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Letting Our Senses Go Wild At A Multi-Sensory Vegan Supper Club

If you are a major foodie then this article is for you! Being a foodie have you ever been in a restaurant or at home and before tucking into the scrumptious dish have you stopped to appreciate the meal fully - the colours, the smell, the texture, the sounds in your surroundings? Eating is a multi-sensory experience that excites and allows all your senses to take part in the activity.  
In our modern and hectic society we are sometimes too busy to be present and take time out to be truly in the moment to allow our senses to engage with the food we eat. I know how it is - when you are busy at work and you just need to grab something quick to fuel you so you can tackle the rest of your day. 
While all us foodies love taking photos of our breakfast, lunch and dinner for the benefit of our Instagram fellow-foodies this photo only satisfies one of your senses - sight. When you take these photos do you then satisfy the rest of your senses by smelling the amazing creations or touching the textural items? If you answered no don’t worry you’re not alone! Most people forget to indulge the other senses but it’s time we try be more mindful when we eat. 

With vegan and plant-based foods we are already being mindful in removing cruelty from our plate which is fantastic! The next step is to be mindful during the eating process. If you are going to create a dish or are spending your hard earned cash on a dish then being in the present and savouring your meal will make it an activity that could bring excitement and pleasure. It will also allow your senses to explore and will bring that dish alive! 

Now I’ve set the scene I will get to what this article is really about! Some of you may have had the pleasure of dining at Pride Kitchen in Neals Yard - if you haven’t you must go. The founder David Bez has created the most wonderfully colourful and flavoursome cafe with each dish being not only a treat to the taste buds but a treat to the eyes and nose. It made total sense when they created the multi-sensorial supper club The Secret Taste Of Bliss.  

The Pride Kitchen team, including the founder David Bez

The Pride Kitchen team, including the founder David Bez

We were delighted to be invited to an event at Pride Kitchen in May and boy were we in for a treat. David and his team prepared 7 plant-based and gluten free courses that were inspired by synesthesia. For those of you who are new to the multi-sensory thing, synesthesia is is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway - meaning that some people are able to see sounds, hear colours and taste numbers - pretty cool right! I recently found out that Mark Constantine Founder of LUSH has synesthesia which makes total sense seeing as how all their products have such vibrant smells, colours, textures and shapes. 
So now you have a little more understanding of what multi-sensorial is I’ll get back to the supper club. Not only was each course based on a colour and scent so that we could have the full synesthesia experience for the night, the course was also paired with the seven different chakra’s and came with an affirmation. For us this was a highlight of the night and made it stand out from all the other supper clubs - we love small attention to details like this. 
Here is a description of each course that includes the food, drink, chakra, affirmation, music that was playing in the background & scent stick: 

Are your minds already blown yet? If not perhaps this could seal the deal. If you haven’t been to Pride Kitchen then you’re in for a lovely treat as the restaurant is very intimate with only 10 places available to eat in where everyone is sat together on one table. This makes for a really lovely dining experience as you are sat next and around new people so you might just make a new friend! We were lucky to be sat opposite Nancy Morris aka Superfood Scrumptious and Ella Flintberg who made our evening even more entertaining with interesting chat. 

The Secret Taste Of Bliss - A Multi Sensorial Supper Club will be back in early August so be sure to get your ticket when they are released as I mentioned space is really limited. There are also a bunch of other great supper clubs and workshops happening at Salad Pride so be sure to check their website out here:
I hope I’ve inspired you to explore the wonders of your senses and experiment with tasks you do everyday such as eating, listening to music, going for a walk etc and turn them all into a multi-sensorial experience! 

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