The World's Most Ethical Pub: Interview With The Green Vic Founder, Randy Rampersand


“However thats the risk I’m willing to take to put the planet over profits.”

Friend of Vevolution, and founder of The Better World Group, Randy Rampersand, is opening up the world’s most ethical pub in Shoreditch this month! The ultimate goal for The Green Vic is to be a pub that has a positive impact on society and the environment. We think this is such an admirable business plan, and cannot wait for it to open up on the 20th of June so we can go for a drink, and some great vegan food!

We caught up with Randy, and asked him a few questions about his new and inspiring venture. He also shared his knowledge and experience about what it’s like to start an ethical business. Check it all out below!

Can you tell us a bit more about The Green Vic?

This is my explainer video, which perfectly sums up what the pub is all about and what we’re trying to achieve.

What was the inspiration for this new venture?

I was trying to thinking of ways of raising money to go and help kids in Africa.

At our cricket club we love a drink, so I thought why not put a beer, cider and bottle of wine behind the bar and all the money from that will go toward those kids in Africa.

So I started googling charity/social enterprise pubs as I thought there must one nearby that I can get the drinks from and save me doing the leg work but thats when I actually realised there was a gap in the market.

But if was going to run my own business, I wanted to see if it was possible to make it ethical in everything we do, so we don’t further harm the planet. After a lot of research I managed to find suppliers for pretty much everything but they are a lot more expensive, however thats the risk I’m willing to take to put the planet over profits.

What makes The Green Vic stand out from other pubs?

Mostly employing the homeless, only using ethical suppliers for everything and donating money to local charities (everything in the video really)

Can you name some of the vegan brands that you’re working with?

The Green Grill are doing our food, and we have a vegan accountant, too.


“The the ethical community is awesome, full of like minded people who just want you to succeed and will support you in a number of areas for no financial gain.”

Will The Green Vic be supporting the local community in some way?

Absolutely, that was one of my main goals for the pub. We’re giving a portion of our profits to Hackney Foodbank who are a 10 minute walk from the pub and they want to end hunger and poverty on the streets of Hackney, our doorstep!

We also have a “charity of the week” (local and regional charities) where we help raise awareness and money for them from our Tuesday night quiz night, charity cocktail where £1 from each sale goes straight to the charity and our Better World Brunch where £5 from each ticket sales goes to them too.

Do you think advertising a pub as fully vegan alienates people, or do you think it will do the opposite?

You can’t please everyone and yes it will put some people off but I strongly believe that because we’re vegan and ethical it gives people more of a reason to choose us over other pubs and believe it will have the opposite effect because the ethical community are very passionate about making the world a better place, just like us.

Are you hoping to have a permanent site in London at some point?

That is the plan to ideally get investment after this 3 month pop up for a permanently location in London and then hopefully grow it nationwide in the future.

Have you come across any major difficulties with starting up an ethical pub?

Yes, with pretty much every decision I had to make regarding suppliers was a hurdle and extremely time consuming. They had to be ethical, which instantly reduced my choices but also, ideally a non profit or social enterprise that was relatively affordable too. So after a lot of googling I managed to find a supplier for the majority of everything in a pub.

What would be your top advice for someone wanting to start up an ethical business?

Do it! The the ethical community is awesome, full of like minded people who just want you to succeed and will support you in a number of areas for no financial gain.

It’s also extremely rewarding knowing that all your hard work is helping make the world a better place and to me, thats priceless.



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