Like A Boss: A Guide To Avoiding Burnout As An Entrepreneur

Credit: Austin Distel

Credit: Austin Distel

A popular Buzzfeed article titled ‘How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation’, explored how mundane, everyday tasks seem like a huge amount of effort for those who are burnt out. “That realization recast my recent struggles: Why can’t I get this mundane stuff done? Because I’m burned out. Why am I burned out? Because I’ve internalized the idea that I should be working all the time.”

Millennials, of course, aren’t the only generation that experience burnout - anyone can. It’s definitely is a term that is frequently thrown about by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are notorious for overworking themselves in order to reach their goals, and neglecting vital self-care practices.

What is ‘Burnout’?

Fundamentally, it’s a state of chronic stress. Someone who is burnt out is so physically or emotionally exhausted that they start to show symptoms such as insomnia, chronic fatigue, physical pain or ache, increased illness, etc. 

How To Avoid Burnout

Start The Day Right

Avoid checking emails and messages first thing in the morning. It’s important to set your intentions for the day, and having a morning ritual can be the perfect start. Whether your ritual is meditation and yoga, or just simply having breakfast without any distractions, your morning ritual is whatever works for you, and whatever sets your day up in the best way.

Take A Break

Taking a break is an obvious piece of advice that a lot of hard-workers certainly need to hear every now and then. Don’t just take a break from your work, take a break from being ‘connected’ and have a moment without your phone, laptop, etc. Breaks will undoubtedly make you more productive once you do get back into your work.

Credit: Johnson Wang

Credit: Johnson Wang

Build A Team

If you are in the right position to do so, you should really consider building a team. Vevolution are now a team of 4, but for a long time it was just Damien and Judy doing absolutely everything. It started to become difficult for Vevolution to grow as fast as it was capable of growing because Damien and Judy were having to focus on so many different tasks. Now we have a strong team, and all have our different focuses and areas of work - it’s amazing! Finding the perfect team members is easier said than done, but once you eventually find them, you will feel so much more supported and secure in your business.


Meditation is becoming more and more popular with entrepreneurs, and other individuals with demanding careers. Meditation can help with stress, improve your memory and focus, self-observation and more. If you feel like you don’t have time for meditation or mindfulness, then you are likely someone that needs to practice it the most!

Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

Have A Hobby

Try and find an activity that you enjoy which distances you from your business. Having a hobby freshens your mind, and is a way to be productive away from your career. Hobbies also open up opportunities to network with other people, learn new things, practice patience etc.


A Harvard study concluded that lack of sleep results in reduced efficiency and productivity, errors, and accidents. If a deadline is coming up, and you are in the flow of working, staying up late can seem all too irresistible, however, you should never underestimate the importance of a good nights sleep!

Spend Time With Friends

At Vevolution, we always advocate finding your tribe. Our events have such a friendly atmosphere, and we make sure that there is time for networking in between talks/activities. You might be surprised at how much more confident and motivated you feel once you have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to confide in, and hang out with. If you are yet to find your tribe, and wish to network with thought-leaders and compassionate people, you should definitely consider coming to one of our events! Click here for Emma Sinclair’s talk on building your own tribe at the 2018 Plant-Based Business Bootcamp.


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