Inspiring Plant-Powered Entrepreneurs On The Vevolution Podcast

BOSH at Vevolution Festival 2018

BOSH at Vevolution Festival 2018

Have you heard about the return of our annual Plant Based Business Bootcamp? It will be coming back for the 14th of July 2019, and we’ll be hosting it at LUSH Studios in Soho, London again. We hope to see some returning faces, and lots of new ones too! Remember to pre-register for the event, so you’re the first to know once we launch the tickets (which is very soon).

To celebrate this legendary return, the Vevolution team will be in full entrepreneurial mode up until the event comes around! Entrepreneurship and supporting ethical businesses is what’s at the heart of Vevolution, thus we hope that our upcoming content is helpful to all of you out there.

Today, we’re presenting you with a good old mixture of inspiring talks by wonderful entrepreneurs on The Vevolution Podcast.



At Vevolution Topics: Effective Advocacy, Gavin Fernback told us a little bit about how he became a vegan advocate, and his journey to being more successful with his advocacy. Gavin is the founder of London coffee shop, The Fields Beneath, which is now 100% plant-based.

Check out the podcast here.



At the Plant Based Business Bootcamp 2018, Adam Biddle talked about how to build a brand on social media, and explained the art of social media communication. Adam Biddle is an entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of media since 2009. He is the CEO and co-founder of GH05T, a content production agency.

Check out the podcast here.



At Vevolution Festival 2018, In Conversation With King hosted by Claira Hermet delved into the world of the talented King Cook. The King CookDaily restaurant has been instrumental in helping to change peoples perception of vegan food in London. Claira spoke to King about his extraordinary career, what inspired him to transform the face of vegan food, and what is next for his food revolution.

Check out the podcast here.



At Vevolution Topics: Effective Advocacy, Laura Callan spoke about Bright Zine, and how her magazine aims to inspire people to live more ethically. Laura is the founder of Bright Zine, and through the success of this publication she has been able to open up The Bright Store - a vegan coffee shop and ethical lifestyle store in East London.

Check out the podcast here.


At the Plant Based Business Bootcamp 2018, Emma Sinclair spoke about building tribes in order to grow your business and gain success. Emma is a serial entrepreneur, and the youngest person to float a company on the London Stock Exchange. She is the co-founder of EnterpriseAlumni, as well as a journalist. 

Check out the podcast here.



At Vevolution Festival 2018, Loui Blake spoke about how to build a community around a shared goal, and how to utilise social media as an entrepreneur. Loui runs two plant-based restaurants, Kalifornia Kitchen (two locations around London) and Erpingham House. He is also the founder of Tribe Creative Agency.

Check out the podcast here.



At the Plant Based Business Bootcamp 2018, we hosted an Ethics + Business panel which explored the truth about creating ethical businesses. Panelists included: Damien Clarkson (Vevolution co-founder), Amber Fraser + Seb Sokol (Founders of BRAVE), Mike Hill (Founder of One Planet Pizza) and Jenny Carlyle (Strategic HR Officer at Suma). 

Check out the podcast here.



To celebrate the return of our Plant Based Business Bootcamp, we have made a selection from the 2018 talks available to watch - for free. All you have to do is pre-register for this year’s event using the link below!