Plant Hub Launch & Interview with Co-Founder, Lauren Lovatt

(Photo Credit: Plant Hub)

(Photo Credit: Plant Hub)

The Plant Hub is a dynamic, new plant based Culinary Academy and Kitchen coming to East London. We’ve visited the venue ourselves, and know that it’s going to be such a great space for aspiring chefs and foodies! The academy is alongside a plant based café and deli which together form a hub, a social space to eat, share learn and inspire.

The official launch for Plant Hub is this Friday, and they have partnered with Gung Ho, a London-based, ethical fashion brand. Ahead of the launch party, we had the opportunity to speak with Plant Hub co-founder, the hugely talented and inspiring, Lauren Lovatt.

Can you tell us a bit about Plant Hub?

The Plant Hub is a new plant based academy and kitchen in east london. All about inspiring a passion for plants. We run classes through the week, have a gluten free bakery, organic cafe and host supper clubs and events.

Founded by myself,  the fantastic David Bez, author of Salad Pride, and chef Antonio Alderuccio with the joint vision of reconnecting people with real ingredients and supporting individuals and entrepreneurs through building a community where we can all learn from the most inspiring chefs and foodies to empower the nation with the knowledge to make and enjoy more plant based food.

Why plant-based?

Food is so powerful. a way of nurturing our minds bodies and souls as well as a way to connect with others and potentially a way of finding purpose for yourself. Plant based food takes it to another level. For me plants enables me to turn my life around, rediscovering a whole new toolbox of ingredients and really connecting with food is so fantastic.

We know eating seasonally and including more plants does everyone some good and now with the huge surge in veganism we are here to help the plant curious experience tasty and nutritious food and feel confident to try new things.

All in all we just want everyone to enjoy plant food even more, be able to share the best knowledge, make plant based eating a bit more delicious and support sustainable ideas that can have a little impact on the world.

“We have a transparent nature - making cookery classes accessible to everyone.”

(Photo Credit: Plant Hub)

(Photo Credit: Plant Hub)

What do you think makes Plant Hub stand out against other culinary schools?

Being entirely vegan and gluten free there is nothing else like it. We have a transparent nature - making cookery classes accessible to everyone. We offer informal weekday and evening classes as well as longer classes for people who really want to learn how to make meaningful changes in their own lives or within their business.

We partner with the most amazing plant based chefs always offering hands on experiences. these classes fill the gaps we see in the market for really specialised and informative experiences where our students leave having a supportive community around them the thrive and develop what they hope to do.

What are your future goals for Plant Hub?

Our long term goal is to be recognised as a place of plant based excellence as a place that you go to eat and come to learn. We hope to be an incubator for start ups supporting individuals to start their own brands and support chefs to create vegan dishes for their menus.

In the future we hope to evolve our offer of classes as well as our core curriculum of Plant 123 we will be adding professional chef training programs and more advanced classes.

The vision is so be a place that can really support the plant based community to make meaningful connections, showcase their own things and make sustainable plant food accessible to all. 

In phase two of our projects we will be taking a bigger space toped a marketplace and co-working space so The Plant Hub really is a place putting plant power under one roof.

(Photo Credit: Plant Hub)

(Photo Credit: Plant Hub)

What is your favourite part about being a chef?

The creativity - I love to put things together, inspire people and nourish them. there really are endless possibilities and so much to learn both from classical techniques, international cuisines and change making individuals.

I love how food is so instant - you can have an idea, immediately execute it and get feedback. My days are so varied, there is so much inspiration, vibrancy and flavour to explore. The hands on and dynamic nature of being a chef is what makes it so exciting to me

“Connect with people, celebrate your peers and be true to what you believe in.”

What advice do you have for aspiring chefs?

Get as much experience as possible. be will to work night and day to make your dreams come true. Connect with people, celebrate your peers and be true to what you believe in.

I’ve been so lucky in my career to have met people that have led me to open and be involved in such exciting brands. I opened asparagus very early in my career, which happened through chance encounters, then working for PlantLab, again through sheer perseverance and passion and now this project again was very much being out there and sharing what I believe in.

(Photo Credit: Plant Hub)

(Photo Credit: Plant Hub)

How can people support/get involved with Plant Hub?

To support us, just come and check us out, eat and attend a class. Know that the space is open for hire and we are open to all sorts of collaborations.

People can come for lunch through the week we are open from 10 - 6 Tuesday - Sunday. Now after out first month of soft opening we are having a big party on the 22nd with the theme #foodforthought, where we celebrate the plant powered world and share everything we are planning. That weekend we have our first supper club on saturday 23rd and mini workshops on major topics through the weekend. these workshops are a fantastic taste of everything we are about - for just £10 you can come, make food together and get the Full Plant Hub Experience. 

From that weekend our full year program will be live and you will be the first to see what we have planned and have the opportunity to sign up.


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