. But if you missed out have no fear, at the end of her tour Emily will be releasing a film of her full speech over on her YouTube channel. 

Also Vevolution founder Damien will be interviewing Emily before her London talk and making that video available on this blog.

It is worth mentioning there is a waiting list for the Emily's talk. We're not going to lie the waiting list long but it is worth signing up in-case tickets do become available. And even if they don't we will be able to send you the interview with Emily and a video of her talk.  

This event is a warm-up for Vevolution festival which is happening on the 5th November. We're going to be announcing some new speakers in the coming week, so get your ticket now to ensure you don't miss out!.

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The vegan cold war has started!

What does it take to break a culture?

Veganism is on the rise but not everyone is happy about it.

Veganism is on the rise but not everyone is happy about it.

Today Vevolution founder Damien Clarkson published a blog on the Huffington Post called 'The vegan cold war has started'. The blog explores how some sections of big businesses and governments have quietly started waging a war against prominent vegan companies and veganism generally.

Read the article on the Huffington Post

Read the article on Medium (please recommend the article if you like it on Medium)

As well as being the founder of Vevolution, Damien run's a creative agency called the Growing Box who recently co-created the short documentary on antibiotic resistance called SWINE.

Damien (pictured) co-created the short documentary SWINE in partnership with Viva and Robbie Lockie

Damien (pictured) co-created the short documentary SWINE in partnership with Viva and Robbie Lockie

Damien will be your host on the main stage at Vevolution and will be giving a talk about how we can grow veganism a social justice movement.

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Gluten-free vegan cooking: The V-Gang Cookbook released

Gluten-free vegan cooking is here!

No longer will your non vegan friends be able to say they can't be vegan because they are gluten intolerant. Today our friends at Ethics & Antics helped make it easier than ever for people to choose a vegan lifestyle with the release of The V-Gang cookbook. 

The book has been authored by Vevolution friends Millee Johnson and Timothy Shieff both of whom will be appearing at this year's Vevolution festival.

We sat down with Millee this week to discuss the release of this new groundbreaking vegan cooking book.

Question: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Millee Johnson, a 28 year old New Zealander who has spent the last few years living and working in a number of different countries. I relocated to the UK in 2015 after calling Thailand my home for three years. I am passionate about veganism and food! I love creating recipes using fresh ingredients and find that food is a very powerful tool in mastering overall health. 

Question: What brought you to veganism?

My health was the main reason for me leaning towards a vegan lifestyle. In 2009 I had a health scare which saw me reassess the way I was eating. At the time I considered my diet to be healthy however looking back I realise this was not the case. I tried countless diets, lifestyle changes and yet I was still suffering from bloating, cramping and poor digestion. I saw Veganism gaining traction in Australia however it wasn’t until I was living in Thailand that I made the conscious change. I met a girl name Hannah at a Raw food Cafe in Bangkok and after just one conversations I completely changed my lifestyle.

Question: When was it that you discovered you had a real passion for food?

My love for food developed from me transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. When I became interested in plant based foods I started experimenting in the kitchen and found it to be a great creative outlet. My appreciation for food changed and I began to understand the importance of a mainly whole foods diet. I was living in Thailand at the time and cooking became one of my favourite pass times. I love how personalised cooking can be and how we have the ability we have to draw upon certain flavours to recreate a feeling or a memory. 

Question: What kind of food can people expect to find in this book?

Nourishing Whole foods. We have taken peoples favourite recipes and given them a healthy twist. Everything is packed full with flavour and simple to create at home.

Question: You lived in Thailand for many years, do you feel the kind of food you ate out there has influenced the recipes in this book?

I definitely have a taste for Asian flavours and this is noticeable throughout the book. There are several recipes in the book whereby I draw heavily upon my time living in Thailand. I had to be careful to not get carried away with chillies as I love spicy food but forget not everyone likes a numb tongue when they eat!

V-gang crew: Jon, Tim and Millee

V-gang crew: Jon, Tim and Millee

This book mainly contains gluten-free recipes. Why did you decide to make this a key feature of the book?

In 2009, I discovered that I had quite a severe intolerance to gluten so since then have been living gluten free. I don’t necessarily think gluten is bad it is just something I personally cannot consume. There is one recipe in the ebook that contains gluten which is our Banana Bread. I tried out several variations with gluten free alternatives however after some thorough taste testing in our house Tim and Jon decided the version with whole wheat flour was the best.

Question: What are your hopes and dreams for this book?

To inspire people to get in the kitchen and create simple, delicious vegan food for not only themselves but for those around them. 

We'd like to thank Millee for taking time out to chat to us about the launch of the book. You can purchase the book here today!

The Ethics and Antics crew will be joining us at this year's Vevolution festival. Get your tickets and today and meet the #Vgang this November