Will You Be Going Dairy-Free For World Plant Milk Day?

(Source: Plant Based News)

(Source: Plant Based News)

Did you know that 23% of Brits now use plant-based milk?

In 2018, cow’s milk still made up the majority of milk sales, but it’s no secret that people are fast realising that dairy is truly scary! 

One of the reasons that people are swapping cow’s milk for vegan alternatives, is because of special campaigns like World Plant Milk Day.

Plant Based News started this day up back in 2017, and and since then it has attracted the attention of millions of people around the world. 

Together, Plant Based News and ProVeg are on a mission to save animals, the planet, and to prove to people that there is a plant milk out there that will suit your taste buds. From oat, and hazelnut, to soya and almond… If you’ve only tried one plant milk, you certainly can’t judge them all!

If you have already made the change and ditched dairy, then you can help by spreading the message. Share the World Plant Milk Day challenge, download the shareable media from their website, ask local coffee shops to get involved etc.