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Vegan athletes at the Rio Olympic Games

This year there are several vegans competing at the Olympic Games in Rio. We thought it would be nice to highlight some of the athletes flying the vegan flag.

Morgan Mitchell

Just over 2 years ago Morgan Mitchell watched a vegan documentary that changed her life forever. After watching the documentary she became aware of animal suffering and decided her only option was to go vegan. Morgan has been quoted as saying “My career doesn’t come before another animal's life”. Not that being vegan has negatively impacted Morgan’s performance she has dominated the Australian domestic season and has been unbeaten in 12 consecutive races coming into the Olympics.

Kendrick Yahcob Farris

The birth of his first son was the catalyst for the USA’s only weightlifter at the Olympics, Kendrick Yahcob Farris going vegan. In May the three-time Olympian broke a US clean and jerk record by lifting over 800 pounds. When commenting on how veganism has affected him he recently told VegNews; "My whole journey is a lot bigger than myself. I'm not selfish like I used to be".

Outside of Olympic sports there are an increasing number of athletes turning to vegan diet for improved physical health and athletic performance. We suggest checking out the likes of ultra marathon runners Scott Jurek and Fiona Oakes, fighters like Nate Diaz and David Haye. And our friends Timothy Shieff, Laura ScottJessica Hayes and Paul Kerton who all will be appearing at Vevolution this November.