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Topics: Environment Line-Up & Lunch With The Fields Beneath

How can we overcome the emerging environmental crisis? This event discusses the most pressing issue of our time and showcases ways in which people are taking action to preserve the planet for future generations.

She Loves Plants Speaker Line-Up Revealed For International Women's Day Celebration

This March we are bringing together some of the UK’s most amazing plant-powered women to celebrate for She Loves Plants.

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The purpose of this business-themed event is to create somewhere welcoming & inspiring for plant-based entrepreneurs to share their stories, and for other entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs to come and learn.

IWD: Interview With Leah + Daisy, Founders Of The Hardihood

In interview as part of our IWD series we speak to fashionista turned healthy food creator Leah from the Hardihood.

Vegan Festival Vevolution Is Back With A Stellar Line-Up Of International Speakers and Celebrities

Vevolution Festival 2017 Tickets Released! Speakers include Lucy and Tiffany Watson, John Lewis (Badass Vegan) and Mercy For Animals Founder Nathan Runkle

Letting Our Senses Go Wild At A Multi-Sensory Vegan Supper Club

If you are a major foodie then this article is for you! Being a foodie have you ever been in a restaurant or at home and before tucking into the scrumptious dish have you stopped to appreciate the meal fully - the colours, the smell, the texture, the sounds in your surroundings? Eating is a multi-sensory experience that excites and allows all your senses to take part in the activity.  
In our modern and hectic society we are sometimes too busy to be present and take time out to be truly in the moment to allow our senses to engage with the food we eat. I know how it is - when you are busy at work and you just need to grab something quick to fuel you so you can tackle the rest of your day. 
While all us foodies love taking photos of our breakfast, lunch and dinner for the benefit of our Instagram fellow-foodies this photo only satisfies one of your senses - sight. When you take these photos do you then satisfy the rest of your senses by smelling the amazing creations or touching the textural items? If you answered no don’t worry you’re not alone! Most people forget to indulge the other senses but it’s time we try be more mindful when we eat. 

With vegan and plant-based foods we are already being mindful in removing cruelty from our plate which is fantastic! The next step is to be mindful during the eating process. If you are going to create a dish or are spending your hard earned cash on a dish then being in the present and savouring your meal will make it an activity that could bring excitement and pleasure. It will also allow your senses to explore and will bring that dish alive! 

Now I’ve set the scene I will get to what this article is really about! Some of you may have had the pleasure of dining at Pride Kitchen in Neals Yard - if you haven’t you must go. The founder David Bez has created the most wonderfully colourful and flavoursome cafe with each dish being not only a treat to the taste buds but a treat to the eyes and nose. It made total sense when they created the multi-sensorial supper club The Secret Taste Of Bliss.  

The Pride Kitchen team, including the founder David Bez

The Pride Kitchen team, including the founder David Bez

We were delighted to be invited to an event at Pride Kitchen in May and boy were we in for a treat. David and his team prepared 7 plant-based and gluten free courses that were inspired by synesthesia. For those of you who are new to the multi-sensory thing, synesthesia is is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway - meaning that some people are able to see sounds, hear colours and taste numbers - pretty cool right! I recently found out that Mark Constantine Founder of LUSH has synesthesia which makes total sense seeing as how all their products have such vibrant smells, colours, textures and shapes. 
So now you have a little more understanding of what multi-sensorial is I’ll get back to the supper club. Not only was each course based on a colour and scent so that we could have the full synesthesia experience for the night, the course was also paired with the seven different chakra’s and came with an affirmation. For us this was a highlight of the night and made it stand out from all the other supper clubs - we love small attention to details like this. 
Here is a description of each course that includes the food, drink, chakra, affirmation, music that was playing in the background & scent stick: 

Are your minds already blown yet? If not perhaps this could seal the deal. If you haven’t been to Pride Kitchen then you’re in for a lovely treat as the restaurant is very intimate with only 10 places available to eat in where everyone is sat together on one table. This makes for a really lovely dining experience as you are sat next and around new people so you might just make a new friend! We were lucky to be sat opposite Nancy Morris aka Superfood Scrumptious and Ella Flintberg who made our evening even more entertaining with interesting chat. 

The Secret Taste Of Bliss - A Multi Sensorial Supper Club will be back in early August so be sure to get your ticket when they are released as I mentioned space is really limited. There are also a bunch of other great supper clubs and workshops happening at Salad Pride so be sure to check their website out here:
I hope I’ve inspired you to explore the wonders of your senses and experiment with tasks you do everyday such as eating, listening to music, going for a walk etc and turn them all into a multi-sensorial experience! 

What Does Ethical Fashion Look Like?

On the 2nd May the ethical fashion community gathered at The Trampery in Shoreditch for our Vevolution Topics Ethical Fashion. 

We wanted to create this event to shine a spotlight on how we can be stylish and find fashion that doesn't exploit humans and non human animals.

Sadly it's estimated that 1 billion rabbits and 50 million other animals are killed each year for clothing.  

The development of new technologies like pineapple leather, cork, hemp are offering alternatives to traditional clothing materials which have had a terrible impact on animals, people and the environment. 

All the talks from this event will be made available on our vegan i-player page in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime watch our ethical fashion highlight videos which features the amazing event speakers Laura Stageman from Votch, Alicia Lai from Bourgeois Boheme, Lucas Windhager from Alive Boutique and Gabi Gershuny from Crawl Arts.

Vevolution And Lush Life Host The UK Premiere Of What The Health

Pictured: Ali Tabrizi, Kip Anderson, Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel 

Pictured: Ali Tabrizi, Kip Anderson, Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel 

Yesterday along with our friends at Lush Life we were super privileged to co-host the UK premiere screening the new film by the makers of Cowspiracy called What The Health.

So far on our journey of creating the TED talks of veganism we have had some surreal days and yesterday was another one of those.

We are super fortunate that we get to collaborate and work with people who inspire us all the time. Yesterday early in the afternoon we had the privilege of interviewing our good friend Ali Tabrizi and What The Health Director Kip Anderson.

It was great to talk about the making of the film and how both Ali and Kip came to film-making.

Over the coming months sitting down and interviewing people in the vegan movement is something we're going to be doing much more of so watch out for that.

Ali Tabrizi and Kip Anderson in conversation with Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel

Ali Tabrizi and Kip Anderson in conversation with Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel

The event was hosted at the news Lush Media HQ. I have to say the venue is incredible and it is fantastic that Lush are willing to work with organisations with shared values to create inspiring events like this screening.

The evening saw some of the movers and shakers in UK veganism come together for an evening of networking, education and discussion.

Morgan, Alice and Jack enjoying the pre-screening reception

Morgan, Alice and Jack enjoying the pre-screening reception

The film screening itself didn't disappoint, it was informative and hard hitting and for anyone with a family history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease hard to watch at times.

The film highlighted how increasingly the science is telling us that eating animal based products is harmful to our health yet medical institutions are refusing to suggest a change in diet to treat curable illnesses. Instead they would rather medicate sick people with drugs than treat the cause of these illnesses. 

People looking on at the UK What The Health Premiere

People looking on at the UK What The Health Premiere

Watching this stuff it's hard not feel incensed especially when the film exposes how leading American heart, cancer and diabetes charities are funded by some of the biggest meat and dairy companies in the US. 

After the film screening there was a panel discussion hosted by Lush UK Director of Ethics Hilary Jones. On the panel was myself Damien Clarkson Co-Founder of Vevolution, Kip Anderson, Director of What The Health, Ali Tabrizi, film-maker and What The Health Assistant Editor and vegan chef Day Radley.

Kip Anderson on the mic during the What The Health Panel discussion

Kip Anderson on the mic during the What The Health Panel discussion

The panel discussion was super interesting. As a member of the panel I felt myself feeling incredibly proud of this community and movement. It has come so far and sitting on stage looking around the room I was able to see inspiring people everywhere. 

We're excited for more people to see this film it is going to literally save lives and help people live happier, healthier existences. 

Woj Gower from PlantCurious enjoying the lightbox

Woj Gower from PlantCurious enjoying the lightbox

International Day Of Happiness

Today is the International Day Of Happiness. And yes it is on a Monday! At Vevolution we are big believers in starting the week as you mean to go on.

In life both of us have learnt that happiness isn't something that always comes easily. As vegans you accept that on top of the humanitarian suffering in the world over 140 billion animals are being killed for food or clothing a year. 

Maintaining a fit body and mind is essential to being a fulfilled person. We all have problems in our respective lives, recognising that you don't have to suffer alone is important and so is having a support network of friends and family to share with. 

We're also big believers in being grateful for the good things in our lives and staying routed in the now. Social media makes it easy to play the comparison game with people and wish for something different. 

You are unique... You are powerful. Take today to remind yourself of that and celebrate the choice you have to be happy.

To celebrate we want to share with you some of things that are making us happy at the moment:

It's Spring!

Today 20th March is officially the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. We can look forward to trees blossoming, baby ducklings being born and the return of warm weather.


Carnage is a new film available on BBC iPlayer written by Simon Amstell. He has managed to get across the serious imperative for the world to go vegan in a fun and accessible way. It's free to watch if you're in the UK on BBC iPlayer. 


Last year we decided to start playing tennis. We both enjoyed playing with friends and teenagers but we hadn't played in 10 years. We have found it a great way to exercise out in nature and rediscovered our passion for this activity.

Living Naturally Products

Living Naturally is the 1st Soapnut Apothecary in the world! Their Man Balm is brilliant. It is 100% vegan, natural with hemp and cocoa butter and great for treating dry skin and moisturising Damien's beard. Judy is obsessed with their Coconut & Chai Spice Bathtub Tea which smells so good you want to eat it!

The Vibrant London Vegan Scene

Last weekend we were at the Fat Gay Vegan market at Hackney Downs Studios. We then checked out the Friendship Vegan Shoes designer market where our new Generation V t-shirts will be on sale for the next month.

This week we're off to Proofs Place dessert pop-up at The Trampery and we will pop into Mooshie's for some delicious vegan burgers. It's never been a better time to be vegan and that definitely makes us happy.

Vegan Food Leaders Inspire A Food Revolution At Vevolution Topics

Vegan Food leaders gathered at Vevolution Topics to discuss the plant-based food revolution.