Kale United Launch New Crowdfunding Campaign On World Vegan Day To Help Plant-Based Businesses Thrive

At Vevolution we are big supporters of plant-based businesses so it is with great excitement that today we are able to tell you about Kale United a new Swedish company on a mission to help plant-based businesses thrive.

Today a crowdfunding campaign has been launched by Kale United to support the growth of its unique global ecosystem designed to help plant-based brands thrive.

Kale United is crowdfunding money to support plant-based businesses

Kale United is crowdfunding money to support plant-based businesses

Launching on FundedByMe, the Kale United crowdfunding campaign brings together a community of like-minded shareholders for a common cause: supporting and benefiting from the underlying growth of the plant-based industry.

The crowdfunding campaign will support further investments in plant-based brands, bringing more businesses into the fast-growing portfolio, and helping to expand the ecosystem of services which member companies benefit from. The initial funding target is SEK 6 million (EUR 572,000).

Kale United At Vevolution Festival 2018

We’re really excited to have Kale United joining our brand supporter zone at Vevolution Festival. Attendees will be able to meet to Kale United Founder serial entrepreneur Måns Ullerstam and find out more about this unique campaign to enable people to support vegan businesses.

Speaking about Kale United and their support of Vevolution Måns said:

"It's clear to me that the Vevolution Festival is the hub for the next generation (second wave) of plant-based media and event companies. This innovative event fills a gap in the market, bringing together the right partners to create a really valuable network. Key to this is having a progressive conversation about accelerating the transition to a more sustainable plant-based future across all sectors, and supporting the entrepreneurs making this happen. I am delighted to be showcasing the newly launched Kale United plant-based company group at this year's Vevolution Festival - it's the perfect fit."  

Måns Ullerstam founder of Kale United

Måns Ullerstam founder of Kale United

Why Supporting Plant-Based Business Matters?

Editors comment: Damien Clarkson, Vevolution

Plant-based businesses are helping to tackle the global health and environmental crisis. The funding environment is still difficult for plant-based businesses with most investors still looking at pure profit potential as a motive for investing. It is fantastic to see the new investment portfolios like Kale United emerge to help create sustainable businesses that support the creation of a more sustainable future on this planet. At Vevolution we are delighted to start working with Kale United to support plant-powered businesses and investors who want to back great plant-based companies.

Get Inspired By Entrepreneurs At Vevolution

Come and join leaders of the plant-powered and conscious business community at Vevolution Festival 2018. This is your chance to learn from people who have built the plant-based brands that are helping shape a better society.

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