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Vevolution Founders Appear On The Our Hen House Podcast

Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel

Recently we were asked to come on the renowned Our Hen House podcast. It was a great honour and really exciting for both of us. 

For those who don't know Our Hen House is an award winning US based podcast interviewing vegan activists and thinkers. It has just entered its 7th year which in podcasting terms is ancient. What they have created so far can only be described as an incredible resource of knowledge for future generations.

In years to come when we reflect on the history of this movement and how it grew I am certain people will look to Our Hen House podcast for a roadmap of the people who were working to create a vegan world.

We appear in the second half of the podcast. We loved speaking with the inspiring author and podcast co-host Jasmin Singer who also serves as the lead editor of VegNews. 

About a year ago I listened to Jasmin on the Rich Roll Podcast and was inspired by her story. I remember thinking perhaps some day out paths will cross. So I am really happy that we managed do this interview and we can't wait for Jasmin to visit the UK so we can show her this amazing community emerging here. 

Our interview is from about minute 57 in the podcast :-) 

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