‘So Vegan In 5’ Book Is Out Now


In their new book, ‘So Vegan in 5’, Roxy and Ben show you how to create over 100 simple vegan recipes with just 5 ingredients. This book is the perfect, go-to guide on how to eat more plants, easily and on a budget.

The pair have gained more than 1 million followers on Facebook, despite only launching ‘So Vegan’ just over two years ago! Their mission was to revolutionise the way we think about vegan food, and they truly are doing just that. It’s amazing to see these hard workers thrive in the ever-changing and progressing vegan movement.

This cook book is full of of exciting, low-cost and low-ingredient recipes that are quick to make. You can find breakfasts, light meals, classic dinners and indulgent desserts, plus much more.

The recipes are aimed towards all varieties of diets, not just vegan! So even if you’re a self-proclaimed carnivore, you won’t want to give this book a miss.

Before their appearance at Vevolution Festival 2018, we had the opportunity to ask Roxy & Ben a few questions about the new cookbook. Check out the quick interview below!

“hopefully it’s an example of how you can achieve something if you’re passionate and determined enough to see it through.”

Was publishing a cookbook a goal that you had both had, or did it come along later?

When we launched So Vegan, we had absolutely no idea where it would take us. But between us, we’ve always had the drive and ambition to go as far as we could and ‘So Vegan in 5’ is the next step in our journey. We’re so excited about sharing it with everyone and hopefully it’s an example of how you can achieve something if you’re passionate and determined enough to see it through.

What was your favourite part about creating your new cookbook?

Creating So Vegan in 5 was an unforgettable experience. There were times when we were testing up to 8 recipes in a single day during the middle of the summer heatwave. It was exhausting but thrilling at the same time. Our favourite part was probably shooting photographs for the cookbook, which involved inviting all of our friends to dinner and enjoying a feast of vegan food. All of our friends have been really supportive so it was great to get them involved in the book.

Do you have any other exciting plans for the future?

We have some very exciting plans to launch a new series of recipe videos, which we’ll be announcing soon! But for now, we’re focused on ‘So Vegan In 5’ and showing the world how easy it can be to eat more plants.



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