How To Make A Difference This World Vegan Day

November 1st is World Vegan Day, which also marks the beginning of World Vegan Month. These are both global initiatives that raise awareness on veganism whilst also celebrating it.

We think that there couldn’t be a more perfect time to carry out some good deeds, than on this special day. There are tonnes of ways to make a difference this World Vegan Day, whether it be from the comfort of your own home, or out and about!

Cook your loved ones a delicious vegan meal

There’s a time and a place for debates and heavy conversations about veganism, but sharing delicious plant-based food is ALWAYS an option. Cooking food for family and friends is such an intimate, wonderful thing, and it’s also the perfect way to prove to individuals that vegan food tastes amazing. This Ultimate Bangers & Mash recipe from BOSH is a great choice to cook for meat-eaters. Or these Mushroom ‘Meat’ Tacos from SoVegan!

(Photo Credit: BOSH)

(Photo Credit: BOSH)

Donate to a farm animal sanctuary

Farm animal sanctuaries heavily rely on the generosity of their supporters in order to keep everything running smoothly. There is an overwhelming amount of farm animal sanctuaries in the world, and so it’s always so difficult to choose which to donate to. If you struggle with choosing a sanctuary, just make a list and donate to a different one each year. The Retreat Animal Rescue, FRIEND Animal Sanctuary, Foal Farm, are just a few in Southern England that you can visit and donate to.

(Photo Credit: The Farm Animal Sanctuary)

(Photo Credit: The Farm Animal Sanctuary)

Go leafleting

Leafleting is an easy and effective form of activism. It can seem daunting at first, but once you’ve handed out a couple of leaflets it gets much less scary. There are so many vegan charities that need volunteers to go leafleting, such as PETA, The Humane League, and Viva, just to name a few!

(Photo Credit: Vegan Outreach)

(Photo Credit: Vegan Outreach)

Do some reading

Do you have any books on veganism that you’ve been meaning to read for ages, but never had the time? Read them on World Vegan Day! Whether you want to expand your knowledge on the health benefits, cookery skills, ethics, or effects on the Earth, there is 100% a vegan book out there for you. We have a load of good recommendations here.

(Photo from Vevolution Festival 2017)

(Photo from Vevolution Festival 2017)

Raise Awareness Online

Even if you are someone who doesn’t like to bombard your Facebook friends with vegan-related articles all year round… World Vegan Day is the perfect excuse to share some cold hard truths on your timeline. It doesn’t have to be negative news coverage though, you could simply share some tasty looking vegan recipe videos, or positive vegan statistics to spread the word!

(Photo Credit: The Guardian)

(Photo Credit: The Guardian)

Join a peaceful protest

If you want to protest, then the peaceful route is the only way to go! Sign up for the Earthlings Experience to join in with some super effective activism. What’s great about these methods is that members of the public approach you, as opposed to the other way round.

(Photo Credit: The Earthlings Experience)

(Photo Credit: The Earthlings Experience)


Have you ever heard of Craftivism? It’s a fun, creative form of activism that everyone can get involved with, and it all started with Sarah Corbett. A lot of activism can seem quite daunting for introverts and shy individuals, but creating art is relaxing, and can be done at your own pace. Sarah published a book in 2013 all about her approach to Craftivism titled, A little Book of Craftivism.

Wish people a happy World Vegan Day

Although veganism is undoubtedly on the rise, you’ll be surprised at how many people likely have no idea about World Vegan Day. Get #WorldVeganDay trending on Twitter, share a World Vegan Day article on Facebook, and use the hashtag on Instagram too!

Watch a vegan movie

From Okja, to What The Health, there are dozens of vegan-related movies to be watched. If you don’t know much about the vegan lifestyle (or if you’re already vegan, but want to expand your knowledge) you can use World Vegan Day as an excuse to stay in and watch movies all day. Perhaps you can organise a movie night with friends, the more the merrier!

Support vegan businesses/Invest in vegan businesses

2018 has been the time for vegan businesses to shine! Use World Vegan Day to support local vegan businesses, or just any vegan business that you admire. Whether it be vegan food companies, vegan magazines, vegan clothing companies, vegan artists - show them all some love! If you don’t have the money to invest, or to even purchase anything, simply spreading the world on social media is still so helpful.

Listen to a thought-provoking talk

We have the pleasure of being inspired by countless plant-powered pioneers at our events, and we truly value the importance of sharing ideas and being open minded. If you want to broaden your horizons, and listen to some thought-provoking talks you can head to our Podcast or YouTube channel.

John Lewis (AKA Bad Ass Vegan) speaks about his life journey and how he transformed his health at Vevolution Festival 2017.



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