Vevolution Festival 2017 Highlights & What's Next?

Damien Clarkson speaking at the start of Vevolution Festival 2017

We started Vevolution because we wanted to build a community for people who want to create positive change in the world. 

We've built this community around people sharing stories and ideas that can help us shift towards a world where plant-based eating is the norm.

Since our first event 13 months ago we've attracted over 2000+ people to Vevolution events. We've hosted nearly 100 talks and panel discussions, we've created the UK's first plant-based pitch event for startups 'Pitch + Plant', and given a platform to many early stage startup plant-based businesses to share their products with the world. Together we have also raised over £1750 for various charitable causes. 

We've seen businesses change their strategies to become plant-based after visiting Vevolution events and seeing the energy and positivity around this movement. We've recorded over 40 talks with 25 of these currently available to watch online.

And most importantly for us we've helped connect a community of people who want to create positive change in the world. Vevolution events have become places to meet other people who share a plant-powered vision of the future. 

Vevolution Festival 2017 Highlights

Honestly there are too many highlights for us to mention them all and everyone will have different moments that inspired them. With the festival selling out a month in advance we were sad that not everyone who wanted to come was able to get a ticket. We will be releasing the main stage talks online in the coming months and hope to see all of you at future events.

You can view all the festival photos on Facebook but below are some selected highlights.

Bringing Vevolution To A Historic Venue

To stand in-front of hundreds of people such a historical venue and talk about the growth of our movement felt really special. Over hundreds of years leading thinkers of their time have spoken at the Royal Institution it felt really special to be talking about the growth of the plant-powered movement in such a historic venue.

Pitch + Plant Competition Winners

Vevolution Festival 2017, also saw the UK's first plant-based pitch competition with Optiat scooping the main prize of £1500 and mentorship from BRAN Investments. 

US Fitness Legends Come To Vevolution

It was really special to have John Lewis, Torre Washington and Dominick Thompson come over from the USA to join us at Vevolution. Their panel on the ProVeg stage was highly entertaining and insightful, the guys really lit up the festival.

The Happy Pear Come To Vevolution

The Happy Pear brought such energy to the whole day. It was inspiring to hear how they have grown their business and done it whilst maintaining a happy and healthy life. 

Amazing Goodie Bags

It was amazing to be able to give everyone a goodie bag packed full of amazing gifts from our sponsors and supporters. Have you read the Bright Zine Vevolution Edition, it is packed full of great interviews.

Lots Of Laughter and Love

People laughing, hugging and smiling. Honestly nothing makes us happier than to see people having a great time at the events we curate. 

What Is Next For Vevolution?

After having a bit of a recovery week last week we are now planning what our 2018 events will look like. We want to continue to innovate and make our events the most rewarding experiences possible. We are ambitious and will be expanding into new areas in 2018 to hopefully inspire more plant-powered people.

Keep an eye out for announcements on ticket releases for future events. And finally we are forever grateful to everyone who has supported us. It has been at times incredibly challenging but the most rewarding thing either of us has created. 

We will also be progressing with our plans to develop PlantWorks -  a new sustainable hub for the European plant-based community. PlantWorks will be the UK's first plant-based multi-purpose co-working, events and retail space. You will be able to attend world class events, eat great food from some of the UK's leading street food brands and base your startup at the hub. 

We are currently looking for investment and partners for both PlantWorks and Vevolution. If you would like to support us in accelerating the growth of the plant-based movement please drop an email to us at and

Thanks again for all your support, Damien and Judy x

PlantWorks - A new home for the global plant-based community being developed by the team behind Vevolution

PlantWorks - A new home for the global plant-based community being developed by the team behind Vevolution