Amazing Plant-Powered People In The Health & Wellbeing Sphere

Zanna van Dijk at She Loves Plants

Zanna van Dijk at She Loves Plants

From our events, we have the pleasure of knowing individuals from all areas of the plant-powered world, from fitness gurus to entrepreneurs. One of our favourite parts of running Vevolution is knowing all of these inspiring people that are educating and empowering others on how to make positive change.

A huge area of the plant-powered world is health and wellbeing, which is why we ran Vevolution Topics: Health & Wellbeing in 2018.

Farah Orths


Farah Orths, also known as Farah Rising, is a yoga teacher and self-love blogger. She holds dance workshops, and spreads love and empowerment through social media. 

Harriet Emily


Harriet Emily is a Kundalini yoga teacher, sound healing therapist and plant based cook.

Roxanne Emery


Roxanne Emery is a songwriter who also spreads messages of self love and healing on her social media. She talks about her story of recovery, and motivates others to follow in her footsteps towards a life of happiness and wellness. 

Stephen Coote


Stephen Coote is one of the world’s leading authorities of vegan bodybuilding. He is also the founder of Rise Of The Vegan, where he writes about vegan fitness and nutrition. At our 2018 event, Vevolution Topics: Health & Wellbeing, he spoke about plant-based nutrition for optimum performance and health. 

Sarah Bentley


Sarah Bentley is a health activist, as well as the founder of community cookery school, Made In Hackney. Their focus is on healthy plant-based cooking, and making seasonal, nourishing food available to the wider community. 

Christina Daly


Christina Daly, also known as Holistic Baddie, is a holistic lifestyle coach, and entrepreneur. She spreads self love, healing and living authentically on her social media. 

Felix Price


Felix is a teacher of yoga, mindfulness and martial arts. He is the co-founder of Urban Avatars, a group that aims to teach and encourage a spiritual, empowering and healthy urban lifestyle . At Vevolution Topics: Health and Wellbeing 2017, he gave a talk on the power of spirituality. 

Melody Kane


Melody Kane is the founder of NoKaneNoGain, an exercise class that blends fitness, music and entertainment. On her social media, she talks about her health and wellbeing journey, and shows that she is seriously fitness goals! 

Claudia Grifoni

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 14.48.39.png

Claudia Cocci Grifoni is the co-founder of WAVE (The World Alternative Vegan Experience). WAVE strives to inspire people to eat mindfully, be open minded and live healthier for themselves and the planet. 

Zanna van Dijk


Zanna van Dijk is an Adidas global ambassador, and co-founder of sustainable swimwear brand, Stay Wild Swim. On social media, she frequently talks about body positivity, self love and fitness. 

Adam Stansbury

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Adam Stansbury is a vegan personal trainer, coach, and author. His mission is to show men and women how they can become fit and healthy on a plant-based diet, as well as make a huge impact on the world.

Patricia Bloj

Patricia Bloj is the founder of Metanoia Wellness, a company that coaches workplaces on wellbeing. The mission for Metanoia Wellness has been to empower people to change their behaviour and adopt healthy attitudes everyday.