The UK's Largest Vegan Restaurant Erpingham House Opens Investment Round

Loui Blake, Co-Founder of Erpingham House at Vevolution Festival 2019

Loui Blake, Co-Founder of Erpingham House at Vevolution Festival 2019

Today (3rd October 2019), the UK’s largest vegan restaurant Erpingham House has opened the investment round on Crowdcube for their second site in the UK’s vegan food capital Brighton.

The restaurant in spearheaded by our good friend Loui Blake who has been with Vevolution every step of the way in growing the plant-powered movement.

Making vegan choices when eating out has never been easier but for us nothing beats eating out at fully vegan restaurants run by plant-powered entrepreneurs like Loui.

We’ve put some of our money into this Crowdcube campaign because we believe Loui to be one of the UK’s standout plant-based entrepreneurs.

He has demonstrated an incredible vision to pull off the first Erpingham House site and we know the untold dedication and long hours he has worked to make it a success.

We believe that this next phase of Erpingham House is going to be very exciting and we invite to check out the Crowdcube campaign and consider supporting Loui and joining us as shareholders in this exciting startup.

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