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World Vegan Day 2017 - Moments That Defined This Year


It's World Vegan Day 2017 and a time for the vegan movement around the world to celebrate achievements and look to the future. 

Below our Founders Damien and Judy share their views on some on the moments that defined veganism in 2017.

Mainstream Restaurants Putting Veganism On The Menu (Kinda)

2017 has seen chain restaurants get involved in the plant-based revolution in a big way. Recently the likes of The Diner, Wagamama and Carluccio's have started promoting veganism heavily. Joining over 21 high-street chains in offering vegan options.

This said there is still room for improvements. Most chain restaurants require people wanting vegan options to request a special menu treating veganism like it is some kind of allergy. At Vevolution we believe it won't be long before plant-based options are front and centre of most restaurants main menu. 

Our friends at Bright Zine recently wrote a great article on the high street vegan revolution which you should all check out for a more in-depth look at what is happening.

Game Changing Films: OKJA, What The Health, Carnage

It was tears we experienced when we watching OKJA, laughter when we saw Carnage and shock and sadness when we saw the documentary What The Health.

It has been incredibly interesting to see the likes of Netflix and The BBC invest in films with distinctly pro-vegan messaging. At Vevolution we see this as a sign that the mainstream consensus is that veganism is an emerging key issue of our time worthy of serious reflection and discussion. A sign of this was the Guardian newspaper recently coming out with a pro-vegan editorial stance, calling the movement: "high in moral fibre".

The success of these movies undoubtedly will see production companies continue to fund projects with vegan messages especially when it comes to productions with subtle subversive messaging like those found in OKJA and Carnage. 

Marching For Change

2017 has been the year of the march in the vegan world. London held The Official Animal Rights march followed by an even bigger pro vegan march in Israel which saw 10,000 people take to the streets.

Undoubtedly these marches will continue to grow in size as veganism becomes an increasingly popular in mainstream society.

The big question is will these marches be able to impact government policy makers? All great marches of the past had very clear goals and a pragmatic approach to achieving their aims. At the moment the vegan marches feel very passionate but perhaps lacking in pragmatism needed to influence politicians and business leaders. Time will tell...  

Photo credit: Bright Zine, SoapBox & Plant Based News

Investment Starts Pouring Into Vegan Startups

The world of investment has well and truly been cracked by vegan businesses in the UK. Plant-Based News, allplants, SpiceBox have announced they have raised rounds of funding. Whilst the likes of Vurger.co and Pomdoro E Basilico have raised huge rounds of funding on equity based crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. 

It has been exciting to see so many businesses raising rounds of funding. Crowdfunding platforms are enabling both ethical investors and people passionate about veganism to unite in order to give the world more vegan choices. We think this is certainly a good thing and something that looks set to continue in 2018.

It's also been exciting to see Tesco hire the incredibly talented chef Derek Sarno, as their Head Of Plant-Based Food Innovation. The future is definitely bright for those businesses wanting to meeting the growing demand for vegan food products. 

Vegan Events Continue To Educate And Inspire

As event organisers it has been amazing to witness the growth in people coming together to celebrate vegan food and thinkers. VegFest held another record breaking event in London and secured a huge new venue for Bristol VegFest. Vegan Life launched a incredibly successful event packing Alexandra Palace in London in the very first week of January. And the Vegan Campout saw thousands of people come together for a weekend of talks and food.  

Our very own Vevolution events have continued to prove popular and to date have held 7 sold out events with next month's Vevolution festival selling out over a month in advance of the event.

New events for next year that already have us excited are FITVELOVE and Our Vegan Weekend

We've got some exciting new plans we will be sharing with you regarding out 2018 events in the not too distant future. 

Of course we could talk about the plethora of celebrities who went vegan in 2017 but honestly that will happen every year from now on until the end of humanity. Because veganism is an unstoppable force, people are choosing to eat plants because it feels good not to eat animals. It's nice to do a bit to protect our beautiful planet for future generations and we want to live happier and more fulfilled lives and ditching animal products helps all of us all to do that. 

It's an exciting time to be at the heart of a movement for positive change but challenges lay ahead. The world is a murky place and it will be easy for the vegan movement get dragged down into the gutter. We need to all make the effort to ensure sure our intentions and actions remain above reproach.

Thank you to everyone who made it this far down the article. If you are vegan enjoy World Vegan Day and if you're not thanks for reading this article and perhaps give that veggie burger you've been meaning to try out a go. 

All Aboard The Vegan Express


Vevolution Founders Appear On The Our Hen House Podcast

Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel

Recently we were asked to come on the renowned Our Hen House podcast. It was a great honour and really exciting for both of us. 

For those who don't know Our Hen House is an award winning US based podcast interviewing vegan activists and thinkers. It has just entered its 7th year which in podcasting terms is ancient. What they have created so far can only be described as an incredible resource of knowledge for future generations.

In years to come when we reflect on the history of this movement and how it grew I am certain people will look to Our Hen House podcast for a roadmap of the people who were working to create a vegan world.

We appear in the second half of the podcast. We loved speaking with the inspiring author and podcast co-host Jasmin Singer who also serves as the lead editor of VegNews. 

About a year ago I listened to Jasmin on the Rich Roll Podcast and was inspired by her story. I remember thinking perhaps some day out paths will cross. So I am really happy that we managed do this interview and we can't wait for Jasmin to visit the UK so we can show her this amazing community emerging here. 

Our interview is from about minute 57 in the podcast :-) 

Make sure you go and subscribe to the podcast over on i-tunes

Watch Over 25 Talks From Leading Vegan Thinkers

A huge part of what we do here at Vevolution is film talks from the most inspiring vegans. We now have 25 full talks available for you to watch. Simply visit the video section of our website and get watching.

Why More Londoners Are Going Vegan Than Ever Before

V is for Veg!

V is for Veg!

Last week we were featured in an article in TimeOut London called: Never mind the burgers: why more Londoners are going vegan than ever before.

For the article TimeOut reporter James Manning followed a vegan diet for a week and asked us some questions about the rise of veganism in the UK. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to talk about veganism in our home city. It has been a pleasure to play a tiny part in helping the vegan community here grow and thrive over the past few years.

We have to say that we didn't agree with the part in the article stating that veganism can cost up to an extra £2000.00 a year. We did mention this to the TimeOut guys who have since linked to Plant-Based News article on this subject.

Personally we find that following a vegan diet is affordable. We are part of our local organic veg bag scheme Organic Lea, this  enables us to eat a large bag of organic vegetables for £16 per week.

Other ways we try to keep food costs down is by purchasing Sainsbury's own range organic products which are cheaper than 'brand' goods. And minimising food waste by making big curries and soups which we can freeze.

Although with amazing restaurants opening all the time in London it is tempting to eat out a lot. Just this week Club Mexicana open their permanent home at Pamela's in Dalston, London.  We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview last week and they have really taken their food to the next level with their new dishes.

Club Mexicana's, fried chicken at their new home Pamela's in Dalston

Club Mexicana's, fried chicken at their new home Pamela's in Dalston

On a slightly different note a record number people are taking part in Veganuary (56,000) and Vegan Life Live was a huge success. I am pretty sure any other exhibition a part from a vegan one would have been dead in the first weekend during January.

Vevolution Co-Founder, Damien Clarkson, speaking at Vegan Life Live

Vevolution Co-Founder, Damien Clarkson, speaking at Vegan Life Live

The popularity of vegan restaurants and events show the state of veganism right now, people are excited by this movement. I don't know about you but to us at Vevolution it feels like together we are shaping a new food culture for the world.

Join us at Vevolution Topics this February

Speaking of creating food cultures for the a new world. That is exactly what we will be talking about at our first event of the year Vevolution Food Innovation taking place in Hackney at The Trampery on the evening of the 7th February.

We have a fantastic line-up of speakers with Bosh! Made In Hackney, allplants and Club Mexicana joining us to share their wisdom.

Tickets are on sale for only £10.00 now and are selling fast. Get your's today to ensure you don't miss out.

And if that isn't enough to convince you we need to change things. Listen to some wise words from rapper and poet Tupac Shakur.

"It's time for us as a people to start making some changes. Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live and let's change the way we treat each other" - Tupac Shakur, Changes. 

The vegan cold war has started!

What does it take to break a culture?

Veganism is on the rise but not everyone is happy about it.

Veganism is on the rise but not everyone is happy about it.

Today Vevolution founder Damien Clarkson published a blog on the Huffington Post called 'The vegan cold war has started'. The blog explores how some sections of big businesses and governments have quietly started waging a war against prominent vegan companies and veganism generally.

Read the article on the Huffington Post

Read the article on Medium (please recommend the article if you like it on Medium)

As well as being the founder of Vevolution, Damien run's a creative agency called the Growing Box who recently co-created the short documentary on antibiotic resistance called SWINE.

Damien (pictured) co-created the short documentary SWINE in partnership with Viva and Robbie Lockie

Damien (pictured) co-created the short documentary SWINE in partnership with Viva and Robbie Lockie

Damien will be your host on the main stage at Vevolution and will be giving a talk about how we can grow veganism a social justice movement.

Subscribe to Damien's YouTube as well for occasional videos