The Vegan Option Summer Retreat In Bali

At Vevolution we pride ourselves on building a community of likeminded people creating an optimistic vision of the future. 

Two such people we have got to know a recently are Claudia and Allan from The Vegan Option. And when they told us about their amazing sounding summer retreat in Bali we felt like this was something we had to share with you all

Here is a guest blog by the team at The Vegan Option:

Imagine a week of yoga, wellbeing, plant-based food, mindfulness and relaxing set amongst peaceful rice fields and stunning landscapes. Sounds good? Then check out what “The Vegan Option Group” & “Omcean Yogi” are up to this summer in Bali

As passionate plant-based lifestyle advocates, experienced health professionals and instructors, their mission has always been to help others healing, improving quality of movement and developing toward health. 

From the 12th to the 18th of August 2017 The Vegan Option will take a small bunch of people in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations for a unique life-changing experience.

Want to be part of it?

Whether you are you looking for a relaxing yet fulfilling time to spend in paradise, away from stress and worries or you would like to nourish your mind, body and soul while opening yourself to new physical practises, experiences, connections and self-appreciation, this retreat could be for you.

Mindfulness and Sustainability. This is what the whole event will be about.  More than a classic retreat, what they offer is an incredible body-mind learning experience that will aim to promote self-enhancement, environmental awareness, sustainable living and mindful eating. 

What you will do…

Discover beautiful yoga styles, functional body control exercises, meditation and pranayama to connect your mind, body and spirit…

Nourish yourself with delicious and nourishing meals prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables hand-selected from the on-site permaculture garden…

Relax in a stunning 5 stars Eco-Luxury Resort offering dramatic views of the Indian Ocean, Bali’s majestic volcanoes, and the surrounding rice fields…

Learn how to prepare beautiful and simple healthy meals and discover how small dietary and behaviour improvements can promote health balance for individuals and for the environment…

Explore volcanoes, rice fields, waterfalls and villages of the beautiful Bali island…

Experience Bali’s most famous waves and underwater life as well as Balinese healing and purification rituals, traditions, art and culture…

Connect with like-minded people during interactive group activities and with yourself during personal free time to appreciate and integrate all your experiences…

Some highlights

  • 7 days in a 5-stars Eco-luxury accommodation designed with high standard ecological material to ensure comfort and minimal environmental impact.
  • Balinese Massage and other treatments at the wonderful Melati Spa
  • Fresh, Plant Based and Organic breakfast, lunch and dinner at one of “The World’s Healthiest Destinations for a Culinary Getaway” (according to USA Today)
  • Daily yoga classes, guided meditations and pranayama
  • Functional Body Control classes
  • Personalised Postural, Gate and Biomechanical assessment
  • Mindful Eating & Sustainable Living Discussions
  • Healthy food and Balinese cooking class
  • Intro to Bali culture, Art and shopping tour, Charity events, Art and shopping tour, Purification rituals and more.
  • Excursions, snorkelling, surf lessons, scuba diving and other extras.

For more information, prices and inclusions check out “The Vegan Option” page: