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New Film VEGAN 2016 Released by Plant-Based News

VEGAN 2016- The Film: A Movement Under Attack

2016 saw veganism continue to rise in public consciousness. We had tonnes of new vegan products launching, huge animal rights marches and a huge wave of cultural influencers choosing to live a vegan life.

Festivals and conferences like ours saw record attendances. Put simply there has never been easier time to be vegan.

This week our friend the film-maker and journalist Klaus Mitchell of Plant-Based News has just released his new film VEGAN 2016. The film takes a close look at the big vegan events of 2016 and examines the role the media play in shaping peoples perceptions of the vegan movement.

Klaus Mitchell of Plant-Based News speaking at Vevolution 2016

Klaus Mitchell of Plant-Based News speaking at Vevolution 2016

This film is a must watch! It reveals the exciting times ahead for veganism as a social change movement. Whilst making it clear their are significant challenges to overcome if we are going to make veganism the world diet of choice.

2017 is going to be incredibly exciting for anyone interested in veganism. Watch this film and follow Plant-Based News in 2017 as they continue to disrupt the conventional narrative.