Vevolution Are Getting Married!


We have been busy bees at the Vevolution HQ, as we’ve not only been planning all of our amazing Vevolution events, we (Judy & Damien - Founders of Vevolution) have also been planning a very special event - our wedding!

When we first started planning we naively thought it would be a breeze to organise this wedding. I mean, we plan events all the time with Vevolution, so what could be so different!? Well… Were we in for a surprise!

Planning our Vevolution events (of course) takes a lot of hard work, but with over 10 years of event experience, I (Judy) thought planning a wedding would be pretty similar. In many ways, it is - the scheduling, dealing with suppliers, budgets etc. - but there is so much more that goes into planning a wedding that I was not prepared for.

We have both learnt a great deal while planning this wedding, and what we have realised is that the wedding world still has a lot of catching up to do in regards to vegan wedding planning.

So keeping inline with what Vevolution’s mission is - to spread plant-powered education and inspiration - we are creating a wedding blog series where we can share our learnings, insight, challenges and a list of amazing suppliers and people we have met on this wedding journey.

Our wedding is next week on Thursday 30th May, thus, we will split this series into 5 parts which will reflect on our wedding.

We hope this series will help future couples plan their plant-powered wedding with a little more ease and less stress, and will also give you insightful and real tips, tools and inspiration.

Our Vevolution Wedding Series Includes:


1. Interview With

Bee’s Bakery

In this blog, we interview plant-based baker Bee, Founder of Bee’s Bakery, and who is making our wedding cake.


2. What Is A Vegan Wedding

Why planning a vegan wedding is different to any other wedding. We share our insight & tips.


3. Wedding Dress & Suit

We will give you insight into what makes a wedding dress and suit vegan & where to go to find them.


4. Supplier Highlights

Highlights of our favourite suppliers and a link to a larger supplier list that will be free to download.


5. Wedding Reflections

We will share our final thoughts and any post wedding feedback.