10 Big Moments For Veganism In 2017 (So Far)

Vevolution Ethical Fashion: May, 2017, London, UK.

Vevolution Ethical Fashion: May, 2017, London, UK.

We’re approaching the halfway point of 2017 and thus far it has been another exciting year for the vegan movement.

Here at Vevolution we’ve been holding sold out monthly educational events in London and we wanted to share with you some trends we have noticed alongside other big moments for veganism so far in 2017.

Investors Continue To Back Plant-Based Businesses

The start of 2017 has seen the investment world continue to back plant-based business. Significant rounds of funding in closed in 2017 include Miyoko’s Vegan Cheese who raised $6 million from several investors. Here in the UK we just saw our friends at allplants close a $1 million round of funding including money from VC Felix Capital.

Expect to see more rounds closing throughout the rest of 2017. Investors are increasingly willing to back plant-based businesses.

According to the market research company Mintel 35% of people in the UK class themselves as 'flexitarians', and with sales of plant-based products booming. Investors are more willing to back vegan businesses with potential to scale and a mission to create good in the world.

Memphis Meats Develop Lab Grown Chicken

Over in the United States ‘clean meat’, continues to grab the headlines. Clean meat which is lab grown using cells taken from animals is attracting huge investment.

The products are being marketed as for meat eaters who are unwilling to make plant-based choices. 

Earlier this year Memphis Meats, one of the organisations leading this movement developed lab grown chicken.

As ethical vegans this product wouldn’t ever be for us and because it still takes cells from animals to create the ‘clean meat’.

Yet there is no doubt that ‘clean meat’, if taken to the mass market will save the lives of billions of animals lives a year. This is definitely going to be a hot topic for the vegan movement in the coming years.

What The Health Released

Vevolution Co-Founder Damien Clarkson opening up the What The Health UK Premiere 

Vevolution Co-Founder Damien Clarkson opening up the What The Health UK Premiere 

The film shines a light of the web of funding of by big animal agriculture of some of America’s leading health charities. Whilst also speaking with leading plant-based doctors about what is causing Americans’ to become sick.

We recently held the UK premiere of What The Health with our friends at Lush Life.

What is clear is that we need more research and campaigning pressuring governments to tell people about the health dangers of eating animal products. 

Remember that in 2015 the World Health Organisation classed red and processed meats as a class one carcinogen and a major cause of cancer alongside smoking.

Forest Green Rovers Become The World's First Vegan Trademark Registered Football Club

When Dale Vince the owner of Ecotricity took over English non-league football club Forest Green Rovers in 2010 he immediately began shifting the club towards veganism. Over the year's the club has gone fully vegan and success has followed on the pitch.

Earlier this month the club won promotion into the football league and just achieved the official vegan society trademark.

Carnage Is Released

Simon Amstell a UK based comedian and actor recently released his new documentary called Carnage.

Every once in awhile something emerges from pop culture with the power to radically shape the way we think about the world.

The film which is set in 2067 sees the UK’s youth recoil in horror at the idea of a UK which ate animal products. The mockumentary traced the history of veganism up for the present day and then cleverly explored the near future.

In the film love wins out over hate and the UK is changed forever. I won’t ruin it for you as it is available to watch on BBC i-player in the UK.

Fashion Brands Adopting Alternatives To Leather Like Piñatex™

Earlier this month we held our ethical fashion event in Shoreditch, London. What was clear to us from words of speakers and attendees is that there is going to be some serious disruption coming to the fashion industry.

We’re seeing entrepreneurs scale successful fashion businesses not reliant on animal products. Two such businesses are Votch and Bourgeois Boheme. They are working with alternatives to leather like pineapple leather, cork and synthetic materials to create stylish clothing that doesn’t harm animals.

At the end of April Bourgeois Boheme partnered with a number of ethical fashion brands to present the Piñatex™ lab which showcased beautiful vegan products made from pineapple.

Veganism Looks Towards Zero Waste

We like to think we’re quite good at spotting trends. One which keeps coming on our radar is zero waste. Obviously living a zero waste life is quite difficult as we live a throwaway world obsessed with plastic.

Campaigners like Immy Lucas (Sustainably Vegan) have joined long term zero waste advocates the UK’s pioneering refill Unpackaged. 

And word has it that here in London, Hetu a vegan zero waste store are planning to open very soon.

The new generation of vegans are more concerned about the environment than previous generations and we believe ideas like zero waste will become more important to new businesses that develop.

The Future Is Working Together

Duplication is the enemy of efficiency. At our recent Vevolution Activism and Campaigning event Jimmy Pierson the Director of Proveg UK talked about the need for unity in the vegan movement and cross promotion of work between different vegan organisations.

Notable collaborations in 2017 have seen the Good Food Institute and New Crop Capital join up with Beyond Brands to create a new accelerator programme for plant-based food brands.

Obama Speaks Out On Meat Reduction

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May might not have thought about veganism before but the same can’t be said for the former president of the United States, Barack Obama. 

Although it wasn’t exactly Obama coming out as a vegan advocate. Him speaking up about the need to reduce meat consumption only adds more political credibility to the idea that a shift towards veganism is key for us to slow down dangerous climate change. 

Queens Dairy Closed and Reopened As Plant-Based Milk Company

After 90 year’s the folks at Elmhurst Dairy closed down. Seeing that dairy farm was unsustainable they decided to develop a new nut-based brand called ‘milked’, The CEO Henry Schwartz wanted to keep producing milk as he father wished but he saw that the future of milks were plant-based and decided to make the switch to dairy-free milk to keep the family business going. 

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