How To Keep Healthy Social Media Habits

(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

As Topics: Wellbeing is next weekend, we have been focusing on everything revolving around wellness and health. Our last blog post was on Self Care For The Self Employed, and in that post we discussed the importance of having a healthy relationship with social media in this modern society.

We have come up with a few simple ways to keep good social media habits. Have a read of them, and let us know which ones you already do!

Take Breaks

Simple, but effective! Taking breaks is essential to having a healthy relationship with almost everything. Not only is it good for your eyes to step away from social media for a while, but good for your mental wellbeing. Realise that you aren’t missing out on anything if you aren’t online, and stop thinking that all of your followers will disappear as soon as you log off. Once you learn to be more present, and start taking regular social media breaks, you’ll get used to it (and trust us, you will enjoy it).

Unfollow & Mute

Go on an unfollowing spree on all of your social media accounts, and be ruthless! Go through the list and unfollow (or mute) anyone that doesn’t spark inspiration, or that make you feel positive and happy. Unfollowing and muting people shouldn’t feel negative, instead, think of it as simply spring cleaning. Your social media feed should be a space curated especially for you, and it should be a space that motivates you rather than encourages jealousy and negativity.

Ask Yourself Why You’re Using Social Media

Are you using it for your business, or for work? Are you using it to motivate you in your career? Are you using it as inspiration for your hobbies? Or is it just for leisure? Asking yourself why you are using social media, and what you intend to get out of it, will help you figure out whether you really need it in your life or not.

Loui Blake talking about how social media helped grow his restaurant business

Set Limits

Instagram has a tool that alerts you once you’ve used it for a certain amount of time per day. Use that tool to your advantage, and set yourself limits of how long you can be online everyday. Particularly if you have trouble sleeping, make sure you don’t go on your phone until you’ve been awake for at least an hour, and don’t go on your phone an hour before you go to sleep. Also, why not practice digital detoxes when you’re spending time with family, friends, or your significant other?

Think Before You Share

Don’t use your social media accounts as ways to vent. If you need to expel anger, frustration or sadness, you should find the help that you need in the form of a professional or a loved one. It’s unhealthy to treat social media as a diary, and you might regret the things you say later on. Also, you should think twice before you share online because your words and opinions might be unnecessarily offending others.

Follow Accounts That Inspire You

Social media can be an amazing place for education, networking, and inspiration, if used properly. For example, on the Vevolution Instagram page we try to put out as much educational and inspirational content as we possibly can, spanning all the topics that revolve around a plant powered lifestyle. Fill your feed with people that you look up to, businesses that are doing inspiring things, and whatever makes you happy.