Attendees From Around The World Flock To The Inaugural Plant-Based Business Bootcamp

Ethics Panel At The Plant Based Business Bootcamp

Last Saturday attendees from all over the world attended the inaugural Vevolution Plant-Based Business Bootcamp delivered in partnership with our friends at BRIGHT.

We hosted the event at the stunning LUSH Studios in Soho, London. We love LUSH they are pioneers of conscious business that gives back to communities and supports the environment. So for us to bring together leading ethical entrepreneurs at LUSH was a dream come true. 

The feedback has been nothing short of overwhelming. It really showed us the need for the plant-based business community coming together to learn from each other. When we got together to discuss creating this event both we all strongly felt that we wanted to create the event that we wish existed when we had started our businesses.

Pictures from the day are now available online on our Facebook gallery. Check out what went on and if you attended please tag yourself. View The Plant-Based Business Bootcamp gallery.

We have decided to create an open Mobilize community for plant-based entrepreneurs to join. We want to keep the discussion from this event going and talk to more entrepreneurs in the plant-based world. Our mission is to connect and support you all.

Join the community for free to connect with other entrepreneurs.

In discussion at the Plant Based Business Bootcamp

Always Be Innovating 

The focus of the day was helping early stage businesses thrive. The talks and panels varied and discussed everything from raising investment for startups to self-care, digital marketing, ethics in business, and public speaking. If you are curious pop over to our line-up page and see what was on offer

It is really hard to summarise takeaways for anyone who did not attend. One thing both myself and Judy know to be true is that entrepreneurship is really hard. There is very little security and long hours, most small businesses fail. We want to change that.

It really felt that at the Plant-Based Business Bootcamp people were sharing essential skills to help businesses thrive and the entrepreneurs in attendance were sharing stories with each other and us.

Self care and wellness expert Chloe Brotheridge (pictured right) during on of the one on one clinic sessions.

Self care and wellness expert Chloe Brotheridge (pictured right) during on of the one on one clinic sessions.

Future Plant-Based Business Bootcamps

We've already received lots of messages from attendees and people watching online asking about the next Plant-Based Business Bootcamp. We have no fixed date for this yet but as soon as we do we will let everyone know. Honestly it has been lovely and very humbling to hear all the feedback from Saturday.

Look out for podcasts, videos and the usual content we capture at our events and that we share freely with you guys. Head over to to keep any eye on what we are publishing.

Below is an inspiring talk from food entrepreneurs The Happy Pear from Vevolution Festival 2017 - keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement about the upcoming Vevolution Festival 2018 - it is going to be bigger and better than ever before.