A Chat With The Co-Founders Of The Vegan Larder


Vanessa, co-founder of The Vegan Larder, is one of Vevolution’s most valuable volunteers and she has been with us at every event since the very start. It’s so incredible to see Vanessa and Louise’s ethical vegan business thrive, and we are excited to have them guest post on our blog today.

Stick around, and read more below if you want to hear more about their vegan subscription box, and a bit about the inspirational founders! 

The Vegan Larder are an online shop and stunning seasonal recipe blog. We create delicious subscription boxes, gift boxes, and individual vegan products. We are a business making cooking, snacking and eating plant based exciting, healthy and easy.

Each cooking box is packed with delicious cooking helpers such as super sauces, special dipping oils, marinades and spice mixes, a sweet treat (sometimes two!), healthy snacks and something unexpected. All tried & tested by founders, business partners and friends, Louise and Vanessa!

“Yes, it’s a tough job tasting all the food!”

The start of 2019 has been great as we were listed Best Vegan Subscription Box by The Independent!

Founders of The Vegan Larder, Louise & Vanessa.

Founders of The Vegan Larder, Louise & Vanessa.

We have a range of boxes all available online. All boxes are palm oil free, have a gluten-free option and they use mostly smaller and independent businesses.

“We wanted to bring our ethics fully to the business. It’s about more than just not using animal products.”

We have a Deluxe monthly box (which all subscribers get and available as gifts), a Classic box (a little smaller than the Deluxe and at a lower price point), a Vegan Starter Kit, a Deluxe Chocolate box (perfect gift for any celebration) and a Snack and Pate box.

For new vegans trying Veganuary, or starting at any point of the year, we have a Vegan Starter Kit, full of all the cooking essentials and tasty treats.

The Vegan Starter Kit is our favourite box at the moment as we think sometimes it helps to go back to basics and get people ‘kitchen-ready’ for delicious plant based cooking. We love the idea of making starting the vegan journey super easy, and not looking at a recipe and worrying “what is a linseed egg?!”

“We wish we had this box in our cupboards when we first went vegan!”

So, how did it all begin?

The Vegan Larder started life as a recipe blog. After friends would comment on ingredients we used to create easy, fresh vegan recipes we both saw a gap in the market for a delivery box full of new ingredients and products aimed at making vegan cooking easy. Both of us still work full time, as The Vegan Larder business is still a new startup. So it’s a busy time for them both. Vanessa is a freelance Change and Engagement Consultant, and Louise is an experienced Marketing Manager.

“We choose suppliers who care deeply for the quality of their product & the health of their customer.”

What do we love most about running The Vegan Larder?

We love choosing products for our boxes; partly of course because it involves sampling lots of food! Their main focus is cooking, so we look for products that will make food and cooking more exciting. We have such a love for marinades, dips, spice mixes, dressings, sauces, and spreads. All these jazz up food, lift flavour and make cooking quicker and easier.  

One of our favourite things if for our customers to be excited and surprised by what’s in the box. In every box is a sheet which tells the customer about the product and the supplier, many of which have wonderful stories. For example, single parents making snacks for their children and turning it into a business, or family businesses who press their own olives for olive oil in Crete. We choose suppliers who care deeply for the quality of their product and the health of their customer, and are palm oil free and have gluten free options.

“I am so excited for where Vevolution is heading, and so excited to be a part of it.”

Vanessa has been a part of Vevolution since it started and has managed the stage and speakers from the first event in 2015. It has been such a pleasure and such fun to grow with Vevolution. What I love is the sense of community, lack of judgement and positivity for the future. I’ve made the most incredible, and lasting, connections from Vevolution. The feeling I get after an event of helping to positively inspire and influence so many people is just incredible. I am so excited for where Vevolution is heading, and so excited to be a part of it.

Both of us are very excited for 2019. We know it will be a big year for veganism, health, the planet and the animals. We will be continuing what we do best; creating cooking boxes filled with high quality, exciting food, and continuing to expand our offering of boxes. We’ve also got a few ideas to create some yummy and exciting cooking products of our own, which we can’t wait to share with you.



This January to celebrate the biggest ever Veganuary, Vevolution have partnered up with the team at by CHLOE. to deliver Topic Talks For Veganuary, a series of exclusive free-to-attend intimate events featuring some of the UK’s most inspiring plant-powered thought leaders.

These exclusive events will take place weekly at the by CHLOE restaurant in Tower Bridge and there are only 40 tickets available for each one.