Gluten-free vegan cooking: The V-Gang Cookbook released

Gluten-free vegan cooking is here!

No longer will your non vegan friends be able to say they can't be vegan because they are gluten intolerant. Today our friends at Ethics & Antics helped make it easier than ever for people to choose a vegan lifestyle with the release of The V-Gang cookbook. 

The book has been authored by Vevolution friends Millee Johnson and Timothy Shieff both of whom will be appearing at this year's Vevolution festival.

We sat down with Millee this week to discuss the release of this new groundbreaking vegan cooking book.

Question: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Millee Johnson, a 28 year old New Zealander who has spent the last few years living and working in a number of different countries. I relocated to the UK in 2015 after calling Thailand my home for three years. I am passionate about veganism and food! I love creating recipes using fresh ingredients and find that food is a very powerful tool in mastering overall health. 

Question: What brought you to veganism?

My health was the main reason for me leaning towards a vegan lifestyle. In 2009 I had a health scare which saw me reassess the way I was eating. At the time I considered my diet to be healthy however looking back I realise this was not the case. I tried countless diets, lifestyle changes and yet I was still suffering from bloating, cramping and poor digestion. I saw Veganism gaining traction in Australia however it wasn’t until I was living in Thailand that I made the conscious change. I met a girl name Hannah at a Raw food Cafe in Bangkok and after just one conversations I completely changed my lifestyle.

Question: When was it that you discovered you had a real passion for food?

My love for food developed from me transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. When I became interested in plant based foods I started experimenting in the kitchen and found it to be a great creative outlet. My appreciation for food changed and I began to understand the importance of a mainly whole foods diet. I was living in Thailand at the time and cooking became one of my favourite pass times. I love how personalised cooking can be and how we have the ability we have to draw upon certain flavours to recreate a feeling or a memory. 

Question: What kind of food can people expect to find in this book?

Nourishing Whole foods. We have taken peoples favourite recipes and given them a healthy twist. Everything is packed full with flavour and simple to create at home.

Question: You lived in Thailand for many years, do you feel the kind of food you ate out there has influenced the recipes in this book?

I definitely have a taste for Asian flavours and this is noticeable throughout the book. There are several recipes in the book whereby I draw heavily upon my time living in Thailand. I had to be careful to not get carried away with chillies as I love spicy food but forget not everyone likes a numb tongue when they eat!

V-gang crew: Jon, Tim and Millee

V-gang crew: Jon, Tim and Millee

This book mainly contains gluten-free recipes. Why did you decide to make this a key feature of the book?

In 2009, I discovered that I had quite a severe intolerance to gluten so since then have been living gluten free. I don’t necessarily think gluten is bad it is just something I personally cannot consume. There is one recipe in the ebook that contains gluten which is our Banana Bread. I tried out several variations with gluten free alternatives however after some thorough taste testing in our house Tim and Jon decided the version with whole wheat flour was the best.

Question: What are your hopes and dreams for this book?

To inspire people to get in the kitchen and create simple, delicious vegan food for not only themselves but for those around them. 

We'd like to thank Millee for taking time out to chat to us about the launch of the book. You can purchase the book here today!

The Ethics and Antics crew will be joining us at this year's Vevolution festival. Get your tickets and today and meet the #Vgang this November 

Vevolution Venue and Date Annoucement

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