Vegan Fashion Is Taking Over The Mainstream

Laura Stageman, Founder of Votch

Laura Stageman, Founder of Votch

"In light of losing my own skin, I vowed to never, never wear the skin of another being ever again" - Laura Stageman, Vevolution 2017

Laura Stageman had a successful career as a TV producer when one day she realised that no one cared about the work she was doing. This sense of disillusionment combined with her own experience of battling topical steroid withdrawal after stopping using steroid creams to treat an eczema condition - led Laura to vow to never wear the skin of another animal.

Laura's battles with her own skin made her start to reflect on skins of animals people wear every day in the name of fashion.

She decided to start Votch the UK's first vegan watch company. In her Vevolution talk Laura shares with the audience her journey to date and explores the future of vegan watches.

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