Vevolution's Guide To: Self Care For The Self Employed

(Photo Credit: Anthony Tran)

(Photo Credit: Anthony Tran)

Modern society is fast, and so practicing self care is more important than ever.

It’s a lifestyle practice that is important for everyone. However, self-employed people can sometimes be at higher risk of overworking, and not allowing time to wind down.

Self care comes in many forms. It isn’t all candlelit baths, and skincare routines (although these are both great). Sometimes, self care can simply be rewarding yourself after a productive day, or tidying up your home or workspace. Your methods of self care might be completely different to the next person’s, it’s completely subjective.

Practicing self care starts with experimenting with what works for you. Once you’ve found your ideal methods of self care your personal life will be all the better for it - trust us!

Taking Time To Cook (And Eat)

At Vevolution Topics, Bettina Campolucci Bordi spoke about the importance of cooking to nourish yourself, and to unwind. Not only is cooking from scratch healthier than buying convenience foods, but it also allows you to spend time doing something for yourself, and take a break from work. Eating at the dinner table, without the distraction of the television, or your mobile phone, will allow you to be more mindful, and stop you from over eating, too.

Curate Your Social Media

(Photo Credit: Georgia de Lotz)

(Photo Credit: Georgia de Lotz)

Make social media a place of inspiration and use it as a tool to uplift and motivate you. Going on a social media purge through your followers is a self care tip that absolutely everyone should try out at least once. Follow people that make you smile, and unfollow people that make you feel guilty or unhappy. Surrounding yourself with people and things that make you happy is the epitome of self care.

Have A Routine

If you work from home, or don’t have a rigid working routine, it can be very easy to slip into habits of overworking, and thus allowing self care to take a back seat. Not everybody needs a strict routine, but having time constraints on how many hours you work is vital to achieving healthy wellbeing. Limit your working hours, and always leave time to schedule in leisurely activities like reading and spending time with family. Finding a routine that works is super beneficial for achieving that magical work to life balance.

Digital Detox

We now all know how damaging social media, and constant use of our technology can be to our mental health. There is no need to be constantly plugged in to all the news and happenings around the world, and there’s no need to compare yourself to all the people you see on Instagram. If you can, start limiting your phone use. Don’t go on your phone within the first hour that you wake up, and don’t go on your phone an hour before you fall asleep. Once that becomes easy, you can increase the limits to a point where you feel satisfied.

Leave Time For Your Hobbies

(Photo Credit: Roman Kraft)

(Photo Credit: Roman Kraft)

Even if your career involves your hobby in some form (for example, if your job involves writing and your passion is writing), you should still leave time to focus on it in a leisurely aspect. Make sure you have at least one hobby in your life that is away from your work, and that makes you happy. You should learn that not everything that you do in life has to be working towards your professional goals, you can spend time working on skills just because you enjoy them.

Get Dressed

Psychologically, what you see in the mirror matters, too. Although it is undeniably tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day, you might be surprised at how much more productive you are when you’re fully dressed and ready to take on the world. You’ll feel more prepared for last minute meetings, unexpected Skype calls… And even slightly less embarrassed when the post man delivers a package. We aren’t suggesting that you wear your best attire, but simply the act of taking off your pyjamas and throwing on clean clothing will hopefully make you feel more ready to dive into work.

Spend Time In Nature

(Photo Credit: Matt Jones)

(Photo Credit: Matt Jones)

Spending time in nature is quite a cliché act of self care that is always preached, but less commonly followed through with. There are so many ways that nature benefits us: it improves productivity, mental health, and more. Instead of watching television to wind down, why not go for a walk instead? Being in a green space can spark so much inspiration, decrease stress levels, and also encourages you to be mindful. Everyone should allow themselves time to reconnect with the beauty and peace of nature at least once a week, and you might even find that you want to do it more often than that.