The Results Are In! The Best Plant Milk Is...


First of all, happy World Plant Milk Day! We hope you’re intending to treat yourself with ALL the dairy-free ice-creams, coffees and milkshakes!

On the run up to this special day, we decided to pop some polls up on our social media to ask our followers what plant milk they like best.

So, the results are finally in, and the champion is…

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 12.18.53.png


With the huge success of Oatly lately, it’s no surprise that oat milk has won this time round!

Source: Plant Based News

Source: Plant Based News

World Plant Milk Day

Here are some interesting articles to share today about the rise of plant milks:

Big losses for dairy giant as plant milk popularity increase.

Vegan milk sales grow by 6% as dairy sales drop by 3%, data shows.

Milk sales drop 40% in Bangladesh as consumers fear antibiotics.

Global plant milk market set for rapid growth.

Non-dairy milk alternatives are experiencing a ‘holy cow!’ moment.

If you’re already a plant milk connoisseur, then please spread the word about the World Plant Milk Day 7-Day Dairy-Free Challenge! It’s a week-long initiative which helps individuals get started on the dairy-free journey.