6 Ways To Celebrate World Oceans Day

(Photo by Ant Rozetsky)

(Photo by Ant Rozetsky)

June 8th is World Oceans Day - a day dedicated to celebrating and honouring our oceans, AKA, the lungs of our planet. Days like this provide us with perfect opportunities to spread awareness on important topics, such as the impact humans are having on the oceans.

Today, we’re going to dive into why you should care about this special day, and how exactly you can celebrate on June 8th.

Did you know?

  • Our oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface.

  • Over 70% of our planet’s oxygen is produced by the ocean.

  • About 90% of the world’s total carbon content has settled to the bottom of the ocean.

  • Scientists estimate that at current rates of ocean warming and reef decline, most of the world’s coral reefs could be lost in the next few decades.

How To Celebrate World Oceans Day

Beach Clean Up

One of the most obvious ways to celebrate, and one of the most effective! Organise a beach clean up with your local community, or just do it alone, or with friends. Beach clean ups are not only beneficial for the ocean and the creatures living in it, but they’re also a great excuse to take a trip to the beach!

Start To Refuse Single Use Plastics

This tip is easier said than done, and we totally understand that reducing single-use plastics is a slow process. The best place to begin is purchasing a reusable drink bottles, reusable straws, and reusable cutlery (for when you’re out and about). Companies all around the world are rapidly adapting to the new age of conscious consumers, e.g. Waitrose is launching a packaging-free trial.

Consider Eating Less Fish

Overfishing is one of the biggest threats to marine ecosystems, and there is now estimated to be four times more global fishing capacity than there are fish left to catch. Try to reduce your consumption of fish, and whenever you do buy it, make an effort to buy sustainably caught fish and seafood.

Start Conversations

Bring up the topic of World Ocean’s Day to family and friends - particularly individuals that likely wouldn’t know what the day is all about. This is the perfect time to be spreading knowledge and awareness on so many important topics to do with our planet. You could also start conversations on social media, or your own blog.


We could list countless deserving charities that are doing brilliant things for our ocean, but here are just a few: Marine Conservation Society, Sea Shepherd, and Greenpeace.

Watch A Documentary

There are so many wonderful documentaries that celebrate the beauty of our ocean, as well as shine light on how it needs our help, such as, The Blue Planet, and Mission Blue. Also, watch out for the Seaspiracy film that’s coming soon!