plant based couples

Plant Based Business: Interview with Vevolution Founders, Judy and Damien

If you want to find out more about the kick-ass power couple that are responsible for putting on events like She Loves Plants, Vevolution Festival, and many more, keep on reading!

Plant Based Business: Interview with Co-Founders of Johnson Resolutions

We caught up with this dynamic duo ahead of their bootcamp appearance, and asked them a few questions about Johnson Resolutions.

Vevolution Wedding Series: Interview With Bee's Bakery

We’re designing  a vegan, carbon neutral and sustainable wedding cake with genius chef Bee from @beesbakery

Vevolution Are Getting Married!

We have been busy bees at the Vevolution HQ. We’ve not only been planning all of our amazing Vevolution events, but Judy and Damien have also been planning a very special event… their wedding!