The Race To Zero: Reshaping The Way We Consume


In the lead up to Vevolution Topics: Environment there will be guest blogs, interviews and articles from us looking at all the innovations happening in the environmental world. 

To start us off our Co-Founder Damien talks about the new creations to help reduce the amount of plastics consumed and how at Vevolution we are trying to become better advocates.

Just last week another huge island of plastic waste was found floating in the oceans. Non-renewable single use plastic has been out of control for a long time - with a country like the UK using 13 billion single use plastic bottles a year. 

Re-designing the way we create products and deliver services is painstaking work and will take a shift in cultural thinking mixed with major government regulation and innovation from business.

This is something we are grappling with here at Vevolution, we've found that recycling in venues isn't commonplace and is something we have on occasion had to implement ourselves. 

We are on a journey with this. To-date we have brought plastic bottles of water for speakers. Yet, we provide free non plastic plant-based disposable cups and free tap water at all our events. 

Whilst we have had nice conversations with manufacturers of products that help with waste reduction. Support on getting these brands involved in Vevolution events hasn't been particularly forthcoming. 

We are super keen to work with brands wanting to support us in becoming a more sustainable company, so if you are interested please get in-touch.

We want to do more. Ideas we have had are to do the following:

  • Sell KeepCups, reusable cultery or similar product along with the Vevolution Festival ticket 

  • Get retailers only to use plant-based packaging solutions. What we have found that a lot of street food businesses use tin foil, so this presents a challenge

  • Create more water stations at events and give speakers reusable bottles to takeaway

It's About Cultural Education

Look, this challenge is huge. Like with creating a plant-based world we need to make steps in the right direction and momentum is with us. Finally government and businesses seem ready to act! 

This is a discussion we will be having at Vevolution Topics: Environment on 10th April - we have environmentalists and leading business people discussing how we reverse decades of throwaway culture and develop practical solutions to re-shape how we collectively treat the planet.

Waste Less Projects And People That Inspire Us:

S'well - Sustainable And Stylish Water Bottle


S'well make sustainable and stylish water-bottles. The Founder Sarah Kauss, had the idea to create an effective and chic water bottle. Fortune created this great profile on the founder here which is well worth a read.

Ooho - Edible Packaging


Right here in London. The smart people at Skipping Labs have been hard at work creating an alternative to plastic bottles. Ooho is the most genius packaging made from seaweed, it's natural and biodegradable and dissolves when you eat/drink the water. Our friends at Atlas Of The Future (more about them coming soon) recently featured this wonderful blog about their work.

Zero Waste Pioneers In London

Changing habits can be hard. Immy Lucas (Sustainably Vegan) talk at Vevolution Topics: Environment last year really set the ball rolling on waste reduction for so many people in the Vevolution community.

These are some of our favourite people on Instagram educating people about wasting less.

Immy Lucas (Sustainably Vegan)
Olivia Lapierre
Blue Ollis
Elizabeth Yardley and Paolo Bagarone
Wasteland Rebel
Laura Boyes, Hetu
Tami Jarvis, Harmless          

Mylkman - Classic With A Twist


These guys create handmade nut mylks in classic glass bottles, they came in second at our Pitch + Plant competition last November and have been taking London by storm you can find them in planet-organic and tonnes of good places. 

Adidas + Parley For The Ocean Design Ocean Plastic Trainers + Clothing

Sports brand Adidas and environmental initiative Parley for the Oceans released a range of running shoes and clothing that are made using recycled plastic recovered from the sea.

Come And Learn With Us

Come along to Vevolution Topics: Environment on the 10th April and get inspired by plant-powered pioneers concerned about making the world a better place.