Why Vevolution Festival 2018 is a MUST for Fashion & Beauty Lovers

Panel: 360 Sustainability In Fashion + Beauty⠀

Panel: 360 Sustainability In Fashion + Beauty⠀

The fashion industry and beauty industry are undeniably HUGE, and a big part of most of our lives. Mainstream fashion and beauty brands certainly have a lot of catching up to do in terms of becoming more ethical (and more eco-friendly).

As an individual, it can be quite overwhelming to make the switch to being an ethical buyer, but that is why we have such a big focus on it this year at Vevolution Festival 2018.


Meg + Komie Vora - Delikate Rayne


Talk: Embracing Your Uniqueness To Finding Your Purpose

Meg and Komie will discuss how they discovered that the safe path isn’t always the right path. Catch them at 16.10-16.30 on the Main Stage. You can also read our recent interview with Meg & Komie here.

Kristen Leo 


Talk: I Am What I Wear

Exploring in depth how animals are affected and exploited by the garment industry, what fast fashion is, what is it's impact on the environment and workers and offering solutions on how to effectively change our shopping habits, become conscious, sustainable and ethical consumers on any budget and reshape the face of the fashion industry. Kristen Leo is a social media influencer and ethical lifestyle YouTuber. Catch her on the Main Stage at 13.20-13.40. 

Taryn Rasgon - Vegetaryn


Talk: In Conversation With Taryn hosted by Janette Fernandez

Taryn is the co-founder of Biz Babez and produces her iconic Vegetaryn vegan tee shirts. Come and hear her discuss her career the rise of the LA vegan scene with Janette Fernandez of Eat Drink Vegan. Catch her on the Eat Drink Vegan Stage at 10:30 - 10:50.


360 Sustainability In Fashion + Beauty: How do we transform one of the world’s biggest and most destructive industries?

In this panel we talk about the true cost of the fashion and beauty industry and explore how pioneers in cruelty free fashion & beauty are setting about transforming the industry.


Lara Balsam - My Fair Ladle


Laura is an ethical food and fashion blogger. She is a charity director by day, and an advocate for slow and sustainable living by night!

Charlotte Morris - Skin Ninja


Charlotte handles the growth and marketing at Skin Ninja, a handy app that tells you which products are free from certain ingredients. 

Alex Nicolaou - NINI Organics


Alex is the co-founder of Nini Organics, a natural and organic skincare brand.

Laura Way - Votch

Laura talking at Vevolution Topics: Ethical Fashion 2017.

Laura is the founder of Votch, an award-winning cruelty-free watch company.

Marta Canga 


Marta is a vegan lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. She shows her viewers/readers that you can be vegan AND fashionable too!


Embroidery Loving Workshop with Stories Behind Things

Ella Grace Denton & Jemma Finch speaking at Vevolution Topics: Ethical Fashion & Beauty 2018.

Join Jemma & Ella for an embroidery drop in workshop, all levels of experience welcomed, virgin embroiderers also! Choose an item from your wardrobe that you'd like to give some new loving, we'll take care of everything else. Customise, self-expression and creativity promised.


Our goodie bag for Vevolution Festival 2018

Our goodie bag for Vevolution Festival 2018

Our cute, 100% organic tote bag that every ticket holder will receive! Oh, did we also mention that it will be full of vegan & cruelty-free goodies?



Whether you’re an ethical fashion and beauty pro, or a beginner, you’re welcome at Vevolution Festival 2018! The big day is almost here, and space is super limited, but there are still a few spaces left to be secured - so book ASAP.