Vevolution and Bright Zine Visit Cluj In Romania

Vevolution and Bright Zine in Romania

When we started Vevolution - neither of us could have imagined where it would take us and the people we would meet. 

This week we set off to Cluj Central Romania, along with our good friend Laura Callan from Bright Zine to talk about how we can create and grow vegan culture around the world.

We were invited out to Romania by Samsasa FoodHouse the first vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Romania. We were shown such love and kindness from all the Samsasa staff and our host Bianca made sure we had a wonderful stay.

The food we ate there was quite sensational and all of us felt light and energised after each meal. 

The event we spoke at was called Earth Food and Good Mood and took place at the grand Casino Parc Central, Cluj - Napoca. It was a sold-out event attended by 150 people from across the region.

Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel

Rather serendipitiously last week when we were advertising that we were going to be in Romania we noticed that Jack from Plant-Box Solutions was also going to be in Romania that week. As it turned out Jack was travelling through Cluj on the day of our event. So in the spirit of collaboration we invited him to come along and join the panel discussion with the audience. 

Our talk focused on how Vevolution has been part of a thriving and growing vegan culture in the UK. We ingredients of what we believe builds community and culture and talked widely about entrepreneurship. Laura was a total Vegan Queen and spoke passionately about the growth of Bright, activism through entrepreneurship and some of their favourite Bright collaborations.

After the event we all received lovely comments and messages from people who attended. The q&a session went on for over an hour and what was really clear is that people are hungry for information about plant-based living. We all felt very encouraged by what we heard from the audience. There was definitely very strong interest in the health aspects of veganism, so next time I think they need to bring over the vegan fitness squad John Lewis, Torre Washington and Domz Thompson.

Vevolution Founders, Damien and Judy alongside Laura Callan of Bright Zine

Vevolution Founders, Damien and Judy alongside Laura Callan of Bright Zine

Taking Vevolution Outside Of The UK

We are currently working on developing opportunities to host Vevolution events outside the UK. We hope to announce something to you on this front very soon. And we are very interested in visiting other countries in the coming year to spread the word about what has been happening in London.

So if you would like for us to come and visit your country get in-touch at and we'd love to try and make something happen.

And we all hope to visit our new friends at Samsara and Romania again in the not too distant future. 

Having dinner at Samsara Foodhouse is Cluj, Romania

Having dinner at Samsara Foodhouse is Cluj, Romania