How To Get More Active As An Environmentalist Ft. Extinction Rebellion

Source: @thelightscaper / Tomm Morton

Source: @thelightscaper / Tomm Morton

Watching other people fighting for positive environmental change is a sure-fire way to feel the urge to do the same. But what if you’ve never been an activist before? Where do you start?

The Vevolution team are going to be sharing some of our top tips to starting out and getting more active as an environmentalist. We also have some great advice from Jess Lichtenstern from Extinction Rebellion below, too.

Also, Vevolution Topics: Environment is coming up this week, and we have a fantastic line-up of speakers (including members from Greenpeace & Extinction Rebellion) that will be able to answer all your environment-related questions. We can’t wait!

Source: YouthStrike4Climate

Source: YouthStrike4Climate

Our Top Tips:

Make sure you know your stuff before declaring yourself an environmental activist. Follow organisations (such as Greenpeace), watch documentaries (like Our Planet) and keep up with the latest news.

You can join environmental action groups like Extinction Rebellion. This is such a great way to meet like-minded individuals, and learn more about the environmental movement.

Everyone has a talent, whether it’s speaking in public, creating art, singing, acting etc. Watch Laura Callan, founder of BRIGHT zine, talk about creative activism.

Sign petitions and keep up to date with the latest protests to get involved in. Peaceful, non-violent protests and marches can be an amazing way to educate the masses.

As amazing as all of these actions are, simple everyday efforts shouldn’t be overlooked. Small lifestyle changes, such as, litter picking, and eating and shopping sustainably are just as important as campaigning and protesting!

Jess on the Environment & Low Impact Panel at She Loves Plants

Jess on the Environment & Low Impact Panel at She Loves Plants


Jess Lichtenstern, Extinction Rebellion member, gives her advice:

“Environmental activism is about more than personal choice. It's about recognising that the system we live in is toxic - that it's the governments and corporations who must be made to take responsibility for their actions as they are the ones destroying this beautiful planet. As activists we must tell the truth about the climate crisis. We must be willing to receive criticism and be ignored or dismissed by those who do not support us. We must be strong, strong enough to do the right thing even when it goes against social norms and laws. And above all, we must be authentic to what we believe; living entirely in line with our values, no matter how hard it we find it. 

How to do this in practice? It's almost impossible to do alone, so start by finding a group of people to do it with. This could be within Extinction Rebellion, or perhaps you're interested in other movements or groups. But remember, the more of us that come together to work collaboratively to fight this issue, the more powerful we will be. So hold out your hand and open your heart to a new way of living and let's change this world together.”


Join us at Camden’s iconic Roundhouse venue for an afternoon of talks, and delicious plant-based food catered by The Fields Beneath.