IWD: Interview with Ruby Raut, Founder of WUKA


“I had a eureka moment... Why not create pants that also absorbs flow whilst being super comfortable?”

Ahead of her talk at She Loves Plants this Sunday, we asked WUKA founder, Ruby Raut, a few questions! If you didn’t already know WUKA is a multi-award winning reusable period underwear brand. Their products are leak free, hygienic and make your periods super comfortable. 

Find out how Ruby came up with this innovative and inspiring idea, and keep on reading to find out her period charity recommendations!

How did WUKA all begin?

It all started after my graduation from Open University in Environmental Science. I was very passionate about the subject and was determine to get a job in the field that I studied. Whilst in the process I joined a few charities and all of them worked in menstrual education and women empowerment. Whilst working with one of the charities, I volunteered to coordinate an 'environmenstrual' project in one of the high schools in St Albans. Speaking with the girls we found out that many girls were not aware of reusable menstrual products, they were just using what their family members used and the reusable options were very limited. I grew up in Nepal using Sari rags for my menstrual products, which was super 'sustainable', however, they were very uncomfortable and constantly failed. This led to me (and other girls like me) missing school - creating shame and embarrassment around periods. I told this story to the girls in St. Albans and while I was doing so, I had a eureka moment... Why not create pants that also absorbs flow whilst being super comfortable? And why not create a brand that gives a positive message about periods? Hence WUKA (Wake Up Kick Ass) period underwear was born.

What did you do before you came up with WUKA?

I have a passionate socialist and environmentalist all my life. My inspiration comes from my mom. 

Before WUKA I worked as a freelancer environmentalist project manager running my own innovative business called Food Waste Ninjas. It was funded by Sainsbury’s and rolled out in 12 schools in St Albans . The aim of the project was to reduce the huge amount of food waste going to landfill.

“WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass.”

Do you think there is a long way to go in terms of the world being more positive about periods? Have you seen an improvement since you have been running WUKA?

Absolutely, every day, every month and every year we are championing period positive. WUKA stands for Wake Up kick Ass and we are all about busting myths, taboos while creating the most eco-friendly and comfortable period underwear. 

How was your Kickstarter experience? Would you recommend it to others?

Absolutely amazing and super challenging but so worth it. From creating story, filming , writing a super convincing pitch to constant reaching out people, PR etc. it is a lot of work. Unlike other crowdfunding Kickstarter is you have to get fully funded to be able to use the fund. This is always challenging and pushes you to continuous marketing. 

But so worth it. It helps you become more creative.


“We will be a global product. WUKA will be accessible to every girl/woman in the world.”

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs wanting to do a Kickstarter?

Here is a blog we wrote what we learned from kickstarter and crowdfunding. 
What do you think the future holds for WUKA? 

We will be a global product. WUKA will be accessible to every girl/woman in the world. This is our biggest goal.

Could you tell us about any amazing charities you know of that focus on periods? 

Red box project who work at school . however, we believe the way to end period poverty is through education and smart and sustainable solution. 

Bloody good period is doing amazing to end period poverty in refugee community. 

Ecoella , is doing great work to end period poverty with more sustainable menstrual product in school and shelter homes. 



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