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Greenpeade Release Landmark Report Less Is More

Greenpeade Release Landmark Report Less Is More

Yesterday something big happened. Greenpeace released a landmark report called Less Is More calling on the planet to cut consumption of meat and dairy by 50% by 2050. This is big! It represents the latest step in getting reduction of animal agriculture accepted as one of the main pathways for slowing down climate change. 

Speaking from first hand experience it wasn't long ago that raising the idea of serious reduction of animal agriculture to tackle climate change was treated by big environmental organisations as a non-starter.


I think great credit should go to Greenpeace for recognising they could do more as an organisation on this front and stepping up to the challenge. 

We are at a really interesting intersection in our attempts to slow down climate change. We are seeing the mainstream environmental movement increasingly accept reducing global meat and dairy consumption as a credible way to slow down climate change.

This coupled with the emergence of a circular economy where people and entrepreneurs are developing new ways to re-inventing, stretching and re-imaging new more environmentally friendly systems of consumption. This new economy can help us develop a more sustainable and creative way of living on this planet that protects future generations. 

Over the coming years as we re-imagine our global systems of consumption there is great potential for entrepreneurs to work with environmental organisations - who understand the man-made stresses on natural resources and how that has impacted people across the world affected by climate change. Together we can develop solutions for a more sustainable way to live on the planet.

Come And Be Part Of The Solution At Vevolution Topics: Environment

Jack Harries and Greenpeace
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Next month we are launching a brand new event for 2018 Vevolution Topics: Environment - it is taking place at The Trampery in London on the 10th April 2018.

On the evening you will hear from outstanding documentary film-makers, leading entrepreneurs and environmental activists. These represent the new vanguard of people working to transform outdated business practices and make us believe a more positive vision of the future is possible.

Speakers on the night will be:

Jack Harries: Documentary photographer and film-maker 
Sophia Lysaczenko: Outreach team at Greenpeace
Paul Brown: Founder of BOL
Laura Boyes: Founder of Hetu

Come and join us and get inspired about we can create a better world.