What Was Your Favourite Thing About Vevolution Festival 2018?


There’s less than 6 weeks to go until this year’s festival!

As the big day is really closing in, the team have been doing some reminiscing on the 2018 festival (which was actually our first event that we worked at together as a team)! Keep reading to find out what all of us love best about this annual celebration of plant-powered positive change…

“What was your favourite part about Vevolution Festival 2018?”

Judy: I love the energy of these events there are always incredible partnerships and connections that come from every Vevolution. In these times where we spend so much time online staring at screens people are craving real life interactions. When people come to Vevolution with visions of how they would like to see the future it really does feel like collectively we can change the world.

Judy’s Favourite Talk:

Damien: People travel from all across the world to attend Vevolution. Every year people come up to us and tell us their Vevolution story, it might be how they made friends, how they got inspired, or how they created a business. We always walk away from these events on an incredible high, they make all the hard work and planning worthwhile.

Damien’s Favourite Talk:

Rachel: The interaction, great conversations, and the fact you get to meet heaps of new people who are all striving and driving positive change!

Rachel’s Favourite Talk:

Jenny: It was my first ever Vevolution Festival, AND my first ever time working at an event. Everything was so new and exciting to me, so it's hard to choose just one thing! But I think perhaps the sense of community throughout the whole event and meeting lots of new people is my favourite part (also, the breakfast was AMAZING).

Jenny’s Favourite Talk:


Vevolution Festival 2019 is the ultimate celebration of the plant-powered movement where we showcase stories and ideas from people changing the world. This year’s festival will be the biggest line-up that we’ve ever put together! Come along to hear from the likes of Derek Sarno, Jenny Mustard, BOSH, and so many more.