London Fashion Week Goes Fur-Free Fashion Forward

LA Fashion Designers Delikate Rayne Will Speak At Vevolution Festival 2018

LA Fashion Designers Delikate Rayne Will Speak At Vevolution Festival 2018

Things are really looking up for animals in 2018. Not only has London Fashion Week ditched fur in all of its shows, but also LA has just banned fur sales (by 2020) – making it the largest U.S. City to do so. London Fashion Week is the first major global fashion week to ditch fur, it is great to see the UK leading the way in changing the face of the fashion industry.   

We can’t wait to discuss the future of the fashion industry with our fantastic, fashion-forward guests at Vevolution Festival 2018 this November. We will be hearing a talk from LA fashion queens Meg and Komie from Delikate Rayne, Kristen Leo, Immy Lucas, Votch and more!

Designers go fur free

PETA Activists Celebrate London Fashion Week Going Fur Free (Photo Credit: PETA UK)

PETA Activists Celebrate London Fashion Week Going Fur Free (Photo Credit: PETA UK)

Many individual designers have gone fur free too, including Burberry, Gucci, and Versace, just to name a few. It’s particularly interesting to see Gucci taking the leap to go fur-free, seeing as one of their most popular products include a fur-lined slipper… 

Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, and Vivienne Westwood have actually been fur-free since 2007 – proving that this change has been a long time coming!

Of course, Stella McCartney has never used any fur, leather, or feathers in her clothing line; she has undeniably been a pioneer of luxury ethical fashion for almost two decades.  

Laura Way, founder of Votch, discussing vegan leather and the future of fashion at Vevolution Topics Ethical Fashion 2017.

The difference between real and faux

It’s amazing to see companies so high up in the fashion world making compassionate choices, and doing what’s best for animals. It seems as if people are waking up and realising that we now have the technology to create realistic fur, without the need for animals. Real fur is becoming obsolete. 

Faux fur is made using synthetic fibres, and although it looks and feels real, there are ways to tell that it’s not. It can be handy to identify real fur, as there have been some instances where real is mislabelled as faux. If you look closely, you can see that the tips of faux fur are blunt (due to being trimmed during manufacturing), whereas the tips of real animal fur have pointy ends that taper. 

Faux is on trend

Faux fur seems to be attracting the attention of celebrities as well as designers, too. Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram photo of her wearing a faux fur coat, announcing that faux is her new ‘thing’. Considering she has over 100 million followers, that’s a pretty big deal! 

Congratulations London and LA! Let’s keep the conversation going, and encourage other parts of the world to follow in their compassionate footsteps. In a few years time, using animal products for clothing will seem like a distant memory!


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