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Get Ready Because Vevolution Festival Is Coming Back For 2019!

Vevolution Festival is coming back for a 4th year on Saturday 16th November! Make sure to pre-register to be the first to know about when we release the tickets.

Plant Based Business: Interview with Vevolution Founders, Judy and Damien

If you want to find out more about the kick-ass power couple that are responsible for putting on events like She Loves Plants, Vevolution Festival, and many more, keep on reading!

How To Get More Active As An Environmentalist Ft. Extinction Rebellion

Watching other people fighting for positive environmental change is a sure-fire way to feel the urge to do the same. But what if you’ve never been an activist before? Where do you start?

Our Reflections On Vevolution Topics: Health And Wellbeing

Last week 160 people joined us for the second Vevolution Topics event of the year focusing on health and wellbeing. 

Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel Vevolution

Firstly both of us are totally overwhelmed by the kindness of spirit in this community. People came from all over the country to attend the event. And it really makes us happy when people come over and say hello to us.

We often think of Vevolution events as curating parties. We get to bring together people who inspire us in our lives and we get to share them with you.

We started off the evening by talking about the challenges of creating space for exercise and mindfulness in an increasingly chaotic world.

Both Judy and I find that when regularly exercise and practice yoga and meditation we are happier people. It was wonderful to hear all the speakers Adam, Bex, Chase and Felix speak from the heart about mindfulness as well as physical fitness. 

Vevolution Speakers and Hosts: Adam Stansbury, Felix Price, Judy Nadel, Damien Clarkson, Rebecca Walker, Chase Armitage

Vevolution Speakers and Hosts: Adam Stansbury, Felix Price, Judy Nadel, Damien Clarkson, Rebecca Walker, Chase Armitage

In his talk Adam Stansbury (The Plant Powered PT) shared his experiences from over a decade working in the fitness industry. He talked his journey from someone who ate steak for breakfast and suffered chronic health problems to the high performing plant-powered athlete he is today.

Adam also talked about his spiritual journey and how a trip to Peru and shamanic ceremonies helped him discover the path he wanted to follow in life.

Adam Stansbury (The Plant Powered PT)

Adam Stansbury (The Plant Powered PT)

We were very touched by Rebecca Walker's talk, she shared so intimately with the audience about body confidence issues that have plagued her throughout her life.

Her story is one of love for her daughter and herself, she shared her passion for running and how she now makes the most delicious breakfast pots called BexFast. P.S: We had these for breakfast on Wednesday morning and wow! they are amazing.

Rebecca Walker (Bexfast)

Rebecca Walker (Bexfast)

Chase Armitage spoke with a zest for life. His passion for movement and living without fear or compromise was really clear to see. Chase's career has seen him travel all around the world living his passion for movement, his talk was infectious and made us want to unleash our inner child. 

During his talk Chase said that growing up he always knew he would be part of a movement that would change the world. And when he found veganism he realised it was that movement. That really resonated with both of us.

Chase Armitage on the Vevolution stage

Chase Armitage on the Vevolution stage

And finally Felix... Wow! what a guy. We had the pleasure of practicing yoga and meditating with Felix last week and it was really a wonderful evening. Last night not only did he create a beautiful visual story of the evening he stood up and shared the story of how he became the spiritual arts practitioner he is today.

We both feel Felix's talk taught us to look beyond what is our physical reality. As humans we're only unlocking a small part of our potential.

Felix ended the evening with a beautiful song with the chorus 'you know what I mean when I say it's a dream'. And to us it really bringing all of you together for these inspirational evenings is a dream. We get to help grow the vegan movement and spread a message of love, compassion and understanding all sentient beings. 

Felix Price ending the evening with a song

Felix Price ending the evening with a song

Join us next month for Vevolution Topics Activism and Campaigning

Next up in our series of monthly events is Vevolution Activism and Campaigning. Tickets are on sale and we expect another sold out event.

Get your ticket and join us for another evening of inspiring talks to create a better world.

Vevolution Topics

Vegan Food Leaders Inspire A Food Revolution At Vevolution Topics

Vegan Food leaders gathered at Vevolution Topics to discuss the plant-based food revolution.

Everyone’s Talking About The C-Word!

With our first event of 2017, Vevolution Topics: Vegan Food Innovation happening tomorrow (7th February) we have asked vegan foodie blogger & chef Kind State Of Mind aka Ellie Phoebe Brown to be our guest blogger and talk about the hot topic of cheese! 

Tickets are still available for our Food Innovation tomorrow at The Trampery. Ellie will be there giving out samples of her incredible food. To help get you in the mood for some food innovation inspiration we will leave you with Kind State Of Mind...over to you Ellie!  

Everyone’s Talking About The C-Word!
By Ellie Phoebe Brown
Kind State Of Mind

Oh but I could never give up cheese!" If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard that phrase in response to any mention of being vegan, well ... I’d be paying myself actually because even I’ve uttered those - now clichéd - words. I was a major cheese lover for years and although my reliance on dairy is over, it seems cheese is still a hot topic with both vegans and non-vegans alike. 

Why is cheese such a big deal? You may remember the headlines a few years ago stating that cheese is as addictive as hard drugs. While the attention seeking articles were referencing genuine research into “addictive-like eating”, the actual journal (published in early 2015) unsurprisingly concluded that matters were in fact - as ever - far more complex than the simplistic, and awry conclusion spun by the media. 

If it’s not purely biological, what else makes us crazy about cheese? I think there’s a compelling argument to be made for the role of psychological factors in our apparent cheese dependance. Cheese is, by and large, a comforting food. Its high fat and calorie content render it synonymous with special occasions, treats and well, really tasty things! Cheese on toast, macaroni cheese, pizza, the Christmas cheese board, it’s all about pleasure and indulgence (which helps somewhat in explaining why the cheese salad never caught on!) No wonder our brains tell us we love it. Cheese is also often a food we are brought up eating, so it additionally has positive associations from our childhood. Growing up as a vegetarian I ate a lot of cheese and therefore it’s linked to many of my happiest food-related memories from home. Bearing in mind the comfort and memory associations that people have with cheese, on top of possible biological reasons, we can begin to understand the hold it has over people’s eating habits. 

So if you’re vegan you’re just supposed to give up all that good stuff then? Nope! You just have to make a few changes. There is a whole world of dairy free cheeses out there, and it’s growing at a fast pace! With availability increasing in response to growing demand it’s easier than ever to get your hands on some vegan cheese. Large retailers such as Ocado and Holland & Barrett sell vegan cheese products, and last year Sainsbury’s brought out their own range of vegan cheeses in collaboration with Vevolution's sponsor Bute Island Foods. The latter has proved so popular that it exceeded their sales expectations by 300% in its first month, a sign if there ever was one of how mainstream the desire to ditch dairy has become. 

It’s not just large retailers either. There are now many smaller suppliers emerging too, selling their own tasty hand-crafted cheeses. Companies such as Mouse’s Favourite, a London-based company making artisan nut-based cheeses, and Nutcrafter Creamery from Glasgow, who make an impressive array of aged and organic vegan cheeses. International companies are also looking to get in on the UK’s booming vegan cheese market. The American company Follow Your Heart recently launched a small selection of their vegan cheeses over here, which I personally really love. I hope more companies follow suit, to increase the selection of products available to U.K. vegans as The States seem to be streets ahead of us in the product development stakes and this, in turn, will generate some healthy competition and innovation between brands. 

For many people giving up cheese is the main barrier to becoming vegan. However, with more and more vegan cheeses coming on to the market all the time, with even better textures and flavours than before, this last hurdle to becoming vegan may soon be a thing of the past! 

And lastly…. Of course, you can make your own vegan cheese! Here’s a cheap, simple and tasty way to make your own cashew cheese. With a bit of practice, you can adjust the flavours with different herbs and spices but garlic and chive are a great place to start!\

Garlic and Chive Cashew Cheese
By Ellie Phoebe Brown
Kind State Of Mind 

Makes: One round cheese
Prep time: 30 minutes plus chilling time


  • 100g raw cashews, soaked overnight

  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • 1/2 tsp fine salt

  • Freshly ground black pepper

  • 2 tbsp water

  • Small bunch of chives (or other herb)


  1. In a food processor or blender place all ingredients except for the chives. Process until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy in texture. You'll need to keep stopping to scrape down the sides to ensure it all gets blended. Keep blending until it stops being lumpy and grainy and looks like a smooth soft cheese. This may take 5 - 10 minutes so keep going! You can add a little more water to get it moving in the blender if absolutely needed - but if you want to make a firm cheese try to avoid adding too much extra liquid.
  2. Finely chop the chives and stir into your smooth cheese mixture. If you add them to the blender to combine you will end up with a green cheese - so best to stir them in! Have a taste and add more salt if needed.
  3. If you want to make a soft cheese spread, like a cream cheese, then all you need to do is transfer the cheese to a small bowl, cover and refrigerate for a few hours. You can eat it immediately - but it will set slightly if you leave it to chill, making a slightly thicker spread.
  4. If you want to make a firmer cheese, like the one pictured above, then you'll need to remove some of the moisture from the cheese. For this you'll need a square of double layer cheese cloth, or a thin, clean tea towel. Lay out the cloth and scrape all of the cheese mixture into the centre of the square and roughly shape it into a round shape. Gather the corners of the cloth, bring together the top and fasten with a  rubber band to create a little parcel (see pics)  I tie it above my sink to drain for a few hours (you could also put it in a sieve above a bowl) and then place it in a dish lined with kitchen towel in the fridge for a further 3-4 hours or overnight. (You can also put it straight into the fridge in a sieve or wrapped in kitchen towel but I've found the 2 step process removes the most water, resulting in the firmest cheese.)
  5. Once it's been in the fridge you can gently remove the cheese cloth and there will be your little cashew cheese!
  6. The cheese will keep for about 4-5 days in the fridge, in an airtight container - but it never lasts that long around me!

For a more detailed version of the recipe with photos go to my blog post here:

Be sure to check out Ellie's other recipes and food tips over at her blog Kind State Of Mind and follow her foodie adventures on her social channels - Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Ellie will be at Vevolution Topics: Food Innovation tomorrow Tuesday 7th February and will be giving out samples of her yummy food creations so don't miss out and grab your ticket now:

Vevolution was the biggest vegan conference in Europe

Klaus Mitchell from Plant Based News

Klaus Mitchell from Plant Based News

On Saturday 5th November, 500 people gathered in London for Vevolution in Hackney, London for what is thought to be the biggest ever vegan conference in Europe.

Both of us are overwhelmed by the fantastic support we have received in creating this festival. Your belief in us has been truly humbling and we are so grateful.

Vevolution Founders, Judy Nadel and Damien Clarkson

Vevolution Founders, Judy Nadel and Damien Clarkson

We were lucky to have had a fantastic headline sponsor in Tideford Organics and we also received great support from Oatly, One Planet Pizza, Bute Island Foods, Planet-Kind, Sgaia, Viva! and Animal Aid and Buhler and Co.

Vevolution's Headline sponsor Tideford Organics serving another soup for attendees

Vevolution's Headline sponsor Tideford Organics serving another soup for attendees

The day consisted of multiple talks, panels and workshops across 3 spaces and they tackled a diverse range of topics including food, activism, mental health, fitness and making veganism more inclusive.

We also had a display of amazing artwork from a wide range of talented vegan artists. }

The goodie bags were packed with delicious vegan treats from our partners and sponsors. We have received amazing feedback from attendees about all the products.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and partners for their donations to the goodie bags

Thanks to all of our sponsors and partners for their donations to the goodie bags

All the main talks on the Oval Space stage were professionally recorded and will be made available for free in the coming weeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you see these talks as they are released.

The official Vevolution 2016 photo album is now available on Facebook. We had wonderful photos taken at the event by Sarah Koury from Entirety LabsSimon Way Photography and Maria de la Iglesia.

View the festival photos

Raising money for Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary

At the festival we held a raffle raising money for Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary. We received great support from the audience who came away with a variety of great prizes donated by LYI LYO, Votch, AnticarnistLiving Naturally Soapnuts, Ethics and Antics, KASIA ethical ware, Vintage Fever and Tally Walker Warne.

Artwork from a variety of vegan artists was displayed at Vevolution

Artwork from a variety of vegan artists was displayed at Vevolution

Jez Kaur (Hipster Veggie) in full flow during the inclusivity panel discussion at Vevolution

Jez Kaur (Hipster Veggie) in full flow during the inclusivity panel discussion at Vevolution

We’re already having exciting meetings about Vevolution in 2017 and we have already had talks about bringing a version of the festival to different parts of the UK and Europe as well.

If you are interested in getting involved in future Vevolution festivals please email us and

And make sure you are signed up to our newsletter. This is the best place to find out about our new exciting announcements and the release of new talks online.

Speak soon,

Damien and Judy xx

Tamsin Omond, spreading empathy from the Vevolution stage

Tamsin Omond, spreading empathy from the Vevolution stage

It's nearly Bite Size Vegan time

Time flies in the world of vegan activism and festival organising. In one weeks time (14th September) we will be hosting a talk at the Hackney Picturehouse for Emily from the YouTube channel Bite Size Vegan. 

Emily is currently busy preparing for her tour of the UK (see the video above). At Vevolution we find her to be a source on inspiration in spreading vegan education and we can't wait to hear her talk.

On the night we will also be taking donations for the Official Animal Rights March happening in London on the 29th October. We're co-founders of Surge the group organising this march, we have high hopes that it will be the biggest animal rights march the UK has seen in many a year. 

Sadly tickets for the London talk sold out in less than 24 hours. But if you missed out have no fear, at the end of her tour Emily will be releasing a film of her full speech over on her YouTube channel. 

Also Vevolution founder Damien will be interviewing Emily before her London talk and making that video available on this blog.

It is worth mentioning there is a waiting list for the Emily's talk. We're not going to lie the waiting list long but it is worth signing up in-case tickets do become available. And even if they don't we will be able to send you the interview with Emily and a video of her talk.  

This event is a warm-up for Vevolution festival which is happening on the 5th November. We're going to be announcing some new speakers in the coming week, so get your ticket now to ensure you don't miss out!.

Get your Vevolution ticket today!

Gluten-free vegan cooking: The V-Gang Cookbook released

Gluten-free vegan cooking is here!

No longer will your non vegan friends be able to say they can't be vegan because they are gluten intolerant. Today our friends at Ethics & Antics helped make it easier than ever for people to choose a vegan lifestyle with the release of The V-Gang cookbook. 

The book has been authored by Vevolution friends Millee Johnson and Timothy Shieff both of whom will be appearing at this year's Vevolution festival.

We sat down with Millee this week to discuss the release of this new groundbreaking vegan cooking book.

Question: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Millee Johnson, a 28 year old New Zealander who has spent the last few years living and working in a number of different countries. I relocated to the UK in 2015 after calling Thailand my home for three years. I am passionate about veganism and food! I love creating recipes using fresh ingredients and find that food is a very powerful tool in mastering overall health. 

Question: What brought you to veganism?

My health was the main reason for me leaning towards a vegan lifestyle. In 2009 I had a health scare which saw me reassess the way I was eating. At the time I considered my diet to be healthy however looking back I realise this was not the case. I tried countless diets, lifestyle changes and yet I was still suffering from bloating, cramping and poor digestion. I saw Veganism gaining traction in Australia however it wasn’t until I was living in Thailand that I made the conscious change. I met a girl name Hannah at a Raw food Cafe in Bangkok and after just one conversations I completely changed my lifestyle.

Question: When was it that you discovered you had a real passion for food?

My love for food developed from me transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. When I became interested in plant based foods I started experimenting in the kitchen and found it to be a great creative outlet. My appreciation for food changed and I began to understand the importance of a mainly whole foods diet. I was living in Thailand at the time and cooking became one of my favourite pass times. I love how personalised cooking can be and how we have the ability we have to draw upon certain flavours to recreate a feeling or a memory. 

Question: What kind of food can people expect to find in this book?

Nourishing Whole foods. We have taken peoples favourite recipes and given them a healthy twist. Everything is packed full with flavour and simple to create at home.

Question: You lived in Thailand for many years, do you feel the kind of food you ate out there has influenced the recipes in this book?

I definitely have a taste for Asian flavours and this is noticeable throughout the book. There are several recipes in the book whereby I draw heavily upon my time living in Thailand. I had to be careful to not get carried away with chillies as I love spicy food but forget not everyone likes a numb tongue when they eat!

V-gang crew: Jon, Tim and Millee

V-gang crew: Jon, Tim and Millee

This book mainly contains gluten-free recipes. Why did you decide to make this a key feature of the book?

In 2009, I discovered that I had quite a severe intolerance to gluten so since then have been living gluten free. I don’t necessarily think gluten is bad it is just something I personally cannot consume. There is one recipe in the ebook that contains gluten which is our Banana Bread. I tried out several variations with gluten free alternatives however after some thorough taste testing in our house Tim and Jon decided the version with whole wheat flour was the best.

Question: What are your hopes and dreams for this book?

To inspire people to get in the kitchen and create simple, delicious vegan food for not only themselves but for those around them. 

We'd like to thank Millee for taking time out to chat to us about the launch of the book. You can purchase the book here today!

The Ethics and Antics crew will be joining us at this year's Vevolution festival. Get your tickets and today and meet the #Vgang this November