Inspiring Entrepreneurs Gather At The Annual Plant Based Business Bootcamp


Last Saturday, entrepreneurs from far and wide attended the annual Vevolution Plant Based Business Bootcamp.

The event took place in the picturesque LUSH Studio in Soho, as it did at the very first bootcamp last year. It’s such an inspiring space full of plants, natural lighting, and modern decor - the perfect setting for a day full of talking business, and planning the future!

Photographs from the day are now available on our Facebook page. If you didn’t attend, check out what you missed out on this time, and if you did attend, make sure to tag yourself!


Between the attendees, and the line-up, there were over 100 incredible people under one roof that all shared similar ambitions - to inspire and create positive change in the world.

People that spoke on the day, include: Loui Blake, Natalia Bojanic, Julian Hearn, Daniel Priestley, Lu Li, and Adam Biddle. Head over to the main event page to find out more about who was there on the day.

We were able to meet lots more of you, hear your stories, plans etc. And yet again, we left the bootcamp feeling so excited about the future of plant-based businesses.



We started off the morning with an epic breakfast feast from The Fields Beneath, which included fruit pots, croissants, and the best coffee ever.

We then took part in a morning energiser with Margot from Secret Sunrise London. This was honestly the ideal way to perk everyone up for the day - there was air guitar-ing, jogging around the room, stretching, and hugging!

After the energiser session broke the ice, we were ready to get stuck into the nitty gritty of the day. The speakers covered topics like investment, marketing, comms, self-care, branding and more.

The Fields Beneath put on yet another beautiful spread for lunch time, and everyone had plenty of time to network, and chat over some incredible grub.

Whilst the talks were happening, attendees could venture upstairs and take part in workshops, or one to one clinic sessions where they could learn from experienced entrepreneurs.



We are excited to reveal that from the start of September you will be able to access: filmed talks, audio workshops and other plant-based business resources, and they will be available for a small fee. So, if you enjoy watching our inspiring content on YouTube, and follow our social media, please do consider purchasing. You will be supporting the Vevolution team’s ability to work on future events, and keep on improving!

If you’re a plant-based entrepreneur, join our LinkedIn group and our group on Mobilize, where you can network with others, advertise what your business is doing etc. We love to hear from you all.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Vevolution Festival announcement. We always want to outdo ourselves with every event, and we’re working hard to make the festival extra special for everyone. We can’t wait!