Extinction Rebellion Declare Climate Emergency In-Front Of UK Parliament

Extinction Rebellion

Today activism group Rising Up has declared an international state of emergency over in-action on climate change. Over the coming weeks a new group called Extinction Rebellion will be holding hundred talks and workshops all across the UK to mobilise people to take part in civil disobedience because of inaction by the UK government on the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

Reporting live from the press area at todays civil disobedience outside UK parliament was Tamsin Omond, a long-time environmental campaigner who has spoken at a number of our Vevolution events.

On her Instagram she showed rousing talks from environmentalist George Monbiot and Green MP Caroline Lucas. And posted pictures showing that activists have already been arrested as part of this peaceful civil disobedience.

Tamsin Omond

Editor’s Comment - Damien Clarkson, Vevolution

Inaction on climate change has reached crisis levels. It has been nearly 3 years since the much heralded Paris climate accord yet we see global greenhouse gases continuing to sore at record rates. The government has a responsibility to listen to concerned citizens and start to rapidly de-carbonise our energy & transport systems. It is great to see plant-based figures like journalist George Monbiot involved in the Extinction Rebellion movement. Personally I hope 2019 sees the government start a public awareness campaign about the environmental benefits of reduced meat and diary consumption. This would be a small step in the right direction.

Learn More About Extinction Rebellion

To learn more about extinction rebellion visit their website. They have a series of workshops and events coming up over the following weeks.