15 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

(Source: Billy Huynh)

(Source: Billy Huynh)

Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement. The network works throughout the year to solve climate change, protect endangered species, end plastic pollution, and to educate.

This campaign makes you realise the impact of individuals when we all band together for one cause. We have seen this in recent environmental protests such as the School Strike For Climate, and Extinction Rebellion’s ongoing protest.  

Let’s carry on this amazing energy, and spend Earth Day the way it deserves to be celebrated!

Create Something

Art is one of the best and most enjoyable forms of activism. If you enjoy creating things, why not revolve the theme around Earth Day? Our amazing friend, Francesca Page did a talk at our Activism & Campaigning event and spoke about how she uses art as a form of activism.


You can even donate to the Earth Day organisation to further them in their work educating the population.

Watch Documentaries

A recent BBC documentary, Climate Change - The Facts, looks at the science of climate change, and potential solutions.

(Source: BBC)

(Source: BBC)

Start Your Low Impact Journey

If you’ve been meaning to reduce your carbon footprint, food waste, etc. you could slowly begin to make the change on Earth Day. What better time to start?!

Plant Seeds

Give back to the Earth by planting seeds in your garden, or buy some established plants at your local garden centre.

Join Extinction Rebellion

From the 15th of April, environmental action group Extinction Rebellion have been protesting in 5 iconic London locations. They have been blocking traffic, playing music, performing, and putting on a full-scale festival with amazing spirit. Check out their website to find out how to join.

(Source: Sarah Cresswell)

(Source: Sarah Cresswell)

Make A Social Media Post

It may seem small, but a social media post spreading awareness on Earth Day can be more effective than you think. Use the #EarthDay or #EarthDay2019 hashtag, and let your friends and family know what it’s all about!

Don’t Drive

Make an effort to reduce your emissions and see if you can go a whole day without driving anywhere. It’s probably easier than you think!

Try Zero Waste For The Day

How possible is it to create ZERO waste in today’s society? Follow some Instagram accounts like Sustainably Vegan and Max La Manna to find out how other people do it.

(Source: TalineGabriel)

(Source: TalineGabriel)

Spend The Day Outside

The best way to spend Earth Day… is with the Earth! Go out and have a picnic or go for a long walk in a green space. Let your brain recharge, and let the fresh air get your creative juices flowing.


Is there a local shelter, or animal rescue that you’ve been itching to join in with for a while, but never had the courage?

Litter Pick

Take a trip to the beach, or even just walk down the street with a bag and a pair of gloves and pick up any litter that you see. There is such a sense of achievement when you see how much progress you’ve made at the end of it.

(Source: kay_ska)

(Source: kay_ska)

Adopt An Animal

Biodiversity is so important for the Earth, and we are losing animals at a rapid rate. You can adopt some of the most endangered animals on the planet through the charity WWF.

Educate Yourself

Use the day to brush up on the topic of climate change, whether that’s reading, watching, or listening to a podcast.

Eat Vegan

Researchers at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce your carbon footprint from food by up to 73 per cent. If you aren’t already vegan, why not try it for a day?

(Source: Cacao_and_Cashews)

(Source: Cacao_and_Cashews)


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